How to get over a life Slump

How to get out of a Life Slump and Seize the Day

There are phases in our life where we feel simply uninspired. Everyday day seems the same, simple daily routines are a drag.

It feels like we are stuck in a rut and nothing seems exciting. This is a classic case of life in a slump when predictability and monotony of daily routine hits you and demotivates you in the worst possible way.

It can be frustrating to know that you are stuck and demotivated even when you know you really need to get going.

But as they say ‘you live only once’ and life is too precious to be wasted. So here are some 7 things you can do to motivate yourself to get of a life slump and own your life.

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Why is your Life is Stuck in a Slump

For your own mental well-being it is important to find out why your life is suddenly stuck in a slump period. There could be a zillion number of reasons for this.

A bad relationship, work pressure, misunderstandings with your family, health issues, lack of opportunities etc, fear of taking a risk etc.

To work towards improving your state-of mind, it is imperative you recognize the source of your discontentment.

To be honest it actually easy to stay in a rut and be in a state of denial than admitting it to ourselves that life has suddenly come to a standstill

A lot of us would trivialize this very important mental health issue by consoling ourselves that ‘everything is fine’ even though deep inside we are really unhappy.

It really takes a wee bit of courage to acknowledge that you need to overcome this life slump and take charge of your your affairs.

How to deal with a life slump

Be your own cheer-leader

After you have identified the source of your discontentment you have to be positive and optimistic of overcoming this period. So be your biggest cheerleader. Take an active approach in to get over this slowdown.

Dealing with negativity can be emotionally draining but no one can help you better than yourself. The first step is having a strong will is believing you are capable enough to get out of this life slump.

Start by identifying the areas in your life which you can improve.

Like for example. Are you taking good care of your health? Are you eating well? Are you getting adequate sleep? Do you have a good support system in place?

Self-care can go a long way in improving your mental as well as physical well being. Since I am a firm believer in affirmations I would really urge you to practice self-affirmations.

Personally I find these extremely uplifting whenever I feel overwhelmed.

Tweak your daily routine

Sometimes your life is stuck in a slump because of the predictability of your daily routine.

It happens when perhaps you are too comfortable in your set routines. So a change in your daily activities will shake things up and break the chain of monotony.

Most people when they feel unmotivated seek to cut them selves off from everyone around. So don’t be that person who remains cooped up in a corner.

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Surprise yourself

There are so many ways you can be spontaneous and surprise yourself and understand what you are capable of.

When you your life is stuck in a slump it is perhaps the best time to surprise yourself and test your potential

When you try something new or do something different from your set routine it gives your confidence a real boost. Therefore engage in some activities which seem exciting for you.

1.Talk to a stranger

2. Try a new hobby

3. Learn a new skill

4. Take a new route when returning home from work

5. Do a random act of kindness

6. Try a new sport activity

Make an effort

You may be full of ideas in your head to improve your state of mind but if you lack in your efforts when it comes to taking concrete action it will all be an exercise in futility.

Research shows that most people who experience a slowdown in life don’t have the energy despite the willingness to change their lives. If you are familiar with this feeling try to make that effort towards mental peace and clarity.

Clear the clutter

Most people in such demotivating times don’t the energy to clean their surrounding. Also a cluttered environment hampers your mental clarity and your ability to think. So get off that couch and get to do some deep cleaning.

This is one tip I totally vouch for, when experienced a life slump a few years ago and had absolutely no inclination to work the only thing I did was sleep the entire day. During one such gloomy mental day I had this moment of inspiration. I looked around my apartment and it was dirty and gross.

That did it for me I got up and began cleaning furiously, dirty dishes, mugs, my bedroom, unwashed clothes. It seemed everything had under gone a huge transformation in my mind.

So yes, sometimes you need to clear the clutter to get some clarity.

You of course don’t have to be like me and clean everything in one swoosh but try to clear something that makes you feel that your life is stuck in a slump, like clothes pile in a couch or dirty dishes in the sink, or any unpaid debt.

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Focus on the positive things

When your feel stuck in life use this opportunity to reflect on all positive things that makes you alive. I know it’s easier said than done, but sometimes you just need to change your train of thoughts towards the bright side.

Express your gratitude for all the good things. Try to focus your attention on what is going on right for you at the moment. Think of all the happy things and memories you have made. Think of all the people who genuinely care for you.

