21 Affirmations for Motivation and Goal-Setting
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21 Affirmations for Motivation and Goal-Setting

We all have our phases when negative and toxic feelings engulf us. We feel all our efforts are wasted.

This happened to me some time ago I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and just sad.

I had zero motivation to work for days together.

There were things which didn’t go as planned, leaving me hopeless.

Thankfully, I realized something had to change. I had to change. My happiness is utmost important to me and I can never compromise on this.

There was no way I would let negativity overpower me.

I did have a vague idea about self-affirmations but I seriously took practicing it during that difficult time.

These are some positive affirmations that helped me to bounce back.

I have listed out over 21 such affirmations and I sincerely hope you find these useful.

What are self-affirmations?

Self-Affirmations are your catchphrases or statements that you utter for motivation, confidence and inspiration.

Studies have shown that self-affirmations help you to concentrate and focus better on your goals.

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How to practice it affirmations?

You can utter these statements whenever you feel low.

I found daily repeating them in the morning and evening hours and before I go to bed has really improved my belief in my capabilities.

My Free Resource has an positive affirmation eBook which you can download instantly. It has affirmations on love, career, weight loss and mental health.

There are over 70 affirmations you can use as well as a 10-minute ritual to manifest these affirmations. Download the book now and learn how to use affirmations properly.


21 self-affirmations for motivation and goal-setting

When you are repeating affirmations, I would urge to first to believe in these and believe in it with all your heart.

Conjure up some positive images and experiences which made you really happy in life.

It is no doubt difficult at first but, just keep at it and try repeating at least 3 times a day. Repeat a set of 5 positive affirmations.

This is what I do, repeat a set of 5-7 affirmations.

Believe in what you are saying and just see the difference.

As for practicing, it may seem odd at first to actually say out loud but it helps if your ear can hear you speak these sentences.

So you don’t really have to shout but say it loud enough for you to hear it.

Now let’s begin with some affirmations!

I embrace myself fully and wholly

This is my rule number one in life. I am done with what others think of me.

There was a time when I was easily affected by what everyone thought about me.

It mattered to me a great deal so much that it affected my mental peace. I was angry and irritated almost always.

There were too many people in my life and honestly it felt a little crowded.

So when I decided to cut off all negative and toxic people, my life improved like magic.

Today I have fewer people but they are amazing and my strongest pillars of support.

If you relate to this, let me tell you I hear you, I understand you and this is the reason I say this from the bottom of my heart – You don’t need validation from anyone.

Most importantly, why do you need validation from anyone? Embrace yourself and others will follow you.

How many times you were sad because your Instagram likes were few or when someone didn’t compliment you enough or the number of times you altered yourself to fit into a particular group?

Think about it!

If you feel demotivated by what others say maybe it’s time to move away from such people.

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I am motivated and inspired

When you are demotivated remember it’s just a phase, a testing time.

But time changes and it only gets better when you have seen your worse.

So better days are definitely ahead you just have to believe in yourself and inspire to keep going.

It is rightly said life is a roller-coaster so there are good days and bad days.

It is said bad days are important to appreciate good times.

I am making the most of this beautiful day

This simple phrase is so powerful, when you realize its depth.

Every single day brings some new opportunity. It gives you a chance to change yourself.

It gives you the chance to create something new.

When you are bogged down and you find absolutely no motivation to work, repeat this line.

Think about how best you can live this day. What you can do differently today?

You have the power to make each and every day the best day of your life.

Appreciate each day and be grateful you are living.

I am proud of myself

Are you proud of yourself?

Are you proud how far you have come and how much you have achieved? No?

You should reflect where you started and where you stand now.

Think about every milestone you have achieved, how you handled every problem.

Understand your self-worth and give credit to yourself where it’s due.

My life is shaping up beautifully 

I have altered this a bit, the quote was “Everything will shape up,” this is my favourite quote by my favourite author Leo Tolstoy.

This quote is from his book Anna Karenina.

It is an insignificant quote in the book uttered by a supporting character but somehow I found it to be very comforting.

This line has stayed with me and when I am feeling low and not having a good day I repeat this line to myself.

My mistakes only make me better

Everyone makes mistakes and that’s okay.

Take every mistake as a learning curve.  

Your mistakes will make only you better and more experienced.

Instead of brooding over mistakes, accept it and move on.

I am unique

The current world population is over 7 billion and each individual in this world is born with a unique identity.

Isn’t it a reason enough to celebrate?

There is after all no one quite like you in this entire world. Reflect on that extraordinary thought.

I am giving my best at every moment

This self-affirmation is for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by stuff.

Life can be difficult even on normal days. Just remember to keep breathing.

When I feel overwhelmed there is just one thing I do – sleep.

