101 life changing habits for a better you
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101 Life-Changing Habits for a Better You

Your habits literally define your personality, so while good habits can potentially be life-changing, bad habits naturally will have the opposite effect.

If you are a big believer in chasing your dreams, setting some-goals you have to pay attention to your habits. There simply has to be synchronization between your habits and your goals.

Just a few years ago I was so aimless and overwhelmed. Sure I had a fancy job, a good life, friends and family but deep inside I knew I had to start my own venture.

I also knew I had to change my lifestyle drastically and get rid of a bunch of unhealthy habits that had become my second nature like not eating properly, not having a proper sleep routine, procrastinating on work etc.

It was not easy and I am in no way perfect. But at least now I don’t feel so directionless and my life is a lot better today as compared to a few years ago.

If you too have a similar story and feel stuck in your routine but want to change your life, start with altering your daily habits. Developing a new habit requires some effort but it is totally possible and worth it when you see your life changing for better.

To help you out I have an extensive list of 101 good habits you can choose from, so let’s go and set some life-changing habits.

101 habits to Life-Changing Habits For a Better You

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Forming Good Habits

Before getting started I would request you to go through my habit formation post, it would give you a good idea on how to adapt new habits. However, here some quick tips you may find useful when developing habits.

A New Habit takes 90 Days to Form

Research says it requires 21 days for a new habit to set in and another 90 days for your body and brain to fully adapt to it.

This may seem daunting for many but my dear friend if you can just get past the first week till 21 days you are much likely to see it through the end.

Focus on Building one Habit at a Time

If you want to start a bunch of healthy habits at one go it may be counter-productive, so focus on one good habit at one time.

Like, I have mentioned this list of 101 habits in this post but it doesn’t mean you to have to develop all these habits at once. Choose those habits which will contribute towards your personal growth.

When to Begin A New Habit

Although there are no set rules on when to begin a new habit it is helpful if you start from the 1st of a month because then you are more likely to pursue it.

Research shows that our energy levels and optimism is really high at the beginning of a new year and month, as it signifies a fresh start so it’s probably a good time to begin some good habits then.

Note your progress

Tracking your progress can really keep you motivated. Use a habit tracker or a planner to record how much you have achieve or what are the gradual changes you see in your life.

When you start a habit with the intention of changing your life you don’t see the transformation in one day it happens very gradually so don’t lose your patience

Healthy Life Changing Habits

Healthy Drink

Finally let’s begin our list with some healthy habits that can go a long way in keeping you healthy and fit.

1. Develop a productive morning routine that you love.

2. Don’t skip breakfast; it helps to regulate your sugar levels.

3. Stretch your limbs and body multiple times a day; it helps in blood-circulation. It is important especially if you have a desk job.

4. Do some physical activity like exercising, walking or jogging, for at least 45 minutes everyday.

5. Eat one healthy meal a day like salad or stew this will prevent any digestion issues and take care of your gut.

6. Get a health check-up one every 6 months or at least once a year.

7. Visit your dentist, preferably twice a year or at least once a year.

8. Quit smoking. There are more healthy ways of releasing stress like sleeping on time.

9. Limit eating processed food; instead aim to have as many home cooked meals as possible.

10. Don’t drink excessively.

11. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water.

12. Brush twice a day, half an hour after waking-up and after having dinner.

13. Don’t overeat eat or suppress your hunger and skip meals. Instead have meals at a fixed time.

14. Take stairs instead of elevator, at least every alternate day.

15. Have a consistent schedule when it comes to sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.

15. Create a soothing evening routine that helps to you to unwind for the day.

Life-Changing Habits for Better Mental Health

16. Control your anger. Whenever you feel angry control16. Control your anger. Whenever you feel angry control your urge to utter something impulsively, instead count to 20 clear your thoughts and then speak in a measured voice. In anger we often say things we later regret.

17. Eat mindfully away from your TV and without scrolling the mobile phone. Here are some ways to develop better phone habits.

18. Compliment yourself regularly.

19. Laugh and smile more often.

20. Create a soothing evening routine that helps to you to unwind for the day.

21. If you live with your family try to have one meal together.

22. Plan some get-togethers with your friends and close ones every few months.

23. Try to enjoy the present moment each day by observing people around you, listening and experiencing all the sights and sounds. Try to close your eyes and feel it for a moment. This will help you to relax even amid chaos.

Change Your Life with Self-Caring Habits

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With the daily grind we all go through, it is so important to indulge in some free weekly self-care.

24. Meditate for 7-10 minutes daily where you just concentrate on your breathing.

25. Take deep breaths at least thrice a day it will help your focus and concentration as well as remove any brain fog. This is also a good tip if you suffer from anxiety.

