175 Interesting & Intimate questions for a deeper bond with your partner
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175 Intimate and Romantic Questions for Couples

Healthy communication is necessary for any relationship to thrive. To form a deeper bond and feel more connected as a couple you have to keep your channels of communication open. Relationships bloom when both partners regularly talk to each other to keep things intimate and interesting.

Conversations are a way of knowing the other person and opening yourself up to them; allowing each other a sneak-peek at your thoughts and desires. So how well do you know your partner or how often do you have some intimate conversations? A meaningful and interesting conversation includes more than just ‘Hey! How was your day?’

One of the healthy ways to have a deep bond with your partner is to ask each other thoughtful questions that are fun, romantic and intimate. By doing so you are trying to know your partner inside out; attempting to understand their needs, as well as assuring them you are someone they can always fall back upon.

This post contains 175 such questions you can ask your partner to form a deeper bond. These questions can be part of your regular conversations or a special date night or any other special occasion.

Intimate and Romantic Questions for Couples

A couple enjoying a romantic date

175 Questions for a Deeper bond in Couples

Imagine meeting the person of your dreams but then blanking out because you have nothing to say. Not all of us are born with the gift of the gab or are skilled communicators. These conversations starters can help you to get-off to an interesting start with your potential partner.

As per a research couples who enjoy regular interesting conversations enjoy deeper bond where you both feel loved, close and secure as opposed to those who just engaged in small talk. Infact psychologists strongly suggest couples to make weekly routine of asking each other some intimate questions to form a strong connection.

In this post, most of these questions are divided into categories from right when you first meet to the honeymoon phase and then towards taking the next step in your relationship.

74 Intimate Date Night Questions + Conversation Starters

A couple holding hands and smiling

These conversation starters are mostly aimed at getting to know the other person. These are perfect when you are out on a date or just met someone special these useful pointers will help you to get over the initial awkwardness. Also these can be great if you are planning a date night with your partner. Feel free to alter these questions.

1. What is your bucketlist?

2. What are your hobbies?

3. What do you first notice in a person?

4. What did you first notice in me?

5. The favourite list – movies, books, songs, celebrities, TV shows, games/sports, food, festivals, family traditions.

6. What are your aspirations and dreams in life?

7. What scares you the most?

8. What makes you laugh?

9. What makes you sad/disappointed?

10. What is love for you/ your idea of love?

11. What does friendship mean to you?

12. What are your 5 best memories in life?

13. Who are close/best friends?

14. What was the last vacation you went to?

15. Do you enjoy road-trips and when was the last road trip you had taken?

16. What is your dream holiday destination?

17. If you could get a free round-trip around the world where would you go?

18. If you were deserted on an island, who would you like for company?

19. If you were given a superpower what would that be?

20. If you win a lottery of 1 million how would you spend/utilize it?

21. If you were President for a day what would you do?

22. If you were to die tomorrow how would you spend your last day?

23. What would you like to be remembered for?

24. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

25. What makes your angry/irritated/annoyed?

26. What qualities you love about yourself?

27. Where do you think you can improve?

28. When have you been most proud of yourself?

29. What have your failures and achievements taught you?

30. What are the qualities you love and hate in others?

31. How often do you lie?

32. Describe yourself as a person in 3 words.

33. Do you have any irrational fears?

34. When was the last time you goofed up?

35. What are your 3 most embarrassing moments?

36. What are your biggest insecurities and fears?

37. Who was your first crush?

38. Have you suffered any heartbreaks?

39. What have your previous relationships taught you?

40. What is the nicest thing you have done for someone and vice-versa?

41. What is the meanest thing you have said to someone and vice-versa?

42. Do you believe in destiny/coincidences?

42. Do you believe in soulmates?

44. Do you love pets, do you have any right now/ did you have any pet while growing up?

45. What are your core values you will never compromise on?

46. What is your idea of romance, would you say you are romantic?

47. How do you express your love?

48. What are the qualities you prefer in a partner?

49. Do play any musical instrument/or wish you played any musical instrument?

50. What have been the most defining moments of your life?

51. Do you have any regrets?

52. What are you most grateful for in life?

53. If you could change anything in the past what would that be?

54. If a movie were made on your life which actor would play you?

55. What is one thing you never get tired of?

56. How lazy and organized are you?

57. How religious are you? What are your political views?

What is one global event that had a huge impact on you?

58. What is the most exciting part of your day?

59. What is one daily activity you hate doing?

Do you like doing household chores?

60. What are your most prized possessions you can’t bear to lose? Are sentimental about gifts?

61. Do you love impromptu trips?

If given a chance where would you go on an impromptu trip with me?

62. Who are your 5 biggest support systems in life?

64. What is a perfect date night for you?

What your idea of an ideal romantic getaway?

65. Do you believe in selfless and timeless love?

66. What is the best compliment you ever received from me and someone else?

67. Who is one person from your past you wish to be in touch with and why?

68. If you were to choose between beach and mountain for a romantic holiday what would you choose and why?

69. Who is your spirit animal?

70. What are some cool life-mantras you learnt?

71 What are the pros and cons of being in a relationship and being single?

72. What is the best and worst advice you have received and given?

73. If life was an apocalypse movie or TV what would you want it to be? And if we were to die in it how would you remember me?

74. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate our friendship/relationship/date?

