What is this blog about?

Wellness is a holistic concept. It is intricately connected to the well-being of our body and mind. Our body is more intelligent than we think. Our stress shows on our skin, a messed up mind affects our productivity. When we listen to our body we understand it better. This 100% connection between mind and body reflects in our outer beauty. The aim of this blog is finding that balance of well-being, where one is truly happy in body and spirit. If that happens, every aspect of your life runs smoothly. You are more content and confident. You accept your body and treat it with kindness. ‘Oh Well Yes’ is a lifestyle blog for individuals who aspire to live healthier and happier lives.

When you feel good from within then healthy life habits are not an obligation. You enjoy what you do, whether it’s your workout regime or eating your food peacefully without obsessing over calories.

There is no magic mantra for wellness it is a constant process where you discover what works best for your well-being; and this blog will help you to achieve that. It is a constant endeavor of this blog to provide its readers with useful and practical content which they can apply in their lives too.

About the author

Hello there! Welcome to my digital space. I am Suktara the author of this blog. I am a digital solopreneur who also loves to read, travel, eat and stay fit (Not necessarily in that order).

Too many inspired moments and my innate desire to provide an outlet to my creative spirit led to the formation of this blog. It is great to have a platform where I can connect with my readers and write what I am passionate.

There was a point in my life where I used to be stressed about little things. I was filled with negativity and negative comments about my body affected me the most. This severely affected one aspect of my life that I value the most – my family. It was on the advice of my mother that I took up mediation it helped clam my mind and I realized that my well-being was most important. One positive thought is enough to radiate my energy and eliminate a 100 negative vibes.

The moment I began to care less about what others are gonna say, I became happy. So with this blog I hope to provide some ease to all stressed out souls there.

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

I am so glad you came by please feel free to go through all my posts. If you like my posts do leave a comment.  You can also connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.