121 Journal prompts for self discovery
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121 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Are you familiar with journal prompts? To put it simply journal prompts are just a way to knowing yourself better. It is a tool of self-discovery that provides your thoughts a concrete shape.

Thoughts are our constant companions because we are constantly thinking, our brain is always in motion feeding us, directing us to move on to the next task or dwell in some feelings about ourselves or people we love and despise. Our thoughts give our mind the wings to wander about our future and past.

But thoughts are fleeting journal prompts gives you a chance of knowing your thoughts better and keeping a record of it. Journal prompts are also a great tool for self-questioning, giving yourself some pep-talk when things aren’t as hunky dory as you would like to be.

It is said you discover so much about yourself through journals that they know more about you than your best friend or partner. If you want to start journaling but aren’t sure how to begin, start it with journal prompts.

Journal prompts often involves writing simple statements about yourself, your familial environment, any mental block you are facing, your aspiration for future, how to inspired yourself into taking action.

Other than that you can use also journal prompts in your daily routine to be more organized when planning things. To help you get started this post has compiled a list of 121 Journal Prompts for self-discovery. Here you will find prompts related to every aspect of your life. Feel free to use these or modify for your convenience.

How are journal prompts effective?

Journal Prompts can be come to your rescue when you need to vent out on a particular bad day, you can use all that pent-up frustration and anger to motivate yourself. They are certainly excellent as tools for observing your thoughts and patterns this is why journaling is recommended when you are tangled up in your thoughts.

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Tool for bad days

All of us have days when nothing seems to work out. No matter what we do we simply can’t progress. During such bad days or such times, journal prompts are the best tool you can have. Since journal prompts are mostly aimed at arriving at a solution you can easily ask yourself some deep question as to what went wrong? Why are you feeling low? How cam you overcome this situation?

Journal prompts allow you to self-question and tweak the problem and analyze it from a different angle. Use journal prompts to give you some much needed motivation whenever you feel bogged down or just experience a sense of gloominess.

Record your thoughts

Journal prompts provide all your thoughts, ideas, dreams, hops, ambition home. Your thought get a concrete shape when you begin journaling. Most of our though process is fleeting and come to us in fragments.

Journal prompts help in observing your thoughts and create a record of any ideas or inspirations that you may have. Writing is perhaps the best ways to realize your potential and the best place to start is with journal prompts.


Journal prompts could also be your first step towards becoming a better writer. If you are interested in writing but do not find in yourself the inspiration to get started, begin writing some journal prompts each day. Don’t think about the quality of writing just concentrate on getting all those feeling on paper. It provides you a good practice since all you have to do is answers some questions. Commit writing journal prompts everyday 15 minutes for a month and after that period compare your writing quality from when you began to where you now stand you will be amazed at the improvement that consistency brings.

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Journal Prompts Ideas

Here is an massive list of journal prompts ideas you can use to began your journey of self-discovery. These prompts have been divided in to several categories. Try to tackle each of these question with as much detail as possible.

The idea here is to get all those feelings out in the paper and help you to unload any emotional baggage if you have, or any memories you would like to preserve forever and reflect to feel nostalgic. Let’s get started. If you wish you can bookmark this article for future reference

121 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Write about your dreams

Your dreams, hopes and aspirations are an important part of your life. Journal prompts can be your guide in achieving those. You can brainstorm your goals, how to set your goals, you can ask yourself some deep question as to where are you headed in life, what direction you want to take?

1. What does your dream life look like?

2. Where do you want to be 10 or 15 years from now?

3. Your dream career

4. Write about the places you want to see

5. How much money you wish to save?

6. What does your future home look like?

7. How do you see your future family life?

8. Make a bucket list of all your wishes

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Write about your future life

Use journal prompts to write about your future and how you envision it. It is so important to have a concrete roadmap if you want to achieve your goals. With journal prompts you can at least admit it to yourself what you want in future, where you see yourself.

Most people have plans for future but are but these plan remain suspended in vague state in their minds. Many of them remain in denial or may not even realize what they want. But when you have a written record of sorts it becomes your statement and you know exactly what your thoughts are about your future.

1. List your top three short term goals.

2. List your top three long term goals.

3. Do you need to have a plan?

4. Outline a rough action plan for your future

Write about your Present

Your present is as important as your future, with journal prompts you can know about current state of your mind what are you going through, are you happy in your present situation. Use these prompts to define your daily life.

1. How is your present life? Like your daily routine

2. Is there something you would change?

3. How happy are you now?

4. How can you improve your present life?

5. Any good habits you would like to begin?

6. Write about your friends, your co-workers, your family or any other person relevant to your life.Any life skills you want to learn?

7. Any hobby you have?

8. Any pets you keep. If yes, how does having a pet affect your life?

9. Write note worthy things about your mother, father and sibling(s)

121 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

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Write about yourself

Journal prompts is all about self-discovery, how much do you know yourself, your deepest feeling and how you perceive others. This section of prompts is all abut getting to know yourself better.

