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How To Love Yourself: 16 Best Tips for Self-Love

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love yourself? If you find that question unusual you aren’t alone. We can be immensely selfless in loving others but when it comes to loving yourself it can be difficult.

Love yourself can be challenging because as an idea it seems so abstract and theoretical I mean what does it even mean to love yourself, where do you even start?

Most of us are constantly struggling with poor self-worth, unhealthy comparisons or loving and trusting the wrong kind of people. In this process, we ignore our own happiness and mental peace.

But have you ever considered how wonderful and liberating life would be if you just start to love yourself by appreciating your uniqueness and individuality.

Here are very simple every day self-care tips to begin your process of self-love. These 16 best tips will help to love yourself and be more self-aware.

How to Love Yourself with 16 Best Tips

The process to love yourself is a challenge before advising you I will admit I did struggle to accept myself as I am and there used to be a time when I felt utterly worthless.

But since I have began to understand myself better and caring less what others think the journey of self-love has been absolutely beautiful.

How To Love Yourself: 16 Best Tips for Self-Love

1. Stop listening to too many opinions

You know the thing about opinions is that there are too many of them. It hampers your ability to think for yourself and leads to self-doubt. Don’t dwell too much on opinions, especially negative ones.

For example, you are wearing a pretty dress and you have received a couple of compliments, but a particular mean friend makes a snide remark about your dress and your whole mood is spoiled. Why does that one person’s opinion matter so much to you?

Learn to ignore negativity, it just contributes to self-loathing and nothing else.

2. Stop People Pleasing

Seeking approval and validation from others is not as important as you may think. I have only experienced an added pressure because I really care what others thought of me.

With my weight loss I have been through countless diet programs, yoga, and gym until I realized that I was stressing myself out because it really mattered to me what others thought.

Please don’t get me wrong, if you have to lose weight, lose it but please don’t get obsessed with it like I did and certainly don’t lose it because someone said “Oh you’ll look hot if you lose that weight!”. You are so much more than that. Here’s how you can be more body positive.

Remember these Important Life Lessons:

1. This is your life and you don’t need permission from anyone to do what you love doing.

2. No matter how hard you try, you cannot make everyone happy.

3. Not everyone will necessarily like you.

3. If You Love Yourself, Learn To Say ‘No’

Setting healthy boundaries and saying “NO” is absolutely okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

You may sometimes have to take decisions that may not please others but if it’s good for your mental peace don’t hesitate to take it.

Similarly, don’t let people take advantage of you, if you are uncomfortable with certain people in your life it’s okay to move on from such toxic relationships.

Cherish people who truly love and understand you. A good support system in form of close family and friends can do wonders for your confidence.

4. Get To Know Yourself

Take the time to know the real you because believe it or not there are so many aspects of your personality that are yet to be uncovered.

Think about how you feel about things, or concentrate on the thoughts running around you mind.

To know your inner-self there is no better tool than journaling. As you write your feelings you discover so much about yourself. If you aren’t much of a writer you can use journal prompts which help you to focus on a particular thought.

Here are some Additional Tips:

1. Take care of you mental and physical well-being.

2. Find your purpose in life.

3. Develop a routine which allows you to be responsible.

4. Connecting more with inner self and being more observant.

5. Accept Your Flawed Self and Mistakes

We all have flaws and that makes us human. However, when it comes to accepting our flaws few of us would accept it.

Sometimes you aren’t even aware of a bad habit or a weakness and that’s because you aren’t paying attention to yourself.

Self-love is a journey where you are 100% honest to yourself. You understand that it’s okay to make a mistake and you only get stronger from the experience.

It takes a lot of courage to take accountability for your actions. Be responsible for yourself and see how you transform as a person.

TIP: Notice how you speak to yourself, if you’re constantly belittling yourself you need stop doing so. Speak to yourself like you’d speak to someone you love.

6. Hone your individuality by identifying your strengths

All of us have certain individual traits that are unique to us, in other words there is no one quite like you in this entire world, how amazing is that.

Before others see it, it’s important you see how fabulous you are. If you have a skill-set be proud of it, continue to polish it. Whenever you feel low remember moments where you held on with resilience.

Create your own unique personality that radiates class as well as humility. Try to identify what sets you apart from others.

7. Express your Emotions

It is important to acknowledge emotions even if they are uncomfortable. Don’t repress negative feelings like jealousy or anger and sadness.

You can’t be fine all the time and the last thing I want is to preach is fake positivity. Allow yourself the time to grieve and recover.

Emerge stronger from your negative experiences don’t wallow in self-pity, you are a not a victim but a survivor.

8. Get Away from Peer Pressure

Most of us at some point or another have followed the herd mentality, where we have blindly followed something or somebody in a bid to fit in.

Ok here’s a confession. I don’t like wearing denims; since I live in a tropical region logically I don’t think it the ideal clothing for tropical weather.

But despite being uncomfortable in denims, I always bought them whenever there was a new denim trend – capris, dungarees, tight-fitted ones; I got those only to fit in with everyone else.

There are several such examples when I have done something only because someone else was doing it. Do tell if you have a similar story to share.

9. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

In appreciating others don’t forget to value yourself

You can’t love yourself if you constantly compare your life with others.

