Tap into you feminine energy and awaken your inner goddess
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How to Tap into your Feminine Energy and awaken your Inner Goddess

Yin and yang, masculine and feminine, sun and the moon… What is the common factor between these elements? All these represent the opposite forces of nature.

But each cannot do without the other, they are halves of a whole; they complete each other.

There has to be equilibrium between these elements to maintain the balance of nature.

Speaking of humans, all of us have inherent masculine and feminine energies.

Your masculine side is driven by power, aggression, ambition and warmth while your feminine energy consists of softness, sensual feelings, comfort, coolness, beauty, luxury and so on.

For a healthy life it is important to balance both these energies.

This post will is about how to tap into your divine feminine energy, why you need to activate your feminine energy and how you can do it.  

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Why you need To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy?

Your feminine energy has always been a part of you it is a potent tool to heal you, provide you with tremendous inner strength.

Women are givers, when we receive love we return it manifold. Qualities like love, compassion, and tenderness are present in us.

This instinctive ability to love and receive love is somewhere connected within the natural maternal instinct of being a woman; we go through our cycles, procreate, nourish and nurture those close to us.

But it would be wrong to state that just by the virtue of being a woman you have more feminine energy.

As mentioned earlier in the article all humans have an inborn masculine and feminine energy.

You have may have noticed some people, irrespective of their gender, are more sensitive in their nature while some may display a more aggressive attitude.

But typically men are encouraged to be masculine. Phrases like ‘be a man’, ‘toughen up’; ‘boys don’t cry’ are oft-repeated for men to hone their masculinity.

As for women it is assumed they would naturally be more feminine for example like things that are aesthetically pleasing or not laughing out loud and so on.

Every society has gender stereotypes and anyone who deviates from that is a curious case. But there are people now breaking these set rules and taking a non-binary status.

How to Tap into your Feminine Energy

How To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

A Context on how misbalance of masculine and feminine energies in women began

In the old and chiefly patriarchal world, women mainly assumed the role of home-makers while man were bread-winners. As time progressed woman began to foray into men’s world and demanded equal respect.

Back in the 80’s when feminist movement entered a crucial phase there was too much pressure on women to adorn power suits and exude a loud, boisterous confidence to make their mark in a world dominated by patriarchal rules.

But this was necessary at a time when women women had to struggle real hard in order to make their voices heard.

But… the downside for women was that in order to succeed they had to be more like men.

Terms like, ‘it’s a man’s world’ or ‘think like a man’ pushed women to be as ambitious and driven.

In this drive to prove “we are no less than men”, feminine qualities of women were overshadowed by their masculine energy.

Women were advised to be tough, crying was considered a sign of weakness, someone being too feminine was considered stupid.

In this process women were overworked as they tried to balance both home and work-life, which caused a lot of exhaustion, bitterness and anger.

Their masculine energy was on an overdrive to achieve their goals but there was little time for their feminine energy to allow their bodies to rest and heal.

Misconceptions about Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy is Weak

Feminine energy is about being in touch with your emotions and expressing it but unfortunately it is seen as a sign of weakness.

But emotions don’t make you weak, they make you human. It is necessary to let out your emotions so that you create deeper connections, feel things and create an impact.

Being Feminine is being Girly and Loving Pink

This is such a stereotypical assumption, but being feminine energy goes beyond being girly and loving pink. It is about warmth, sensuality, resilience, strength, gentleness, beauty. It is about understanding who you really are at your core.

Feminine Energy is Naturally for Women

Both masculine and feminine energies are present in all humans. But when people deny their true energies or attempt to repress it, which creates problems.

Book Recommendation to Understand Your Feminine Energy Better

To have a better grasp of your feminine energy read this excellent book by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ – Women Who Run with the Wolves. This book is for women who have struggled all their lives due to the pre-tailored expectations of their families, and society.

Book Recommendation to Understand Your Feminine Energy Better

How to activate your feminine energy? And wake-up your Inner Goddess.

Connect with the Earth

Mother earth as we call it is the strongest from of divine feminine energy. Earth nurtures life, wherever we are we are connected to earth; our roots are firmly on the ground.

So one in a while embrace your feminine side by getting outdoors to observe your surroundings and be grateful to the ground beneath your feet.

I find the best way to do this during mornings when everything is fresh and quiet but it doesn’t matter when you go outdoors, you can enjoy a lovely walk during a full moon if you wish.

