7 Positive Mindset shifts
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7 Positive Mindset shifts to Radically Transform your Life

Our inner belief system or mindset is so strong that most times it manifests into our words and action, consequently impacting our lives in a positive or negative manner.

A positive mindset has the power to open your life to amazing opportunities, while a negative one will increasingly make you frustrated in life.

A mindset where you truly believe anything is possible is not as simple to cultivate when most times we accept our limiting self-beliefs as a way of life.

Most of these limiting beliefs come from our bitter life experiences or have been reinforced in us from a very young age.

But how do we break these limiting beliefs? How do we shift from this limiting mindset to a more positive one?

Here are 7 crucial positive mindset shifts that can truly and radically transform your life for better.

7 Life-transforming Positive Mindset Shifts

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1. Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset

We speak of a positive mindset. We need to understand fixed and growth mindset.

We all have experienced both these mindsets at some point of time.

While a fixed mindset will arrest your development, a growth mindset will let you soar to your highest potential.

Most times our fixed mindset eclipses over the growth one and we become victims of our own limited thought process.

Read which of these thought processes you identify with.

Fixed mindset is of two kinds

A) When we are over-confident in our abilities and,

B) When we are under-confident in our abilities.

When you are over-confident in your abilities you stop growing.

You develop an attitude where you feel you know everything; you develop a pride in your talents and abilities.

Like suppose you are a gifted singer, you can either work on your talent by practicing daily or you may think,’ I already sing so well naturally, what’s the need of daily practice?’

Here you are stopping your own growth by assuming that since you are naturally gifted you don’t need to hone your talent.

When you are under-confident you undermine your abilities; you are scared of succeeding.

“I am not good enough.” “ I have no talents whatsoever!”, “I was never anything special.”

Here also you are trapped with your limiting self-beliefs, thus hampering your growth.

Growth Mindset

With a growth mindset even if you are immensely talented you will always find the scope to be better.

Like if you are a gifted dancer you will practice regularly to be better, you will be curious about new dance forms etc.

In other words you will never stop growing.

Even in moments when you are in doubt and questioning your abilities you won’t easily give up.

You will probably think,” Let me try this alternative,” “What if I approached this situation in a different way.”

So a growth mindset allows your mind to explore different directions, understand fresh perspective, which is so important to be successful.

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2. Mindset Shift – Jealousy to Inspiration

A mindset shift you need to start working on today would be turning jealousy into inspiration.

Jealousy is a natural emotion we all experience.

Whenever we see someone more successful than us, we get jealous. We attribute their success to sheer luck.

“She always has had a charmed life,” or “I’ll never be as lucky as him.”

But what we overlook is that our jealousy actually harms us more. It destroys our peace of mind.

Whether a person is lucky or has worked his socks off to be successful is something we don’t know since we are not in their position.

But it is in our control to turn this relentless envy into admiration and inspire ourselves to pursue our dreams.

A powerful negative emotion like jealousy can do wonders for your self-confidence when turned into motivation.

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3. Limited Self-Beliefs to Unlimited Possibilities

Life is full of possibilities but we lack the imagination.

The first step to achieving your dreams is believing that you are capable of achieving them.

Believe in yourself, believe in your capabilities.

Use your imagination to map out your possibilities and then see the magic unfold.

There are so many ways we undermine ourselves. A common example would be our relationship with money.

Like you want to be a millionaire, (don’t we all?) But your mind tells you ‘babe not possible in this life!” you quietly accept it and that becomes your truth.

If not your mind then people or negative life situations may not let you get out of your comfort zone. 

Most of our limiting self-beliefs come from our negative experiences or preconceived perceptions that we aren’t capable.

Break that negative chain of thought.

If your mind tells you “you can’t” answer it back a 1000 times louder “I CAN and I WILL, watch me.”

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4. Positive Mindset Shifts – Thinking to Doing

Do you have a100 interesting thoughts but when it comes to execution procrastination just doesn’t leave you?

We all experience it! Most of your procrastination is caused by fear.

