How to deal with Laziness and become Insanely Productive
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19 Efficient Tips to Control Laziness in Daily Life

Have been frustrated with your laziness? At some point we all have. Being lazy is deep down makes us feel guilty of wasting our precious time.

So many of us have berated ourselves for being lazy and promised to be better the next day. But the cycle of sloth is difficult to break, it lures us into being lazy time and again.

Honestly, it takes more than just motivation to overcome laziness. Curbing our lazy tendencies also requires a structured approach. In this post you will find 19 practical tips to overcome laziness in your daily life.

19 Essential Tips to Curb Laziness

19 Efficient Tips to Control Laziness in Daily Life

Sometimes you just want to be lazy and do absolutely nothing. And that’s perfectly normal you can’t be productive 24×7. But if your laziness hampers your progress and potential then it’s a real problem.

How to beat Laziness and be Insanely Productive

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1. Give Yourself a Purpose – Why you don’t want to be Lazy

Until you give yourself a purpose your mind doesn’t get excited enough to work. Ask yourself why you want to stop being lazy? What is it that you want to achieve?

You might not have all the answers at first, so break these questions into some more specifics.

  • 1. Are you a student who wishes to improve his grades but you are too lazy to study?
  • 2. Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to expand the business but is too comfortable with the existing set-up?
  • 3. Do you want an organized life but overwhelmed with the amount of work it involves?
  • The simple solution to these problems is a little push and motivation on your part.

2. Start with small, goals

It often happens that you are all motivated and pumped before a task but after you start it, you realize how huge it is and then give up in frustration.

This is because motivation alone cannot sustain you. James Clear in his book Atomic Habits says when you are forming a habit you have to start small and set smaller goals.

The same rule also applies when you are trying to overcome your laziness. Create small, attainable goals and concentrate on doing one task a day.

Like for example – If you wish to eat healthy begin with one healthy meal a day. If you want to expand your business give yourself 10 minutes a day to brainstorm ideas.

If you are serious about goal-setting, my free resource library has a daily, weekly, and monthly goal planner that you can download for absolutely free.

Besides, there are also several other helpful resources to help you get more organized in life.

All these free resources are at your disposal, do check it out.

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3. Apply the Kaizen Technique To Beat Laziness

The Japanese technique of Kaizen involves making small continuous changes in your life each day to improve yourself and your life condition. These tiny improvements seem effortless but when when you reflect back you can see significant changes in your personality.

The Kaizen Technique Of Working

Suppose you want to be a good writer, these are some ways to can improve your writing skill with the Kaizen Technique.

STEP 1. Start by setting aside 15 minutes each day to focus exclusively on writing.

STEP 2. Write 5 sentences each day.

STEP 3. To help you become a better writer, reserve 10 minutes each day for reading books.

STEP 4. After 7 days increase the reading and writing time by 2 minutes each.

So as you can see you are making small improvements gradually to become a good writer. Try to adopt a similar strategy whenever you feel too lazy to work

4. Vision yourself working

Most often we imagine ourselves successful with an awesome lifestyle with bucket loads of money. In short, the perfect Instagram life!

But how often do you vision yourself working hard to get what you want?

Instead of visualizing that you are super successful, imagine yourself going through that rigmarole to be super successful. 

Visualize yourself working very hard with dedication to achieve that goal.

  • 1. If you are a student visualize yourself reading and revising through the tough chapters.
  • 2. If you are an entrepreneur imagine yourself making an actionable business expansion plan.
  • 3. If you want an organized life visualize yourself clearing your clutter, creating a daily routine, making time for your family, organizing your room, and so on.
  • Some of the most successful people in the world use the power of visualization to manifest their dreams.

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5. Create a to-do list

Take out 5 minutes each day in the evening to write down your to-do list for the next day. It gives you a head-start and your mind a mental clarity.

Don’t overstuff your list, select 1-2 big tasks that you have been putting off and break those tasks further if possible.

6. Self-evaluation at the end of the day

If you are trying to beat laziness it is important to have a system of self-evaluation to note your progress. A very interesting way to do so is through journaling. Put down your thoughts in a journal as to how productive your day had been.

Most believe journaling can only create a better writer out of your, which is true, but it can also make you realize some best things about yourself.

7. Stop trying to be perfect

Often in strive for perfection, a lot of tasks remain unfinished because the interest in that task fades. Sometimes it’s better to get things done than worry about being perfect.

