12 Morning routine ideas

16 Productive Morning Routine Ideas to Make your Life Easier

As the saying goes, morning shows the day. But many people find mornings unbearably hectic where they hardly get time to catch a breath. This is why it is crucial to create a productive morning routine to help you to set tone for rest of the day.

Most successful people aim for an elaborate morning routine to recharge mentally before plunging into work. Mornings are sacred and peaceful which allows your brain to focus easily and organize your thoughts.

Setting a productive morning routine may seem like a daunting task, but it be can one life-changing habit if know what to things incorporate to help you in functioning better.

Here are some productive morning routine ideas to give a seamless flow to your day. This is quite a huge list and you don’t have to do everything mentioned here; pick activities that will positively impact your life.

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Productive Morning Routine Ideas

12 Productive Morning Routine Ideas for a glorious day

1. Wake Up at a Fixed Time

Whether you wake-up at 5 am or 7 am, maintain a fixed time for waking up. It would help you in setting a routine that works for you.

I usually wake-up at around 6 am and thereafter there is a set of things that I do, like sipping some lukewarm water, a bit of deep breathing and so on, these little things help me in setting a rhythm for the entire day.

If you don’t have a fixed time for waking up, think at what time you’d like to wake up ideally. If waking up early at 5 am will make your life better, then gradually make changes in your lifestyle to get up at 5 am.

Like I wake up 6 am now but, till a few months ago I used to get up at 7 am, when I decided to wake up an hour earlier for better productivity I started sleeping an hour earlier, or having an early dinner. 

So first decided your ideal waking up time and then be consistent with it.

2. Wake Up naturally, Without an Alarm Clock

“How’s is even possible,” in case, you are wondering (and I know you are), let me tell you waking up naturally can be the best thing you can do for your mood.

Try to wake up without the alarm clock; I know people who place at least four alarm clocks. Just imagine four alarms clocks going simultaneously or after one another, just thinking about it makes my mood cranky.

I have stopped using alarms clocks a few years ago and it actually makes me less groggy in the morning.

“Okay, genius, no need to brag! Now tell me how to wake up without the alarm clock.”

So to answer your question, to wake up naturally you have to pay attention to your sleep habits. Doctors say that most adults required at least 7-8 hours of sleep to feel fresh.

So don’t waste your beauty sleep by scrounging the internet or binge watching your favorite show late at night. Go to sleep at a particular time so your body gets its adequate amount of sleep. 

Also if you are trying to wake up early getting a light therapy alarm clock or sunrise alarm clock, can just do the trick. These gadgets mimic natural sunlight and wake you up naturally. 

3. Make your bed

One of the most productive thing to include in your morning routine is to organize your bed. Your bed is the most noticeable object in your room, where unfortunately most things get dumped.

Organizing your bed in the morning will give your personal space a neat and tidy look. It will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

The second benefit is that it makes you focused at your work especially if you are working from home.

4. Open the Curtains let some Sunlight in

Bask in some morning sunlight and embrace the new day. The morning sun has vitamin D which is essential for your body. Also natural light is important for mental health too it improves your mood and energy levels.

The morning sunlight helps the brain to produce serotonin, an important hormone that helps in maintaining our emotions and energy levels.

Open your home to some natural daylight and see your energy levels soar.

5. Drink water

Begin your day with drinking some lukewarm water. When we wake up our body is low on sugar and dehydrated.

So you need to feed your body with water and preferably some healthy foods like nuts. Some benefits of drinking water in the morning includes a supple skin, better digestion, prevents premature formation of wrinkles.

My morning routine is incomplete without drinking from a copper water bottle and then munching on 7-8 overnight soaked almonds, which help me to overcome my morning hunger pangs.

According to Ayurveda, copper tumbler or a vessel purifies water naturally by killing all microorganisms like bacteria or fungi that may be present in the liquid.

Drinking water from copper bottle is also known to regulate your thyroid gland and blood pressure levels.

Those suffering from hypertension and anemia are often advised to drink water from a copper tumbler.

Copper Water Bottle

5. Stretch and Exercise

Some physical activity in the morning will keep your body active throughout the day. From simple walking and jogging to yoga, Pilates, HIIT work-outs there are many options.

Exercising in the morning for 30-45 minutes gives your body an adrenaline rush and fully energizes it. 

Even if you are pressed for time, just a few stretches for 10 minutes can up your energy levels. Try some stretching yoga poses, especially Surya Namaskar, it is a complete exercise form and amazing for your body’s flexibility.

 Here is a video for beginners.

6. How to Begin Meditating in the Morning

If exercising in the morning is not your cup of tea, then try some relaxing meditation. To begin mediating, you can start with slow deep breathing for 5 minutes daily and gradually extend it.

Meditating for 15-20 minutes is compulsory in my morning routine, since I have mild ADHD, it helps me to calm down.

I also practice chanting “Aum”. “The word “Aum” is considered sacred in Hindu philosophy and chanting it is believed to calm your mind and fill your body with positive energy.

Spiritual experts say, chanting of these 3 syllables ‘Aum’ (aaa+uuu+mmm) initiates positive vibrations in 3 parts of your body.

When chanting AAA: You will feel vibration in gut, navel and abdominal areas.

When chanting UUU: There will be vibrations in your chest area.

