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Peaceful Mindset: 10 Best Tips to find your Peace of Mind

Do find yourself restless? Your mind anxious and filled with intrusive thoughts; if yes, then this article can help you form a peaceful mindset to have better control over your thoughts, daily stress and anxiety.

A peaceful mindset can be your biggest tool in times of adversity and even when you are irritated with mundane things like waiting in a long queue at the coffee shop.

Inner peace is often associated with yogis or monks, who are devoted to a life of spirituality but even with your busy schedule you can achieve peace of mind by tweaking your lifestyle to include more patience, tolerance and self-love.

Having a quiet mind can help you process emotions well; sharpen the five senses and focus better. In this write-up, we go into more details on advantages of having a peaceful mindset, and how you can find your peace of mind with persistence and self-compassion.

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“Peace is the inner nature of humankind. If you find it within yourself, you will then find it everywhere.”

– Ramana Maharshi

What is a peaceful mindset?

A peaceful mindset is a state of mind that is free from stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. It is a mental state of calmness, tranquility, and serenity that allows one to think and act in a positive and productive manner.

Just imagine for a moment that all your worries, ifs, buts, thoughts about past, present, future both happy and sad one day magically vanish from your mind.

Imagine how peaceful it would be; your mind finally in a state of calm where it is unaffected and independent from all that external stress and buzz. Now who wouldn’t love such a relaxed experience?

Why is a peaceful mindset important?

In this ever-evolving frantic world it is important, practical even to develop a peaceful mindset.

Most of us feel inner peace is possible only when we’ve settled all our problems and or when we are in control of a situation or when we feel secure enough.

But your peace of mind gets tested every single day; as long as you live challenges will impact your life. So in such a scenario you have to rise above your situation and maintain your calm always, irrespective of how tough things are for you.

Benefits of having a peaceful mindset

Peaceful mindset is one of the most valuable assets you can have, especially when you are struggling for it. Here are some health benefits of findng your inner peace.

Better concentration in daily tasks

When you have inner peace you can concentrate better, and be more productive. You can even complete you chores within shorter duration as you mind will be adept at keeping distractions at bay and be focused on the task at hand.

At the end of the day you’ll be ticking off all the boxes in you to-do list.

A clear head in dealing with tough situations

It is easy to be besieged with anger, fear and anxiety when dealing with difficult days or situations but a peaceful mindset will give you the necessary courage and determination to face your situation head on.

It’ll also give you a clear and calm mind to assess your problem from different perspective and possibly come up with an innovative solution.

Having a clear head also causes way less confusion when it comes to taking decisions in life.

Efficiency in managing stress and anxiety

When you have inner peace it will cause you less stress and anxiousness, you’ll find strength to deal with external and internal negativity.

When your mind is at peace, you’ll remain unaffected with other’s opinion about you; you’ll stop getting influenced or agitated by daily situations, especially challenging ones.

Getting good sleep

Many of us suffer from poor sleep because our minds are overworked and stressed. A peaceful mindset calms and slows an overactive mind. It also helps us to cope with from over-thinking and going from one intrusive thought to another, thus making it possible to sleep well.


A peaceful mindset can give you confidence where you feel you can achieve anything. This feeling is important when it comes to accomplishing your ambitions.

When you mentally feel your dreams are totally achievable, you have won half the battle. Your inner confidence is also necessary when you feel low or hopeless.

A feeling of inner bliss

When your mind is at peace you experience a sense of bliss and security. Inner peace allows you to be content and absorb the feelings of serenity and happiness; we are so devoid of these days.

Better relationships

A peaceful mindset can improve your relationship with others. When you are at peace with yourself everything around you will seem better and brighter. It’ll help you to be more optimistic and positive when dealing with others; and as we say we receive the energy we give out, so the more positivity you spread the more you’ll receive.

10 Best Tips to find your Peace of Mind

Practice Forgiveness

When someone treats you unfairly, you’d naturally feel hurt and angry, but holding on to anger or intense hatred towards someone or even yourself will make you bitter and hamper your mental health.

Find your peace of mind by forgiving others who have wronged you, don’t give them the power to make you miserable by going over and over of how they’ve treated you.

More importantly forgive yourself for poor decisions and wrong choices, if you ponder over you past mistakes frequently it will result in a never-ending cycle of self-blame and shame. 

According to one research, adults who practiced forgiveness experienced less stress and mental health problems. So start your journey of forgiveness by:

  • Let go of shame and guilt for past mistakes.
  • Write a forgiving letter to yourself or to others who have hurt you and then burn it.
  • Be kind to yourself by practicing some self-love.