Here are some helpful tips you can follow to get more connected to the earth.

1. Try walking barefoot on grass, feel the coolness of the ground and close your eyes. This technique is also great for lowing hypertension. Touch the earth with your bare hands and observe how it feels.

2. Do some star-gazing at night by lying on the ground; take a walk during full moon.

3. Soak some sunlight, breathe deeply and take it all in.

4. Walk on a beach and feel the waves touching your feet, build some sand castles too.

Note the vibrations you feel during these activities. Do you feel calm and content? Do you feel energized?

Activate your Root Chakra

Activate your root chakra to radiate feminine energy

There are 7 chakras in human body and the first one or the foundation is root chakra.

Activating all your chakras will have an immense positive effect on your mental health and overall life. There are different methods for each one.

But here I am speaking only about the root chakra because it is feminine in nature and strongly connected to earth.

The root chakra, located at the tailbone or base of your spine is symbolized by color red.

It helps to connect our mind, body and soul with the earth; it gives us a feeling of being close with the energy of the earth.

When your root chakra is balanced you will experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

You will feel a renewed sense of self-confidence and security in your life. Your conversations with others will be more interactive and engaging.

1. Sit on the ground with a straight posture, close your eyes and inhale deeply and let the air out through your mouth.

2. Bring all your attention to the tailbone and picture a red light glowing and getting brighter in that area.

3. Feel the sensation of being warm, comfortable and relax your body. Notice if you feel any tightness in that area, and if you do it is perfectly normal for beginners.

3. Do this mental exercise for 5 minutes in a day.

Work on your Confidence

Your feminine energy provides a lot of scope to increase your confidence.

Everytime you dare to be different and choose an off-beaten path you boost your confidence by overcoming your fears and insecurities.

Cultivate a warm personality where people find you approachable, greet people with a smile, be graceful in your gestures and movement, be an attentive listener.

These simple things can improve your confidence a lot. Below is a helpful post on how you transform your personality with class and confidence.



Go Dancing

Dancing is such a graceful and powerful activity. It free-flowing like the wind and gets you more connected to the soul.

Dance as you like, let your body move as it wishes to. You don’t have to be an actual dancer. Allow your body to be as wild, as sensual, and as playful as it pleases. Move as if the whole world is yours.

Close your eyes, put on some music, and note how your body feels. Try to be in harmony with yourself.

Such free flowing movements will not only help you feel more feminine but also manage that stress. After each such dance session observe how you feel.

Do you feel powerful?

Do you feel light and free?

Do you feel rejuvenated?

Relax in the Aroma of Essential Oils

There are certain aromas which are connected with the divine feminine energy.

Essentials oils like eucalyptus and sandalwood bring out those natural earthly fragrances, signifying healing and compassion while lavender and rosehip oil fragrances are associated with sensuality, passion and eroticism.

Rub some essential oils in your pressure points like back of your neck and shoulders to let go of stress. Get an oil diffuser to relax in the aroma of essential oils.

Use this set of essential oils along with an aromatherapy diffuser to relax on your stressful days.

Be Spontaneous To Break the Monotony

Surprise yourself by being spontaneous and break the monotony of daily routine. Our feminine energy is about embracing our wild side by being spontaneous and fun. 

When you break away from your set routine you open the scope for self-discovery, you learn to trust your intuition, you are more alert of your senses and you are more observant of your surroundings.

Here are some ways you can be spontaneous in your daily life.

– Take a detour from your usual route when you are returning from work.

– Visit a new café.

– Go for an impromptu road trip.

– Take a solo trip or with your girlfriends.

– Change your regular dressing and hair style.

Rest your Body and Mind

While masculine energy is all about thinking strategically, working hard and powering your ambition, your feminine energy is about resting and energizing your body.

Your body need proper rest and sleep for your mental faculties to function properly.

When you deprive your body of rest, by way of skipping meals, not getting adequate sleep, the stress levels in your body builds up and affects your mood making you irritable and angry.

It also increases your lethargy and negatively impacts your attention levels by making you unmindful.

Don’t undermine the importance of rest. Here are some tips you can follow:

– Have a proper unwinding evening routine.

– Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day.

– Don’t skip your meals or rush through them.


Practice some mindful activity

Patience, resilience and creativity are some important aspects of feminine energy. When you engage in any mindful activity, you learn to be more patient with yourself.