Comparing ourselves to others is pretty normal and we all have been there, but it often leads to discontentment and self-doubt.

So the next time you look at someone else and think ”I wish I was as pretty as her,” remember you are lowering yourself in your eyes.

10. Ditch the idea of perfection

Our idea of happiness is heavily dependent on the image of perfection. We see happiness as an end product of our achievements.

For example so many of us think our life would be perfect if we have a big house, that promotion, a better car, lose some weight.

If you look closely you are running after the myth of a perfect life. I don’t mean to say don’t aspire to be better, but don’t lose precious everyday moments running after your aspirations.

Perfection can’t bring you happiness. Believe in your abilities, be patient and enjoy the ride.

11. Be Proud of Yourself

Call it your path, destiny or journey each of us has to tread it on our own. Be proud of whatever little you have accomplished so far.

Reflect on how far you have come, what situations you encountered, give yourself some credit and kindness.

It is inevitable you will compare yourself with others, but I would urge you here if you have to at all fall into the comparison trap use it as positive stimulation to inspire you.

Here’s how to appreciate yourself once in a while

1. Celebrate small wins

2. Write your achievements and read them whenever you feel down

3. Be your biggest cheerleader

12. Start Your Day with a Positive Thought

It is said the energy you give out is the energy you receive. Start your day on a positive note and it begins with a generous dose of self-love.

The best way to do that is through affirmations. I love positive affirmations and have noticed a marked difference in my life with regards to my career and relationships.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations.

1. I‘m making the most of this beautiful day.

2. I am smart, strong, beautiful and unstoppable.

3. I am surrounded by love and kindness.

4. I am capable of achieving anything I want.

13. Forgive yourself

 “Get bored with your past it’s over!”

Isn’t that a smart quote? A big step to loving yourself is self-acceptance. I would say embrace yourself for all your mistakes and just think of those as stepping stones to a more matured and wiser you.

It’s not easy to confront the past, for some it may be painful even. But learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes, they don’t define you. Instead look forward to new beginning for tomorrow is a new day.

14. Practice Gratitude

Being thankful and grateful for what you have is an important part of loving yourself.

When you appreciate your life, you will be more positive even in adverse situations you will find hope.

It’s easy to complain about life and to be fair life is difficult but seeing the beauty in it makes all the difference.

When you radiate a positive outlook and warmth, you will attract positive things in your life.

15. Do something you love

Doing something you love doesn’t mean you have to turn it into a full time career; it can be also a way let off some steam and get more connected with yourself.

I love to draw, paint, create doodle, but for years I just neglected my hobby.

But I have recently started to draw again and it has improved my mood so much.

I love the process of creating something new each day and the experience has made me more mindful! You can check out some of my doodles in my new Instagram art account.

Like me if you have a hobby you have neglected for years, maybe it’s time to just start it!

16. Allow yourself some “me time”

We all require some ‘me’ time in form of self-care to manage our stress levels. Here are some ways to you can try to be stress free.

Pamper yourself, it could be a treat or a rejuvenating skincare routine or perhaps reading a book.

Be mindful and soak in the present moment.

Pay attention to your sleep habits.

If you need more self-care read my post on 150 free self-care ideas. You can also take a sneak peek at my resource library and download the free self-care planner and couple of other helpful resources.


Finally Loving Yourself by Laughing A Lot

Lastly, laugh a lot! Laughing at yourself, your goof-ups and mistakes is an endearing quality.

It makes you humble and rooted. So loosen up a bit and have a good hearty laugh. Our life is sum total of our actions. The decisions we take today are turning points and decide the course of our journey.

You want your life to be a good story, not for others but yourself, so when you look back you say to yourself, “that’s a life well-lived.”

That process begins today with loving yourself dearly, unconditionally and fiercely.

If you have read until this you are amazing! Here’s how to can love yourself better by adopting a positive mindset.


  • Sonia Motwani

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the piece and being in same niche it was really so helpful with a powerful message. I would love to collaborate with you ?
    Thankyou for writing this.

  • Adreanne

    I’m sooo here for everything you just said. Learning to forgive myself and leaving my past in the past were the best things I could’ve done for myself. I’m still a work in progress, but starting that process of self-love has brought me so much peace.

  • julie Christy

    It would be beneficial to read this every day!!! I struggled with loving my shy, introverted self, always wanting to be more extroverted. Honing my individuality has been a process for me and learning to love who I am.
    I want to do more dancing, it is something I love! I like to start the day with a positive quote, today I will use yours – I will make the most of this beautiful day!

  • Heather

    Great post! I love the tip of not comparing ourselves to others. It is so difficult in the digital age where so many images are about the perfect meal, the perfect clothing, the perfect outing! It can be too much. If we just accept that life is NOT a social media image, we can appreciate the images but know our life is just as perfect as what we are seeing.

  • Jessica

    Fantastic list! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in taking care of everything in our lives that we just forget about ourselves. That happens to me, at least. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Philomath

    Great tips, I don’t think we will find one person who doubt himself or herself for the way of body imagine but we learn to embrace and develop the love of our body and live with as we improve it if we can, thank you for sharing it.

  • Beth Elkassih

    I loved reading this article. Women can never love themselves enough. I especially love your opening quote: “Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” Thanks for sharing.