When chanting MMM: There will be vibrations in your throat. Finally the sound and the accompanying breath are released through your mouth and nose.

If you’re a lot stressed at the moment you can try chanting a few minutes of “Aum” everyday or do some deep breathing. For those seeking an extensive knowledge of meditation these guided meditation CDs are a good place to begin

7. Set intentions for the day

Intention setting for the day includes planning your day and pumping some positive energy before you begin the day. If find yourself wondering, “What shall I do today?” it’s time you use the peaceful morning time for some self-reflection and set your daily goals. It will give you a purpose for each day, and when your day is filled with purpose you’d have less time for distractions and negativity.

A) Affirmations

Practicing daily reminders or affirmations will reinforce your self-belief and confidence and a confident person is capable of anything. If you find yourself struggling with your self-worth saying positive affirmations will help you to love yourself a little more.

Now here is my post with over 70 self-affirmations you can try whenever you feel down and out.

B) Visualization

Visualizing your goals can give you the motivation to achieve them. When you repeatedly visualize your end goal, you get serious about achieving them.

One of the better ways to do this is by creating a vision board, where you post images and inspirational quotes and view them regularly for manifestation.

C) Make/Go over your to-list

Intention setting for the day doesn’t get more practical than this. A daily task list or a do-to list reflects what you intend to accomplish in a day.

It also curbs any unnecessary memory slips and gives your brain clarity on how to go about tasks.

There are tons of ways you can create your list, like giving priority to most important task or completing things you’ve been neglecting for a while.

Create a list based on what works for you but be careful of not overcrowding it with tasks. From personal experience, I feel to-do list should be limited to 3 tasks at most, starting with most important task of the day.

Ideally the best thing would be to create your list the previous night so the next morning you can just go over it.

Heads Up!

My resource library has a daily planner which would be perfect to plan your daily activities. It’s absolutely free to download along with it there are other productive resources up for grabs.

daily and weekly planner


8. Expressing Gratitude

Start your day on a positive note by expressing some gratitude. Saying “thank you” or reflecting on your life’s experiences does a lot to calm down your stress and anxiety.

Practicing gratitude through journaling is an amazing idea. You write down your blessings and whenever you feel low just glance at it and you will get some inner strength.

9. Pay attention your hygiene

When you start your day clean and fresh it improves your mood as well. Brushing your teeth, cleaning your face, showering, putting on fresh clothes is all part of your daily hygiene and important for your health too.

I love my morning showers also I live in a humid climate so it is anyways a default activity in my morning routine. Showering in the morning keeps your body fresh and water soothes your skin and nerves.

10. Breakfast

There many who don’t have time for breakfast, since they wake up and rush to work, but your glucose levels are low when you get up so you need a good hearty breakfast to boost your energy.

Finish your breakfast prep the previous night, so that you have time to peacefully enjoy your breakfast. Like if you love a banana smoothie, ensure that the ingredients are already on the bench so you don’t waste time searching for things.

Here are some tasty breakfast recipes which are surprisingly easy to prepare during busy mornings.

11. Don’t use your phone 30 minutes after waking up

Don’t reach for your phone as soon as you wake up. Let your eyes adjust to the natural light rather than the blue light emitting from the phone.

Waking up to natural light will ensure your body is mentally adjusted to its circadian rhythm, which means it knows that now its daylight so it’s time to be active. 

So check your phone after 30 minutes, when your body is fully awake and adjusted to the natural daylight.

12. Read a book

A healthy and productive habit to include in your morning routine is reading, especially books related to personal growth.

Use the morning time for some self-reflection and if you are looking ways to improve yourself start by reading some good personal growth books that actually impacts your life.

Since we are on the topic of healthy morning routine, a particular book – The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod comes to mind. This book lays out some select strategies on how you can set yourself up for success before 8:00 am every day.

13. Listen to a motivating podcast

Listening to podcast in the morning can be a great way to motivate you, podcasts amazing educational tools and are easily accessible too. Experts from various fields share their knowledge with you in a simple, effortless manner, so basically it’s a masterclass for free.

14. Tune into Some Groovy Music

Listening to good music can uplift you mood in the morning and you to get going. Listen to something that will get you out of bed and make you groove.

Also be wise with your choice of music choose some upbeat music that makes you happy. If you choose to listen to some depressing song just when you’re about to start the day it may affect your mood too.

15. Reflect on your thoughts

The mornings are sacred and peaceful, use this quiet time to reflect on your thoughts, observe what is going on in your mind. Sit still for 5 minutes daily and observe the nature outside. Take it all in for you begin the daily grind.

16. Smile Precious

This morning routine list would be incomplete with this simple activity. As they say, a smile costs nothing, so smile at you worries, at your reflection in mirror, at the neighbor’s pet and may be the neighbor too.

Just smile 🙂

Final thoughts on Productive Morning Routine

No doubt mornings can be challenging sometimes, this why you need some sort of a road map in form of a productive morning routine to navigate through your chores smoothly.

The ideas mentioned in this article will help you to shape your mornings in a way that works for you. Again this is long list so choose activities that align with your idea of self-improvement.

Hope you enjoyed this write-up and big thank you for reading till here. Before leaving please have a look at these similar articles on personal growth.

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