1. Describe yourself as a person.

2. What do you love most about yourself?

3. Which are the areas you need to improve upon?

4. Write about your fears and insecurities

5. Do you worry a lot?

6. How often do you make time yourself?

7. How do you pamper yourself?

8. How do you cope up with your fears?

9. What makes you happy?

11. What makes you sad?

12. What triggers your anger?

13. Your Best qualities

14. What do you first notice in a person?

Reflective Questions for Journal Prompts

1. What are 5 things you’re grateful for?

2. Do you have self-doubts? What are those?

3. Are doubts affecting your progress?

4. How often you dream about your dream life?

5. How focused and distracted are you?

6. How can you limit your distractions and step-up your productivity?

7. How can you improve your weekends to have a productive week?

8. Do you have a work-life balance? If not, what can you do to improve the situation?

9. How can you make your life simple and fulfilling?

10. What make you feel more alive?

11. When are you most at peace?

12. Write down your top 5 goals for this year.

13. What’s the biggest lesson you learned in past 5 years?

14. How others would describe you as a person?

15. What qualities do you search in your soul-mate?

16. What qualities do you want in a friend?

17. Do you have toxic people in your life? Are they affecting your progress If yes, how do plan to tackle them?

18. How do you deal with your emotions?

19. How easy is it for you to forgive someone who hurt you?

20. How sorted is your life right now? What emotion you feel the most?  

21. If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?

22. What you really want to do but haven’t tried due to the fear of failure?

23. If money weren’t an issue where would you be right now?

24. Is there anything you are looking forward to?

25. What is a perfect day for you?

Reflect upon past week/month

1. How fulfilling has been the past week/month?

2. Did you set any weekly/monthly goals?? If yes, where you able to achieve those?

3. Did you make any mistakes?

4. What did you learn this week/month?

5. Is there anything would have done differently?

6. Name 3 good/funny incidents that happened

7. Most enjoyable activity this week/month

8. Did you procrastinate on tasks?

9. Did you take proper care of your health and diet?

Turning points in your life

1. When you passed school, college or university

2. First job

3. First time living independently

4. First salary

5. First house

6. First vehicle

7. First love

8. First crush

8. First kiss

Know Your Skin Type. Img: Google


1. Your most happiest moment

2. The moment when you were most disappointed and/or sad

3. Most scariest moment

4. Any moments when you were pleasantly surprised

5. Most funniest/memorable moments

Make Lists of all your favourite things

1. Your favourite food

2. Favourite restaurants

3. Your favourite holiday destinations

4. Your inspirations

5. Favourite songs and movies

6. Favourite books

7. Favourite Memories

8. Your favourite activity

9. Your favourite dress, style and hairstyle

10. Your favourite colour

11. A daily routine you look forward to

12. A favourite hobby

13. Holidays and festivals you love

14. Favourite websites and apps

Write about your Past

1.Write about your childhood

2. Any advice to your younger self. “Dear younger me”

3. Write about your school life

4. Your childhood friends.

5. Any regrets you have, anything you would have done differently

Your best childhood memories

1. Your earliest memories

2.Your favourite cartoon character

3. Your favourite teacher

4. Best moments with your family

5. Your favorite toy and games

6. Your first friend

7. Favourite relative

8. Your favorite subject

9. Your aim in life when you were in school

Write letters

1. Write letters to people you are too hesitant to confront

2. Things you would say to your friends, family or colleagues that you can never tell them to their face.

3. Write a letter your pet

4. Write a letter to someone you are hesitant to forgive

5. Write a letter to someone you are really grateful to

6. Write letters to people who believe in you, love you and support you

7. Write letters to people you dislike or can’t get along with


1. I never told anyone that I..

2. I would really like to..

3. I once..

4. I have been..

5. No one knows that I am

6. I really don’t like to

7. I would rather

8. I hate to….

Best Time Management Strategies

Write letters for your future family

1. Letter to your future self.. “Dear Future Self..”

2. Letters to your future life-partner

3. Write letters to your children and grandchildren these will help them to understand you better.

Visual Prompts for journal prompts

1. Whenever you are browsing internet or going through magazines or newspapers collect images which catch your eye and seem powerful to you.

2. Write down why you were affected by a particular image.

3. Quote Prompts: Just like images whenever you find any quotes that catch your eye, write it down and say how were you affected by that particular quote

Tip: Both images and quotes are powerful means to inspire yourself.

Parting Thoughts

Journaling is an amazing way of evolving as a person. There are things and emotions we have buried deep within us, which we might not even be aware of. Journaling helps you to dig those out and makes you more alert and responsive as an individual.

In many ways it aids you in realizing your potential, helps you to weed out things that are toxic and distractive to your growth.

If you want to start journaling I would really urge to start with prompts. Again you are most welcome to bookmark this article and feel free to use it wherever you are in a pensive mood or need to find some inspiration within yourself.

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