Activities like strolling amidst nature or observing nature will have a calming effect on you while activities like coloring, painting, crocheting, and writing with help you in discovering your creative side.

Indulge Without Judging Yourself

A woman enjoying her indulgences by eating a chocolate

Stop judging yourself and give in to your indulgence once in a while. These days we are so image conscious of how we look, how much we weigh it creates an added pressure on our already stressful lives.

So allow yourself to be happy sometimes without fear of judgments. If that means laughing out loud do it without thinking how unladylike that is. If putting a bright red lipstick makes you feel powerful wear it with pride.

When you indulge in something, you permit yourself the ability to experience pleasure, which an important part of a feminine energy as it releases, your pent-up stress. 

So whether enjoying an ice-cream, sex, or adventure rides do so without feeling guilty.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

Feminine energy is also about beauty, style, elegance and luxury. Now you don’t have to adorn yourself with all the riches of the world or buy tons of materialistic things.

Luxury also means appreciating finer details of life, by improving your taste in arts, by visiting art galleries, theaters, operas and museums or marveling at the prose of a beautiful poetry.

Improve your taste in arts like visiting art galleries, theaters, operas, museums or marveling at the prose of a beautiful poetry.

Also dress up for yourself sometimes, if you have some lovely piece of jewelry wear it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not gold or pearls. It could be a lovely piece of metal jewelry and make you feel like a queen.

If wearing pinks, floral patterns and flowers makes you feel feminine own that! If enjoying a glass of wine in the bath tub makes you feel like the ultimate women do it.

Heal Yourself by Surrendering

Your feminine energy is not just about having soft tender feelings all the time. It is also about being resilience and cultivating the mental strength to combat any adversity.

Whatever faith you believe in surrender yourself to it and know you’ve it in you to overcome challenges.

Respect yourself and your feelings, if you are feeling emotional it’s okay to cry. You don’t have to be tough all the time. Most of us don’t get the time to process our emotions because we are impatient to move on.

Let go of people who are no longer physically in your life, let go of painful memories. Your bad experiences are your best teachers, don’t see them as personal setbacks.

Stop controlling Things

Our overworked masculine energy can cause us to be a control freak at times which increases our anger and irritability.

If you’re frequently getting angry or irritated then there are problem areas you need to identify. You might be overworked, stressed or experiencing an emotional issue.

Crystals like moonstone are good in lowering your anger levels while keep lavender scathes under pillow during bedtime can lower your stress.

Also understand you cannot control everyone and everything all the time. Learn when to stop arguing with people because you are only harming your good energy.

Is our Feminine Energy Suppressed?

In an age where your success is measured by how hard you hustle and earn, yes, our natural feminine vibe is not activated to its full extent. Until recently this form of women empowerment driven by ambition was applauded.

However, there has been some welcome changes in this thought process, where women are lifting each other, accepting their vulnerabilities and asking for a gender-sensitive work environment.

Here are some ways you too can contribute towards this change.

Respecting individual choice

It is seen that women homemakers still don’t receive the same respect as career driven men and women or probably a house husband.

I guess we all could do with respecting individual choices. A woman who manages homes deserves as much respect as working men and women or a male prefers to stay home.

If you prefer to be a homemaker respect yourself, raising a family is no joke, while if you are a working women treat your home-maker peers with equal respect.

Advocate for a gender-sensitive work culture

Our workplace rules were set by men long before women joined the workforce, but working women have abided by these rules for decades and are still adhering to those.

But it’s amazing to witness gradual changes which cater to gender sensitivity at workplace, for eg, companies like Zomato giving women 10 annual paid period leaves.

Similarly, if you have an opportunity to contribute towards a gender–sensitive work environment please utilize it.

Your male counterparts might not be aware of the issues women face at work and if you get a chance to educate them about it please do.

Support other Women

Since most of us women are upholders of the patriarchal expectation we are often pitted against one another.

Women should nurtured with love and be given the confidence from their childhood to grow into capable and strong individuals.

It’s a treat to watch woman supporting women and complementing and admiring each other. So whenever you get the chance lift the other women in your life with love and encouragement.

Concluding thoughts

Your feminine energy is powerful and vast like an ocean and it is present within you. Through love and compassion and your inner strength you’ll be able to tap into your feminine energy and awaken your inner goddess.

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