26. Start a thought journal to untangle your mind. Here are over 100 journal prompts to get you started.

27. Indulge in aromatherapy once in a while to manage stress. Get an oil diffuser and some essential oils, such as lavender or lemongrass which will help you to relax.

28. Listen to some soothing music at the end of the day.

29. Dance like no one is watching

30. Sing your heart out.

31. Try art and music therapy to manage stress.

32. Walk amidst nature once a week.

33. Pamper your skin by developing a weekly skincare routine.

34. Nourish your hair with a proper hair-care routine.

35. Take care of your cuticles, indulge in some manicure and pedicure.

Motivational Habits to Change Your Life

36. Listen to some podcasts and audio books when you are commuting to office.

37. Do a life audit where you reflect on your progress and where you can improve.

38. Practice some random act of kindness every now and then.

39. Practice saying thank you and please more often.

40. Practice gratitude where you are grateful for everything in your life.

41. Try to see positive in any adverse situation.

42. Work on your confidence and will-power.

43. Encourage yourself by practicing self-affirmations.

Positive Habits For a Better You

44. Adopt a pet.

45. Learn a new language

46. Travel at least once a year and plan for it early.

47. Learn a life-skill.

48. Plant some trees.

49. Pick up a hobby.

50. Don’t waste electricity; turn off lights, fans, AC when you leave a room.

51. Avoid using your phone at least an hour before bedtime.

52. Read food labels when you buy processed food items.

53. Don’t waste food and water.

54. If you have leftover food from a party or get together please donate it. There are so many local social organizations which take food and distribute it among the needy.

Life-changing Habits to Help You be Better Organized

A woman making her bed

55. Make your bed in the morning. Your bed is the most noticeable object in your room and if it’s kept neat and organized it shows you are ready for the day.

56. Throw out your expired medicines at once every six months.

57. Discard unnecessary stuff at your home and work-space least once a year, especially your wardrobe which has outfits you haven’t worn in at least 2 years.

58. Organize your home and work-space with the labeling system, and review it at least once a year.

59. Plan your outfits at the start of the week to avoid morning hassles.

60. Start weekly meal-planning.

61. Do your dishes after having your food.

62. Clean your kitchen, even when you don’t want to.

63. Have designated day(s) for doing your laundry.

64. Clear your fridge at least twice a month. Same goes for your microwave, oven and other kitchen gadgets that need regular cleaning.

65. Clean your handbag/office bag at least once a month.

66. Clean your makeup brushes regularly.

67. Have a weekly dusting/cleaning routine.

68. Make a list of all important dates like birthday and anniversaries.

Streamline Your Work with these Better Habits

69. Use the batching technique for completing similar tasks.

70. Beat procrastination by using planners and making to-do lists.

71. Use anti-distraction apps to prevent mindless scrolling on internet that hampers your work and productivity.

72. Make it a point to note down any interesting ideas you may have.

73. Change your passwords once a year.

74. Make a habit to return calls and messages you couldn’t attend to.

75. Have a designated time where you check and answer your mails.

76. Organize your phone and computer at least once every six months.

Self-development Habits to Transform Your Life

77. Set some goals for yourself every year/month and track those.

78. Make a vision board for your life goals.

79. Make it a habit to plan ahead to ensure your time is not wasted.

80. Plan your day. It takes less than 5 minutes to write a to-do list, which you can do first thing in the morning or the previous evening. It would help you remain organized as well as keep you from procrastinating on important tasks.

81. Plan your entire week on Sundays. At least make a rough outline.

82. Read books regularly – Books widen our horizon on many things as well as provide some escape from the daily stress.

83. Learn to listen attentively.

84. Pay attention to your posture when you sit and walk.

85. Stop people pleasing and learn to say “NO”.

Change your Life with these Innovative Habits

86. Learn to write with your left hand it will do wonders for your confidence

87. Learn the Morse code

88. Learn some random amazing facts

89. Indulge in some sporting activity

90. Do some volunteering and charity work once a year.

91. Work on your communication skills.

92. Meet new people, make some new friends.

Life-Changing Better Financial Habits

A woman with money in hand

93. Make a monthly budget of your expenses and a monthly goal of saving each month.

94. Start saving your leftover cash in a piggy bank and invest it at the end of the year.

95. Create an emergency fund today.

96. Start plan for your retirement today.

97. Pay your taxes on time.

98. Use your credit/debit card sensibly, pay with cash if possible.

99. Make a shopping list when you go shopping. A list prevents you in going overboard.

100. Use your weekends to do financial audit.

101. Have a debt repayment plan.

102. Whenever you invest learn about all the terms and conditions.

103. Collect coupons and remember to use them.

Parting Thoughts on Life Changing Habits

Any habit that helps your physical, mental and emotional well-being is worth having. As per research over 40 percent of your actions during the day depend on your habits, so choose your habits wisely to if you wish to have positive changes in your life.

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