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Attract Money & Abundance with 25 Powerful Affirmations

Here 25 money affirmations to attract money and abundance in your life, but if you aren’t familiar with affirmations I kindly request you read this post to have a basic idea

Who doesn’t love a life of wealth and abundance? Each of us are working in our own ways to earn enough money to live a life of relative ease and comfort or be insanely rich.

But many people struggle to make money and are miserable due to a lack of financial stability in their lives.

Do you ever question why this happens? You are working so hard you aren’t earning enough.

The reason is simple the guilt associated with loving money. There are certain limiting or negative beliefs when it comes to money matters.

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Unhealthy attitudes about Money

We have certain unhealthy attitudes or limiting self-beliefs when it comes to earning money.

Such and similar negative beliefs have conditioned us to such an extent that we actually believe we can never be wealthy or may be perhaps we don’t deserve to be wealthy. Consider these familiar statements

I can never earn that much.

This most often occurs when you see people, who in your opinion are undeserving, basking in abundance.

You question the fairness of life and the feeling of jealously just won’t leave your mind even though you won’t admit it.

Money can’t buy happiness.

You don’t have to equate money to happiness. Money is only a means to create a life of abundance.

It’s not money that makes people unhappy rather the greed of earning more money even through unfair means affects their peace of mind.

I will never be rich, I guess I am not that lucky.

This is a common limiting belief when it comes to creating a life of abundance. But whining won’t change your situation.

Many who are successful started with nothing like Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, Richard Branson.

Attract Money & Abundance with 25 Powerful Affirmations

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Take note if you have been affected by similar limiting beliefs.

No one in my family has ever been rich.

My parents didn’t leave me much.

I don’t have enough resources to earn more money.

Nothing will ever work out for me.

Life has always been unfair to me.

I can’t get everything I want in life.

What is needed here is a simple tweak in your mindset to be comfortable with the idea of making more money and worthy of being rich.

This basic hypothesis that you are incapable of earning more money due to your situation or just the possibility that you are plain unlucky becomes your truth and your mind then only focuses on this truth.

Sometimes you may not even realize you are processing such negative thoughts which stop you from reaching your potential.

When you have such a pessimistic mindset how you expect to attract financial abundance in your life. You simply cannot.

In order to improve your mind and thought process towards a more positive direction, learn to ignore any negativity hampering your peace of mind, personal growth as well as your ability to attract money, prosperity and financial abundance in your life.

In short get your mind in the right place to believe in your capabilities and then work towards your goals.

Affirmations for Abundance

1. I release all mental blocks to attract money.

2. The universe constantly provides me with surplus wealth.

3. Money flows to me easily and harmoniously.

4. I am worthy of a life of financial prosperity and abundance.

5. I deserve to be rich.

6. I am comfortable handling large amount of wealth.

7. I am creating multiple income streams.

8Every financial need I have is met.

9.I am attracting wealth and abundance wherever I am.

10. I am a powerfully charged money magnet.

11. My energy is aligned with the energy of wealth.

12. I respect my capabilities to generate money.

13. I proud to be financially independent and successful.

14. I am living a harmonious life of abundance and luxury.

15. My financial prosperity is increasing each moment.

16. Money, peace and prosperity co-exist in my life.

17. I am immensely grateful for this constant flow of money in my life.

18. I the master of my wealth, money serves me.

19. I embrace abundance, it is safe and good for me to be wealthy.

20. I feel immense joy to receive money.

21. I feel immense joy using my money for good of others.

22. The money I invest and spend comes back 10 fold.

23. I am getting new opportunities to increase my money.

24. It is becoming more and more easy for me to earn money.

25. I am grateful for this life of abundance and prosperity.

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Practising Money Affirmations

Now that you have your set of money affirmations use it create a life of abundance and prosperity.

But first remember you have to really believe you are capable of generating wealth and you deserve a life of prosperity.

Even when you are feeling dull and low, repeat these affirmations.

You can practice these affirmations in multiple number ways.

Repeat before a Mirror

Most people practice affirmations in front of a mirror to gain confidence and reinforce their inner belief in their capabilities.

It does seem strange speaking in front of a mirror when you are practicing first but it really helps.

Visualize what you are saying

When repeating affirmations you can use the visualization technique to manifest money.

Imagine you are rich, imagine living in that dream house of yours or living the life you always wanted.

Visualisation technique can be difficult because believing in affirmations at first can be difficult so don’t let your mind conjure any negative thoughts.

Infact I recommend creating a vision board to help with your affirmations.

A vision board is an collection of pictures and words that represent your dream or things you want in life.

Vision boards help you manifesting a life of abundance.

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Journal for Affirmations

A journal can be a good place for noting affirmations. You can use it as per your convenience and keep your thoughts private.

When to practice

The key is to repeat these several times a day.

The best time to repeat affirmations can be after you wake up and before going to bed.

Most people keep their affirmations noted in front of a mirror in their bathrooms or bedrooms so it’s convenient for them to repeat every time they see the list.

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Use Positive language

You can also experiment with the wordings but use only positive words. Negative words like “can’t,” “won’t” or “don’t” are completely avoided in affirmations because positive language is important for your brain.

Whenever you say something your mind creates a mental image. It doesn’t matter to your mind if it’s a positive or a negative statement.

Like when you say “I will not spend more money,” the next thing you know your mind is creating these images of all ways you can possibly spend your money, just try it and observe.

Instead if you say “I am saving more money each day,” your mind will bring up supportive images like a piggy bank.

Use Present tense

The emphasis when using affirmations is on the present moment it is easier that way for your brain to process it, since our brain literally lives moment to moment.

Begin with statements like “I am” or similar. Words indicating past or future do not create the same impact on your brain.

Final Thoughts

Affirmations are not some get rich quick scheme there is a real science behind it. your subconscious mind listens to everything you say.

Positive affirmations give your mind a right direction to move towards a goal. Your mind is powerful, feed it with positive words and watch it grow like a tree with a thousand branches.

Do have some money affirmations you would like to share please do! Always happy to know your thoughts.

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