72 Deep Questions for Every Couple to Ponder On

A couple engaged in an intimate conversation

These questions are mostly applicable when you are thinking of taking the next step in your relationship. Most of these are a way to gauge each other’s compatibility and how you handle pressure situation or how honest are you with each other. Again feel free to expand this list and alter these as per your situation.

1. What was your first though when you saw me?

2. What is the best part of our relationship?

3. If you could relive 3 top memories in this relationship what would that be?

4. What would you like to improve in me?

5. What is my most beautiful physical feature?

6. What do you like most in me? What are my best qualities?

7. If you were to reveal one secret right now what would it be?

8. How much do you think we have evolved from when we first met?

9. Who is more giving and selfless in our relationship?

10. Do we treat each other with love and respect?

11. Do you think we are soulmates, always meant to be together?

12. What is my most annoying trait?

Do you get mad at me at times?

13. What do we fight most about and who gets angry easily?

Who says sorry most of the times?

14. Do I make you laugh? Do we keep each other happy?

Do we have enough humor in this relationship?

15 Are you proud of me? Do think I am capable?

16. Are you scared of losing me?

How much do you love me?

17. If we were to break-up what would you miss most about me?

18. Would you think about reconciling if we break-up?

19. What is your idea of space in a relationship? Do I give you enough space?

20. How much do miss me when we aren’t together?

21. Do you think we are compatible?

22. How committed are you to this relationship?

23. How important is loyalty for you?

24. What would you do if either of is not loyal in this relationship?

25. What is your idea of marriage?

26. Do you feel it is important to move-in together before marriage?

27. Are you ready to move together?

28. Am I enough for you in this lifetime?

29. Do you think I disrespected you ever?

30. Did I ever ignore or under-appreciate you or taken you for granted?

31. Do you keep secrets from me?

32. What are 3 most important life goals you would like to set for us?

33. Are you comfortable discussing finance with me?

34. What are three top financial goals we should aim for?

35. Who handles money better among us?

36. Who handles challenging situation better you or me?

37. Who is most organized among us?

38. Will you ever take/or have taken any decision without discussing with me?

39. Do you feel insecure when I mingle with someone else?

40. Would you mind if I were friends with my ex?

41. What do you think of my friends?

42. Is there any person in my life you think takes advantage of me?

43. What do you think of my family?

44. How would you feel if I financially support my family sometimes?

45. Are we saving enough for our retirement?

46. 5 Best honeymoon destinations

47. What do you think about kids, do you want us to have kids?

48. Are you open to the idea of adopting kids?

49. Do you wish we adopt a pet someday?

50. Who is most likely to get arrested among us and for what?

51. Do you think we spend enough time together?

52. Are you depressed, worried or stressed about anything right now?

53. Do you ever feel uncomfortable sharing something with me?

54. Three people who you think will never turn you down

55. What would you never change in me?

56. If money weren’t an issue where would you like to be right now?

58. What is one thing you always wanted to try but never did?

59. What do you remember from our first meeting?

60. Who influenced you most while growing up?

61. How would you describe me to other people?

62. What is one quality you would take from each of your mom and dad after you become a parent?

63. What are essential qualities every relationship should have other than love?

64. If I were to move to another place following a better career opportunity would you consider moving?

65. What is your definition of a successful life?

66. What is one responsibility you aren’t ready for right now?

67. When was that moment when you knew you were in love with me/or I was the one for you?

68. What are some traditions you would like us to start as a family?

69. What if I forget our birthdays and anniversaries?

70. How do you visualize our future together?

71. Do you think we treat each other as equals in this relationship?

72. How important self-respect and dignity in a relationship?

Fun and Romantic Questions for Couples

What turns you on and what turns you off in a partner?

What is your wildest fantasy you never discussed with me?

Which celeb I resemble the most?

Do you wish I dress-up like that celeb?

What is my most attractive feature?

How important is intimacy for you?

Are you comfortable with public displays of affection or PDAs?

Do you believe in grand gestures of love?

Should we have our own love language?

Should we have our own sign language/code?

What is your favorite activity with me?

Do you like surprises?

What do you prefer a simple home-cooked meal or dinner at a fancy restaurant?

What do you prefer public proposals or a thoughtful private one?

Will you write a love poem for me?

What do you think after you receive a super romantic message from me?

What was your first thought after our first real date together?

What attracts you towards the opposite gender?

Do you find me attractive?

What is something you always wanted try with me?

Do you think I get more interesting and romantic after a few drinks?

Are we physically and emotionally connected enough?

When do you feel closest to me?

What is one thing we must do more often?

Do you think terms like power couple and couple goals are overrated?

What would you do if I radically transformed in my appearance?

Favorite movie and song that reminds you of me

Which Disney prince and princess are we? Which superheroes best represent us?

Breakfast in bed or movie dinner date with me or brunch barbecue and night out with friends?

What are top 5 bedroom rules you think every couple should have?

Dinner at a fancy restaurant or scrumptious home-cooked meal or yummiest take-out at home.

If you had to choose between a short-lived passionate love and eternal unconditional love what would you choose?

Final thoughts on Romantic Questions for Couples

The idea of this post is to keep things fun and interesting between couples, as well as give them a chance to really know each other. There are no hard and fast rules here you can be experimental with your questions, alter them to make the experience most memorable. Each of us comes with our own unique layer that needs to be peeled one at a time. These questions are a fun way for couples to truly discover the person behind those layers.

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