Now with that little dose of positivity, make an action plan of the areas you need to work.

Small Steps

Whenever you are struggling to get out of a rut take small and practical steps in confronting your challenge

Like suppose if you want to really get want to get rid of a bad habit like procrastination so instead of doing all the work in a day that you have been ignoring for long, just concentrate on doing one work sincerely for 20 mins.

Every single hurdle is overcome by making little efforts. Just have that faith in yourself. Make small attainable goals and focus on improving yourself consistently each day.

Practice Social Self-Care

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Take a vacation

Sometimes a change of scenery is the only thing you need to overcome a slump period in life. Going on a holiday does wonders to our frayed nerves.

Try to take a vacation at least once a year. A nice road trip, a weekend getaway will reduce your stress levels. It also gives you something to look forward to.

If you are feeling particularly demotivated on a given day perhaps you should try to head outdoors amidst nature for a walk or jog.

A study has shown spending time in natural surrounding helps your mental health, lowers the chances of stress and depression while improving your creativity.

Find your purpose

By this I don’t mean finding your life’s purpose, although this might not be such a bad idea.

But you really have to look forward to something to keep going like an upcoming holiday, a weekend party with friends, a lunch date, a certain goal related to your career and relationships.

Any small, insignificant activity that brings a smile on your face is worth doing.

After all life is a collection of milestones and having a goals and plans keeps you motivated. In fact during a slump period you must set some goals as a personal challenge.

Seek help

Seeking help for mental health is not easy but know this it is perfectly okay to seek help. It doesn’t mean you are weak.

If helps you in talking about your issues with a friend or family speak your heart out. Talk to someone who understands you and will not be judgmental about your situation.

Sometimes when you listen yourself aloud you may realize where the problem lies.

How to get over a life slump

Cut out the negative voices

Don’t let those negative voices in your head convince you that you incapable of getting out of a demotivating situation. Put your self doubts in the back-burner and concentrate on getting better.

You may find yourself engrossed in negative thoughts like, “I am unworthy.” Or “I can never be successful” or “I will never find true love” but remember all these things are untrue and that you have a wonderful life.

Your mind is like a child nuture it so feed it with positive emotions whenever you feel the going is getting tough.

Don’t Ignore these signs of a Life slump

1.You feel a sense of monotony all the time

2. When you have the desire but lack the energy to work, even though you know it’s counter-productive.

3. You procrastinate a lot and feel guilty later.

4. You avoid talking to friends or avoid social gatherings

If you think you need to seek professional help don’t hesitate in seeking it.

In fact if you frequently experience such low periods you must seek help as it might be a serious mental health issue like chronic stress and fatigue or persistent depressive disorder.

Be patient

There are people who need just a bout of inspiration to get out a slump period in life. So be kind and patience towards yourself.

To give an example, people who are creatively inclined often experience a block in their creative ideas and imagination this is due to the fact that their mind is overworked and they just need that spark of inspiration to get started again.

And this is probably what you need to a light-bulb moment to get going.

Final Thoughts

The real challenge in getting out of a slump is actually getting started and making an effort to do something constructive.

When you take that little step make sure you congratulate yourself for taking that first step towards better mental health.

Thereafter keep up with this approach until you are inspired and raring to go.

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  • Bexa

    This is such a motivational post, Suktara! Thank you for sharing and giving me inspiration. I love the idea of trying new things to boost confidence, like you say, unless we try we never know what we are capable of 🙂 That is such good advice and a change of scenery can work wonders too! Thanks again for sharing and have a lovely week! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Suktara

      Hi Bexa, thank you so much for reading this post. I recently went through a slump myself! So it’s a reminder to me as well to just keep going and things will eventually shape up. Thank you so much again!!

  • Rums the Reader

    Some great advice and steps here – being patient with yourself is so important after all, you can’t expect results instantly. For me, travelling is what makes me the happiest and takes away the sense of monotony (: thanks for sharing!

  • Anda

    I think the “make small efforts” is super important! We’re so used to everything being BIG and immediate and in the second, that the determination and discipline it takes to be consistent in making small efforts can seem daunting.
    Lovely post, thank you!

  • Britt

    Great suggestions – I love the vacation idea, even if it’s just a little staycation. Just getting your head out of everything can help free your mind and allow you to return rested and recharged.