45 perfect stay at home date night ideas
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53 Perfect Stay-at-Home Date Ideas For Couples

The purpose of a date night or a date is to spend some quality time together with your partner but if you detest going out there so many stay-at-home date night ideas which you could try.

Stay-at-home dates are also ideal for those who are trying to save some precious pennies; and date nights can be expensive.

Also there’s always the hassle of getting dressed up, choosing the outfit, hair, make-up yada yada. Tiring right?

This write-up has 53 different stay-at-home date ideas for couples who ideally prefer indoors.

There’s something for each one of you whether you want a fun, cozy evening or something more adventurous or perhaps something romantic and simple to do on weekends.

With this extensive list of ideas you’ll never run out of inspiration on indoor date ideas, stay-at-home anniversaries and other special occasions, where you and your partner would ideally love to stay in.

Most of these date ideas are totally free and those which aren’t would easily be within your budget.

So homebodies let’s dive in.

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Stay-at-home Romantic Date Ideas

Stay-at-home Romantic Date Ideas

Dance Together

Dancing is romantic, intimate and a lovely stay-at-home date idea. Dance together to some slow music or learn some interesting dance forms, doing so will only bring you guys closer.

Indulge In Some Body Painting

Next in this list is a really cool idea of body painting, not only this is fun but it can really spice things up between you guys. Be creative as you splash each other in colors!

Ask Questions to Each Other

Oh this should be interesting, asking each other some fun and intimate questions will really make for an exciting date home idea, plus you’ll get to know each other better. So take turns to ask each other some unique questions and be honest!

Have a Romantic Bath

Sprinkle some rose petals in your tub, bring some bath bombs, the candles, wines, now get into that bathtub to relish being in each other’s arms and forget the world even exists.

Indulge in a Couple’s Massage

Can a stay-at-home date get any better than a romantic hot oil massage? I know what you are thinking!

Cook a New Dish Together

Home date idea - cooking at home

Cooking together can really help you and your partner in having a better co-ordination and communication with each other.

Try out some new cuisine like a really difficult recipe or replicating a 5 star hotel dish or maybe create your signature dish!

Bake Something

Baking is fun and more so when you do it together, many people find baking to be an excellent stress-buster as well.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

After all that cooking and baking the next logical thing would be to enjoy the meal together with a nice romantic dinner and perhaps some slow music for company.

Creative Date Ideas For Home

Visit an online museum

If critiquing and marveling at beautiful art pieces is your thing, you’ll sure enjoy this experience, here are some famous art galleries and museums to visit online.

View Some Musical Concerts online

Just like museums there are a number of concerts you can attend online from the cozy comfort of your home.

Hold an Evening of cosplay

Do a classic cosplay (“costume play) where you style each other up and dress all fancy in some famous character or anything you like.

Even better ask your man to do your full make-up, right from hair to foundation, primer, eye-shadow, eyeliner, highlighter (this should be fun.)


Have A Fun Photoshoot

A photoshoot at home is such a wonderful idea for couples. You can create an entire photo book out of it and the best part is you don’t even need a professional camera as most smartphones have amazing camera quality.

Shoot Videos

Don’t just limit yourselves to photoshoot, make some videos of you both talking about your relationship, like your first date or how you met etc, you can watch it whenever you feel nostalgic.

Create your Playlist

Create a playlist of your favorite songs and hum it together or listen quietly and savor the moment.

Go through Old Photos and Videos

Reliving your memories with old photos and videos on a date night? Hmm.. Not a bad idea at all.

Make a Collage of your Memories

You can easily create a collage of all your photos and videos through Canva or the Filmora app.

Romantic Indoor Date Ideas

Stargazing Together

Stargazing together is actually romantic you can show off some that astronomy skills to your partner by identifying celestial bodies and constellations.

Wine Tasting Evening

Wine tasting at home is such a classic date night idea. Get some wine, whiskey and scotch, basically all the liquor you have and go sipping. Compare and discuss about the different flavors.

Create a Themed Dinner Date

You can also plan a nice themed dinner party, like fall-themed dinner or may be order some tasty food online and relish it together.

Write Letters to Each Other

Date the old fashioned way, write some romantic letters like reasons I love you, express how much they mean to you and then read it out loud to each other.

Do Some Journaling Together

Journaling together is smart idea for a date night, not only journaling helps in stress management; it also helps acknowledge your emotions and unspoken insecurities. Here are some journal prompts you can use.

Write Your Love Story

Write your love story detailing when and how you met each other, the exact moment you fell in love with each other, your best and low phases with each other. To help you here is an amazing and hugely popular book filled with prompts to help you write your love story in your words.

Create your love language

Gary Chapman in his book ‘The Five Love Languages’ talks about the concept of love languages for couples, which would pave way for couples to reflect on their needs and expectations in the relationship and then discuss these with each in a healthy way.

Entertainment and Infotainment date ideas

Listen To TEDx/Podcasts

Need some inspiration why not watch some TEDx shows together with your partner and get motivated together.