I just take a good long sleep and when I wake up I feel much better.

I am making incredible progress everyday

Setbacks are disappointing but when you quit something due to few setbacks that is more damaging.

Instead of feeling demotivated, work harder.

When you keep progressing despite setbacks, it means you are on the right track and truly motivated to achieve your goals.

I am full of positive energy

Do you get the feeling that some places are so perfect that you never want to leave.

Your life is just like that. All of us attract positive and negative energies.

There are some people you feel so good around them, while there are some who exude a negative vibe.

The kind of energies you attract will make you the kind of person you want to be.

I am bigger than my fears

This affirmation will give you the courage to push ahead and face challenges head-on.

It will help you to get out of your comfort zone, which you totally should.

I am creating an amazing life for myself

You have the power to create an amazing beautiful life for yourself.

A life you absolutely deserve. Most importantly, you can do it, you only have to believe.

Half of your work is done if you only believe in yourself.

21 Affirmations for Motivation and Goal-Setting

I am my biggest cheerleader

Yes darling! You do your thing.

Be your biggest cheerleader and turn that tide.

Even when others don’t root for you, you need to be your strongest support.

It is easy for me to take decisions quickly

There will be instances when others may doubt your decisions but if you feel it in your gut that it’s the right decision you must take it.

Also it could be that not all your decisions may bear the same results and it is perfectly okay.

So don’t regret any decision you make rather think of it as a stepping stone to success.

My risks pay off and advance my business

This is important if you have your own venture.

You must be willing to take risks.

Don’t be afraid when you have to take a path which is riskier.

If you trust your instincts you shall not fail.

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I am confident

Be confident in your skin there is nothing more beautiful than a person who is confident, not over-smart, not arrogance but a calm confidence exuding from your aura.

I will give my 100% and more

Success demands hard-work. So give your 100% and more if you want to be successful.

There are times you will feel like giving up, calling it quits.

But trust in yourself during those times, hold that chin up and move ahead.

I dare to be different

Not many people can dare to be different, be that person who dares, creates an identity and stands apart from the crowd.

I am beautiful

There are so many of us who are never satisfied with the way we look.

We wish we were better, a bit more perfect. But perfection is an illusion.

So say this to yourself every single day until you believe it.

I am filled with abundance

There is an old saying, “complain less and you shall gain.”

Hence concentrate on the good things in your life. Think how fulfilling your life is.

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I am surrounded by love, laughter and positivity

Reflect on all those people who have made a positive impact on your life.

Aren’t you happy to have them?

When you feel demotivated remember those people who made you laugh, who love you.

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Final Thoughts on Self-Affirmations

Hopefully these self-affirmations have pumped you enough to keep the motivation going.

If you wish to practice affirmations properly do download the ebook and repeat these on a daily basis.

Once you get into the habit of practicing affirmations you will see the difference in you.

If you liked this post and want to know more about affirmations, read my post on 70 positive affirmations to get out of a life-rut. It is a more detailed take on how to use affirmations better in every aspect of your life and be fearless


  • Kendra | Self-Care Overload

    I love love love these affirmations! There are a lot of people that really don’t think these work, but I can prove them wrong with plenty of experiences of getting out of bed and not wanting to “adult” then my entire mood changing just by speaking positive affirmations to myself. It really works. Thanks for this!


  • Paige

    It’s amazing to me how much they do work. But it all boils down to feeding our subconscious minds with positive seeds. Then those seeds are planted and we wait for the fruitful harvest. I had read on a blog about doing a daily affirmation with journaling. You were to write a list in a journal every morning and evening of 5-15 affirmations. These are dreams or goals but you had to say them in the present or as if you already had it. The more specific, the better. The other rule is you weren’t allowed to look back at what you had written. Each day was a new page, moving forward. For example: I have a thriving blog with 200,000 subscribers. I tried it for a month and it seems silly but it really effective in helping your mind embrace the possibilities of your dreams. Thanks for the article. — Paige Bainbridge (paigebainbridge.com)

    • Suktara

      Trust me, it seemed so silly to me at first. Like what is happening, what am I doing. But then I just focussed on being positive and this has certainly increased my productivity.Thank you for that thoughtful comment! 🙂

  • Alyssa

    I use weekly affirmations and loved reading this post. I live for positive motivation and inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Suktara

      Thank you so much for reading this. I love to write about personal growth and self-improvement and affirmations are huge part of that.

  • Deborah Kos

    I love the idea of daily affirmations. You have given great motivations to use if you do not have your own or if you want to add some to your affirmations.

  • Susie

    I use mantras and self-affirmations a lot. My favorite is, “You are so good at what you do.” LOL!
    BTW – your share buttons cover up the words on the left side of the screen on my laptop. Hard to read without scrolling up.