Call it fear of failure, fear of trying new things, fear of taking a risk. But even to fail you have to begin first.

Otherwise your dreams of success will only remain a lofty thought in your head.

If have some interesting ideas I suggest to write them down, then set some goals to turn your ideas into reality.

Begin small, start with something that seems effortless to you.

Dedicate an hour each day in doing that small task and advancing towards your goals, but at least begin.

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7 Positive Mindset shifts to Radically Transform your Life

5. Passion Vs Consistency

Passion get you started but consistency sustains you.

A mindset shift that is grossly overlooked is consistency.

Being consistent with your goals is perhaps most difficult to maintain.

I have seen so many people; specifically I will talk about digital content creators here, since I am one, begin their digital business only to shut down within a year.

There was this massively successful blogger who was an inspiration because she achieved so much being a newbie.

It was amazing to watch her growth, next thing I know she had shut her business within a year of starting it because she was “bored with the blogging scene.”

Till date I wonder where could she have been if she hadn’t stopped.

Boredom and monotony is part of the process.

You may start something passionately but your initial enthusiasm will frizzle out when you have to consistently perform.

You will at times feel stagnant and bored out of your wits, but those are the moments when you need to push yourself a little extra.

This is why maintain your passion but prepare yourself for consistency in the long-run.

6. Self-loathing to Self-acceptance

Self-loathing comes in many forms.

We are rarely happy with the way we look, or dissatisfied with other aspects of our lives like our career and job.

We are constantly chasing perfection – a perfect career, perfect looks, perfect home, perfect life.

It is amazing to strive for perfection but chasing it you are losing out on a lot of simple moments that can make you genuinely happy.

The moment you accept yourself as you are you have the power over your own life.

No one can then make you feel inadequate nor will you care what other think of you.

Self-loathing, feelings of low self-worth, self-pity and unfairly comparing yourself with others will only increase your frustration.

Increase empathy for yourself, be proud of who you are.

It’s a fact we all unique and there’s no one quite like you in this entire world.

Celebrate this amazing fact.

7. Negative assumptions to positive intent

Are assumptions and presumptions taking over your life?

Sometimes we just assume the worst in tough situations, at other times we are quick to judge and dismiss people whom we don’t even know well.

But if you just tweak your thought process a bit you will note every situation teaches you something valuable.

The person you were quick to dismiss is actually quite nice once you give him the benefit of doubt.

Assuming positive intent is difficult in situations when we have a negative perception of someone.

But before drawing conclusion consider is your experience with a person has been consistently negative?

If no then don’t take your negative experience personally.

Everyone is struggling with something you don’t know about.

Also not everyone will like you all the time, there will be misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Don’t be disheartened when you face setbacks or when someone criticizes you.

No, don’t repress your negative feelings, vent out your anger and take all your time.

But at the end of it be thankful for these negative experiences.

Turning these challenging experiences into positive life lessons is something you can always do.

Concluding Thoughts on 7 Positive Mindset shifts to transform your Life

Our mind is a marvelous thing and our mindset is the most potent tool we possess.

If we shift our mind in a positive direction by focusing on our growth, turning our envy into admiration, believing in our capabilities, we would open our lives to infinite possibilities.

If you have read till here a big, big thank you!

Before leaving please don’t forget to grab all the free planners and e-books from the resource library.


  • Kathleen Wonders

    This was such an insightful post and I needed this! I am guilty of feeling jealous at times and attributing someone’s success to an external factor like “oh this person already had connections to begin with” or something like that. But yes, we don’t really know that and it would be better to change the envy to inspiration! Also, loved the point about consistency. That’s so true. We have to perservere and keep going in spite of the challenges. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • Josie | The Cheetah Buzz

    This is so helpful! I struggle with being under confident in my abilities especially when it comes to blogging. I am working on shifting my mind to a growth mindset so that I can find new ways to learn and teach myself to be more confident about the work that I put into my blog. Thanks for sharing xxx

  • Rohit Kokane

    Its a very good read and I concur with your thoughts. I believe that self acceptance should be over and above all because it gives shift to mindset in a right way.