Similarly, listening to podcasts is also a great home date idea. Here are some podcasts you could look into.

Plan a Romantic Movie Night

The good old movie nights or a movie marathon weekend will always come to your rescue when you are running out of ideas for indoor date nights.

Make a list of movies you both love, categorize them based on different genres and then binge watch together.

Read a Book Together

Couple enjoying a stay at home date by reading a book

Sometimes simple things are the best, like reading books together and then discussing it in detail. Since it’s a date, a beautiful romantic novel would be perfect.

Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to audio books can be a huge stress buster and the process is even better when you have some incredible company.

Watch Some Stand-Up Comedy

There are so many streaming services with amazing stand-up comedy acts you could watch together and share some hearty laughs.

If there is a comedian within you who is restless to showcase its talent your boyfriend or girlfriend could be your audience on date night.

Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Couple enjoying an indoor picnic

Have an Indoor Picnic in your Garden

You could totally enjoy a picnic at your backyard or garden or perhaps your living room. Prepare some tasty food, get the wine and enjoy the date.

Or perhaps you can camp out near fireplace, and roast some marshmallows for dessert. Depending on the weather a barbecue or a bonfire would also be a great idea for fall date.

Build a Blanket Fort

Build a cozy fort blanket, with some fairy lights and tasty snacks right inside your home for some to create some romantic and naughty moments together.

Plan A Karaoke Evening

A karaoke party on a date night is just perfect. You can play online or use an app there are so many options available.

Take an Online Quiz

Take some online quizzes together like personality test, compatibility test just for fun.

Try creating some DIY Craft

You can try your hands in creating some DIY décor for your home. Pinterest is the perfect place to get some inspiration. Even YouTube has some really good videos where you can repurpose your old stuff and create something unique.

Try Your Hand at Candle and Soap Making

You can take your creativity a notch-up, with candle and soap making. There are plenty of free classes available in YouTube.

Call friends and family

Sometimes it’s difficult to meet your family and friends in person, use your date night to connect with your family and friends if you haven’t seen or spoken to them in a while.

Retail Therapy

Why not indulge in some nice retail therapy and find out about the best deals of the day from different websites.

Game Night Date Ideas

Board Games

Play some good old games and rekindle that competitive spirit between you two. Here are three classic board games every couple will enjoy. 

1. Throw Throw Burrito

2. Monopoly

3. Jenga

Video Games

couple enjoying a home date playing video games

If own a video game console you must have a video game night together. It gives you another chance of challenging your partner to a night of cool video games.

Couple games

Couple games bring that element of intimacy and closeness in your date night. Here are some of the most favorite couple games.

1. Cards Against Humanity

2. Do you Know Me?

3. Intimacy Deck

4. Would You Rather – naughty version

Solving A Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle can be an interesting date idea, it stimulates your brain increases the scope of co-ordination with your partner while having a great time.

Build a Card Deck

To build a house of cards is by no means an easy task. Build it together or have a “who-does-it-faster” type challenge.

Learn Magic

People who know magic are cool. It’s definitely an impressive skill if you are entering the dating arena. Get a learner’s magic book and try some of those tricks with your partner.

Indulge in a Game of Trivia

So you guys are super nerdy and know something about everything. Excellent! Now challenge each other to a trivia game and show off how knowledgeable you both are.

Some recommendations of Trivia Game

1. Things They Don’t Teach You in School

2. I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid

3. I should have known that!

Role Playing

Get into some role play or maybe strip poker. You know what happens next right?

Practical Home Date Ideas

Make Your Bucket List

Make a bucket list of all the activities you want to do together – like the places you want to visit, new food you want to try, things you want to build or buy together and so on.

Create a Vision Board

Carrying the bucket list idea further, why not make a vision board out of your list, after all visual images can really motivate you to take some actions towards your goals.

Paint/Clean your Home

Painting or cleaning your home with your partner will evoke a sense of ownership for the place in which you live together.

Do Some Gardening Together

Growing a garden together is actually productive and kind of intimate, plus all that greenery is sure to bring calm into your lives.

Plan for Upcoming Events

Do have a list of events to attend together, maybe a wedding is around the corner. Get that pen and paper to make your plans now.

Learn a New Language Together

Learning languages is a skill and learning it together will be an experience to remember. You can laugh at each other’s goof-ups and eventually help each other learn better. There are so many YouTube tutorials besides Duo lingo is amazing app for learning languages.

Just Talk

couple talking with each other

Sometimes it necessary to have a heart-to-heart conversation that goes beyond, “hey how was your day?”

Talk about your Goals and Plans

If you are serious about each other you need to plan for your future. Have a date where you are sharing your dreams and life goals.

Learn a Skill

If you want to learn some skills like coding or photo-editing or animation, Udemy and Skillshare have amazing courses both free and paid you learn together.

Get Serious about Investments

Finance and romance is a tricky thing but at some point in your relationship this will crop up so why not have a discussion on managing finances wisely and learning about investments.

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