How to overcome laziness: 11 Best Tips and Hacks

“Make an effort to do the things that you enjoy instead of being lazy about it. Life is worth the hassle. ” – Jen Sincero

How to overcome Laziness

Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins and most of us are guilty of committing it.

Raise your hands if you have been frustrated with your laziness and wondered, “why am I so lazy” or “how do I stop being so lazy?”

So many of us have berated ourselves for being lazy and promised to be better versions starting the next day.

But the cycle of sloth is difficult to break and lures us into being our lazy selves the next day and the next.

So how do we break this cycle of sloth, stop being lazy?

As someone who is constantly looking out for feasible and practical ways to be more productive, I want to to share with you guys 11 tips to overcome laziness and get your work done.

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How to overcome laziness and get work done

Ask you want to stop being lazy what is it that you want to achieve. Until you give yourself a purpose your mind doesn’t get excited enough to work.

  • Are you a student who wishes to improve the grades but you are too lazy to study.
  • Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to expand the business but is too comfortable with the existing set-up.
  • Are you someone who generally wants a organized life but is overwhelmed with the amount of work it involves.
  • Are you someone who wishes to lose some weight but finds no motivation.

If you observe closely in all these scenarios there are different forms of laziness but the solution always is one and simple for everyone – a little push and motivation on your part to get going.

Vision yourself working

Most often we imagine ourselves successful with an awesome lifestyle, bucket loads of money and not to forget the expensive exotic vacations.

In short the perfect Instagram life! But how often do you vision yourself working hard to get what you want.

So instead of imagining the end goal visualize yourself working very hard with dedication to achieve that goal.

  • If you are a student imagine yourself studying, creating deadlines for yourself, reading and revising your syllabus, going through the tough chapters.
  • If you are an entrepreneur imagine yourself making an actionable business expansion plan, weighing in the risk options and discussing it with your team.
  • If you want an organized life imagine yourself working through the problem areas like stream-lining your daily routine, making time for your family, organizing your room etc.
  • If you want to lose weight imagine yourself sweating out at a gym, lifting weights, jogging through a park, or eating healthy food.

Research shows that strong visualization can give you enough impetus to get off the mark.

But here the difference is instead of visualizing that you are super successful imagine yourself going through that rigmarole to be super successful.

How to overcome laziness

Confront your fear

Laziness is also caused by fear to deal with things.

Sometimes life seems too overwhelming or some things and situations involve too much effort or may seem to complicated to face.

At other times we may keep a task undone until deadline.

This fear of working is nothing but a silly mental block, a form of escapism that creates more harm to your peace of mind. Deep down you know someday or other you have to confront it.

So accept your situation and face it head on.

Try this simple trick

Whenever you feel particularly lazy in doing something start doing it immediately.

Like suppose you are a student who has to finish an extremely boring chapter, start studying that lesson immediately who knows that chapter might actually hold something very interesting.

How much is too much

Now you are all motivated and pumped up but as you start a task you realize how huge it is and then give up in frustration.

It’s always better to have an action plan and create small attainable goals, for yourself. This always works for me and perhaps one of the best ways to overcome laziness.

If you look at it your are not exerting yourself too much but also working towards your goal in a planned manner.

Here I must mention the Japanese technique of Kaizen. This cool technique to beat laziness involves you making small positive changes in your life each day thus making continuous improvements and realizing your potential.

Suppose you want to be a good writer

  • STEP 1. Start by setting aside 15 minutes each day when you focus exclusively on your writing.
  • STEP 2. Write 5 sentences each day.
  • STEP 3. Reserve 10 minutes each day for reading that will help you to become a better writer.
  • STEP 4. After 7 days increase reading and writing time by 2 minutes each.

So as you can see you are making small improvements gradually to become a good writer.

Try to adopt a similar strategy whenever you feel too lazy to work.

Setting your personal benchmarks would help you to overcome laziness and get your tasks completed.

No negativity

When you feel demotivated to work it’s easy to get affected with any negative self-talk or any criticism you may hear from others.

Staying away from negativity and focusing on your strengths is so important when you are being deliberately lazy despite knowing it is affecting your life adversely.

  • Stop comparisions: Comparing yourself with someone who is better off than you is not healthy. Yes, sometimes people may inspire you to be better but ultimately your life and circumstances are very different from others. Unnecessary comparisons will only demotivate you.
  • Stop trying to be perfect: Sometimes getting things done is better than being perfect. Often in the strive for perfection a lot of tasks remain unfinished because the interest in that task fades.


How to prevent laziness in daily life

how to overcome laziness

Take note of your health

Our physical and mental health also affects our energy levels.

  • Physical health: Research shows that if you engage in some sort of activity preferably in the early morning it gives your body a boost to remain active throughout the day.
  • Mental health: Similarly any stress and tension directly impacts your energy levels and your eagerness to work. Give your mental health as much importance as physical health.
  • Other Health issues: Sometimes a dip in energy levels is an indication of a serious health issue. Those suffering from diabetes have a tendency of feeling lethargic and lazy. Similarly feeling lazy and unmotivated is a very common symptom of depression.
  • Food Habits: There are certain food items which help you in maintaining higher energy levels like banana and almonds. Also food items like fish and chicken that are high on proteins also increase your energy levels.
  • Sleep Habits: Maintaining healthy sleep habits is necessary for your body to function properly. Inadequate sleep hampers your energy levels increasing lazy tendencies.

Creating convenient routine

Most of us have some inherent lazy tendencies and honestly it’s not possible to be productive all the time. So focus on maintaining a routine that works for you while allowing your body to be active and get proper rest.

By customising things I mean arranging things in a convenient way so that it’s easy for you to grab them when you are feeling lazy. 

  • Like keeping your coffee mug besides your coffee machine.
  • Keeping you laundry bag near your bathroom.
  • Keeping your remote besides your couch.
  • Keeping your shoe-rack near your main door.

So as per your home or office design you can find a way of arranging things in a convenient manner so as to save you time and energy.

Parting Thoughts

The fact is being lazy due to tiredness is different from being persistently lazy.

More often than not we are affected by the latter. It’s okay to be lazy at times and as humans we are born with some lazy tendencies which are difficult to avoid all the time.

But the cycle of sloth shouldn’t affect your daily life. If it does its not very good for your mental health and confidence.

The trick is to find a balance between being productive and being lazy.

Hopefully we all find that balance and hopefully you guys liked this blog post if you did please leave your thoughts below! Always happy to know your thoughts.

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