Accept what can’t be controlled

Developing a peaceful mindset means you have to accept that sometimes certain situations will be out of your control.

Like; being stuck in a traffic jam, dealing with an illness or losing a job, there will be challenges that’ll leave you emotionally drained.

But if you worry about your circumstances all the time it will make you hopeless and helpless in facing these unfavorable situations.

Of course you can’t suppress your thoughts and just ignore your problems, so instead accept your situation for what it is and reframe your thoughts in a positive way, like,

— “I know I’m stressed, but I will be okay.”

— “I know this is a tough situation, but I will overcome it.”

— “My life is chaotic right now, but this too shall pass.”

Do some mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the best way to form a peaceful mindset; it helps you glide into a calm state where all your senses are fully aligned in the present moment.

There are various studies citing the benefits of mindfulness meditation. It not only reduces anxiety, stress and over-thinking but also improves emotional intelligence.

You can practice meditation in various forms, like yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises or guided meditation.

There are several popular apps like Calm and Headspace, as well as visual meditative tools like “Breathing Buddha” which help to mediate better.

Do a digital detox

We are forever glued to some form of technology; whether it’s our computer, smartphones, or TV there is no escape from screentime, which unfortunately leads to mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

If technology is adversely affecting your life, it’s time you do a digital detox and claim your peace of mind. 

So each day for a couple of hours especially before sleeping, make sure you keep your phone and other gadgets away from yourself, probably in a different room altogether. 

One study shows that a social media detox resulted in positive mood, reduced anxiety and better sleep.

Here is a 21-day full digital detox you can try today or get a step-by step plan to overcome your phone addiction with this practical help book “How to Break Up with Your Phone.

Turn jealousy into inspiration

Jealousy is a natural emotion. Whenever we see someone more successful than us, we get jealous and attribute their success to sheer luck.

But our jealousy actually harms us more by destroying our peace of mind. Whether a person is lucky or has worked his socks off to be successful is something we can’t know since we are not in their position.

But a powerful negative emotion like jealousy can do wonders for your self-confidence when you turn it into motivation for pursuing your goals.

4 Daily Activities For Peace Of Mind

Enjoy solitude

Develop a peaceful mindset by learning to enjoy solitude, spend some time with yourself each day, it can have an immense positive effect on your mental health.

Some more benefits of being alone are:

  • Deeper sense of contentment
  • Getting to know yourself better
  • Exploring your creativity.

Know your mind through journaling

If you really want to develop a peaceful mindset start journaling, it can really help you in connecting with your emotions, which is necessary to understand how your mind works.

This is particularly beneficial when you are experiencing some sort of inner turmoil. When you put your worries to paper you mind feels lighter and gives you a chance to evaluate your situation objectively.

Here are some journal prompts for beginners you might find useful.

Seek Contentment

You know what destroys the peace of mind the incessant need for wanting more; whether chasing a better lifestyle, wanting validation or the never-ending desire for possessing more materialistic things.

This in no way means you shouldn’t be ambitious but let your ambition be healthy, stop chasing things if you feel you have achieved everything you dreamt of.

Life gives you immense precious moments to celebrate take a moment to appreciate life and be grateful.

Practice self-love

You have to love and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Self-loathing will get you nowhere. The moment you accept yourself as you’ll get your peace of mind. Here are some ways you can practice self-love.

— Pay yourself compliments

— Celebrate small wins

— Get the support when needed.

Final Word on Peaceful Mindset

Our mind is a marvelous thing and our mindset is the most potent tool we possess. A peaceful mindset can make you more resilient in facing emotionally challenging times, and even struggles of daily life. You need to be patient, persistent and kind to yourself when you are seeking your inner peace.

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  • Kathleen Wonders

    This was such an insightful post and I needed this! I am guilty of feeling jealous at times and attributing someone’s success to an external factor like “oh this person already had connections to begin with” or something like that. But yes, we don’t really know that and it would be better to change the envy to inspiration! Also, loved the point about consistency. That’s so true. We have to perservere and keep going in spite of the challenges. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • Josie | The Cheetah Buzz

    This is so helpful! I struggle with being under confident in my abilities especially when it comes to blogging. I am working on shifting my mind to a growth mindset so that I can find new ways to learn and teach myself to be more confident about the work that I put into my blog. Thanks for sharing xxx

  • Rohit Kokane

    Its a very good read and I concur with your thoughts. I believe that self acceptance should be over and above all because it gives shift to mindset in a right way.