Perfection requires dedication and practice. Strive to be a little perfect each day but don’t put all your efforts in to being perfect in one day and then abandoning a task altogether.

8. Stop Unhealthy Comparisons

Most people get demotivated and suffer from low self-worth when they see their friends or colleagues are doing well in life as compared to them.

Self-doubt is something we all go through but don’t let it stop you from achieving what you want. Turn these negative feelings into inspiration and work on your goals

9. Procrastination and Laziness

Sometimes, we procrastinate on tasks because it seems too daunting, so we choose to keep those tasks until the deadline. At times certain situations may seem too complicated to face and we may put off dealing with these indefinitely.

This fear is a form of escapism that harms your mental peace, since deep down you know someday or other you have to confront it. So face any challenging situation head-on.

10. Start Working Immediately

Whenever you feel particularly lazy in doing something start doing it immediately. Taking the first step is the most difficult thing to do, but just get out of that couch and get going.

Like, suppose you are a student who has to finish an extremely boring chapter, start studying that lesson immediately who knows that chapter might have something interesting.

11. Schedule regular breaks

Sometimes the monotony of a task becomes too much to endure and we end up postponing it indefinitely. Scheduling regular breaks keeps your momentum going and prevents boredom.

Try to follow the Pomodoro Technique of working in short bouts of 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. Use a timer to prevent distraction.

12. Schedule a Lazy time for Yourself

Schedule a time in your daily routine where you designate some time for yourself to be lazy and do anything or nothing. A proper unwinding schedule will allow your body and mind to rest and reset for the next day

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13. Reward yourself

Reward yourself by enticing your mind to break lazy tendencies it could be a nice afternoon siesta, a lovely bubble bath.

Allow yourself some perks to keep the motivation on. Also whenever you achieve a goal celebrate your progress and be proud of yourself.

14. Use Criticism Constructively

When you are being deliberately lazy you will be criticized especially by those who are close to you.

You may also get affected with negative self-talk. But use this criticism and negativity to bring some positive changes in your mindset.

15. Indulge in Some Exercise

If you engage in some sort of exercise preferably in the morning it gives your body a boost to remain active throughout the day. If you cannot do a full body work-out indulge in a 10-minute brisk walk or jog

16. Laziness due to Lifestyle Diseases

Any stress and tension directly impacts your mental health. Sometimes a dip in energy levels is an indication of a serious health issue.

Like diabetic patients feel lethargic and lazy while mental health conditions like depression causes chronic lethargy. If you feel something’s amiss talk to someone or consult a therapist.

17. Laziness is caused by Low Energy Levels

Your food habits like – when you eat, what you eat affects your energy. For example, there are certain food items like banana, almonds or protein-based food items that keep you active.

So concentrate on eating right to maintain your momentum.

18. Sleep Well to keep Yourself Active

Healthy sleep habits are necessary for your body to function properly. Try to maintain consistency in your sleep schedule which means waking up and going to bed at particular times every day.

Focus on maintaining a routine that allows your body to be active and get proper rest.

19. Arrange Things Conveniently

Conveniently arrange things so that it’s easy for you to grab them when you are feeling lazy.

– Like keeping your coffee mug beside your coffee machine.

– Keeping your laundry bag near your bathroom.

– Keeping your remote beside your couch.

– Keeping your shoe-rack near your main door.

Parting Thoughts

Being lazy due to tiredness is different from being persistently lazy. More often than not we are affected by the latter.

As humans, we are born with some lazy tendencies which are difficult to avoid all the time. The trick is to find a balance between being productive and being lazy. 

Hopefully, we all find that balance. Thank you for reading till here before leaving please have a look at these related articles.

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  • Sandra Joseph

    Great topic and tips. I’m learning how to confront my fears and “just do it” when I start feeling lazy. Love how you covered all bases with mental and physical health. A lot of time my feelings of laziness is a reminder that my iron is low so I try to be consistent with eating foods and taking vitamins that will increase it. 🙂

  • Nancy

    I know laziness can get the best of me sometimes. I love these tips – especially with them making the person feel empowered. It is important to know your limits. I agree with taking note of the different components of your health while having a robust routine. Thanks for sharing all of these tips!

    Nancy ♥

    • Suktara

      Laziness can get the best of everybody at some point I think it also helps to know when you are most productive. Thanks for reading!