• 175 Interesting & Intimate questions for a deeper bond with your partner

    175 Fun & Intimate questions for couples

    Healthy communication is necessary for any relationship to thrive. To form a deeper bond and feel more connected as a couple you have to keep your channels of communication open. Relationships bloom when both partners regularly talk to each other to keep things intimate and interesting. Conversations are a way of knowing the other person and opening yourself up to them; allowing each other a sneak-peek at your thoughts and desires. So how well do you know your partner or how often do you have some intimate conversations? A meaningful and interesting conversation includes more than just ‘Hey! How was your day?’ One of the healthy ways to have a…

  • 12 signs you are stuck in a passive aggressive relationship
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    12 Signs you are stuck with a Passive-Aggressive Partner

    A passive aggressive partner can be tricky to identify as differences between the couple never really leads to an open confrontation. Instead there is a simmering tension which makes life uncomfortable for the other partner. Passive aggressive partners are often covert with their emotional abuse and manipulation. They seek to establish their dominance in a relationship without being loud. There is a serious lack of communication with passive aggressive partners as they obstruct any attempt at healthy discussion with sullen silences and gaslighting. They resort to such hostile tactics because deep down they are insecure about losing control. Emotional blackmail and making you feel inadequate are some of the ways…

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