8 golden rules to be a classy lady-oh well yes

8 Golden Rules to be a Classy and Confident Lady

A classy and confident lady is a thing to behold. She evokes your love and respect in equal measure.

You may say, what’s the big deal about being classy and confident?

Dress elegantly put on some make-up and there you are transformed into a high-class woman.

Wish it were that easy. A classy lady who is confident in her skin is not just defined by her outer appearance.

She has some intrinsic values like love, empathy, resilience etc. which may seem very basic at first. However, we all love and admire those who possess these qualities.

If you are struggling with your self-worth the tips shared here will unlock your potential to be a high-class lady who wears her confidence like a crown.

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How to be a Classy and Confident Lady

You know some women; you are instantly in love in with them.

They have equal amount of warmth and elegance.

These women have an inspiring personality.

You kind of instantly connect to them, even if you haven’t met them ever.

A lady who displays class and confidence lady has a pleasant personality. She evokes respect as well as love.

Here are 8 qualities you should focus on.

A High-Class Woman is Self-Assured

When you are confident about yourself negativity can never drown you.

A classy lady is secure in herself. She loves herself as she is confident in her skin.

She is not bothered by petty things, like jealousy or negativity.

She doesn’t pay heed to hearsay and is focused on her well-being, aspirations and goals.

How can you be more self-assured?

First, we have to understand, we are what we attract.

Before you impress others; you need to accept yourself as a woman who is amazing.

We are often engulfed by negative thoughts that are self-sabotaging.

But if you are pessimist about life that is what you’ll attract.

Stop putting yourself down with unhelpful thoughts like,

“I am unlucky”

“I’ll never make it in life”

“No one loves me”

Instead counter this negative mindset by practicing some positive affirmations like,

“I am beautiful.”

“I am surrounded by love.”

“Good opportunities are unfolding magically.”

Chanting positive affirmation has changed my life in more positive ways than I can imagine.

I would really urge you to start giving yourself some pep-talk in form of positive affirmations.

Please feel free to read my extensive post on self-affirmations.

A Classy Lady has Confident Body Language

When you are confident in yourself it shows in your gesture and posture.

A lady who is classy and confident will exude the same in her body language.

It doesn’t mean she is uptight rather she carries herself elegantly.

These are some critical body postures which will go a long way in improving your attitude.

She Pays Attention to Her Posture

Don’t slouch when you are sitting or standing.

It makes you look sloppy and you won’t be taken seriously.

Always walk and sit straight with your back erect and chin up.

If you have a slouching problem, don’t worry it’s very common, even I had it, get a posture corrector.

A posture corrector will stop you from hunching your back.

She Maintains Steady Eye-Contact

During a conversation it’s important to make eye-contact,

It shows that you are interested in the conversation.

Hold your eye-contact with the other person for some seconds before it breaking off.

A simple trick to maintain steady eye-contact is to practice before the mirror and speak as if you were meeting someone. Hold your gaze for 5 seconds before breaking off.

She is an Attentive Listener

A real lady is a patient and emphatic listener.

During any conversation remember to nod your head at times.

Use conversation fillers like, “I see”, “okay” etc, it means you are actually listening to the other person.

It also shows a certain level of respect you give to them.

And put that phone down. Checking your phone frequently during a conversation is plain rude.

If you absolutely must attend to your phone excuse yourself after apologizing.

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She is Gracious in her Behavior

Call me old-fashioned but I firmly believe some basic good manners add so much grace to your personality.

A classy lady always finds a kind compliment for those she meets.

Greetings like, ‘kindly’, ‘please’, ‘hello and ‘thank you’ can actually make someone’s day.

Similarly greeting someone with a smile makes you a lot more approachable and attractive.

Remember smile is confidence.

Basic Etiquettes to be a Classy Woman

Responding to invitations promptly.

Helping others without being asked and not bragging about it later.

Sending thank you messages when someone helps or when you are hosted by someone.

Addressing  someone as “sir” or “mam” if you don’t know that person or haven’t been introduced.

Arriving at a party with food or flowers or wine or perhaps a small gift for your host.

She Works Extra on Her Appearance

The truth is looking presentable matters.

It helps in creating that first impression on people.

Like it or not but first impressions are crucial sometimes like for eg, a job interview.

You don’t want to look under confident for a job interview right?

An elegant woman knows how to dress tastefully.

She goes an extra step to create her own distinct style.

As they say “the devil is in the details.”

A woman of refined taste pays attention to minute details.

She aims for a more polished look.

For instance, if you are wearing a dress; accessorizing it with a chic bracelet would elevate your look so much.

That fitted jeans look greats but wearing it with mid-sized heels would add a bit more finesse.

Taking time to plan your overall look will lift your personality.

It will help you in gaining confidence to create your own style.

Also whenever you step out make sure you smell amazing.

Yes, even while grocery shopping.

Wear a nice perfume that has a subtle fragrance.

A Confident Lady Treats People with Respect

A classy lady commands respect because she treats people with respect.

You can do so by starting to acknowledge people in your life.

Say a ‘thank you’ to anyone who has helped you even in the minutest way.

It could be a colleague or a mail delivery man or a mall staff.

Secondly, when you meet someone, don’t make the conversation about you.

Lend a patient ear to the other person.

Call people by their first names.

Remembering and calling people by their first names creates an instant connection.

She is Dignified in Any Situation

A classy lady has the emotional maturity to deal with issues.

She conducts herself with dignity.

Of course it doesn’t mean you should suppress emotions or be a people-pleaser.

When you are upset find healthy ways to vent out emotions.

Don’t go on a drinking spree and then get totally sloshed in public.

Or be so vindictive that it burns you out.

I am not saying don’t retaliate when people take advantage of you.

If someone is unnecessarily mean or rude, respond with some sass and elegance.

Put healthy boundaries with people who are toxic.

She Dislikes Gossip

The urge to gossip can be so tempting but don’t indulge in it.

Of course you can’t stop everyone from gossiping.

But if you are part of a conversation which is mostly gossips, excuse yourself or remain silent.

Gossiping bring forth your negative emotions like jealousy and insecurity.

As a classy lady you don’t want to be a part of that.

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She Knows Her Table Manners

There are some elementary table etiquettes which everyone should know irrespective of their gender.

Here are some listed below.

Don’t talk loudly at the dinner table or when you chew your food.

Not only it’s a put-off but also a serious health hazard; you might choke on your food.

If possible, compliment your host or chef who has prepared the meal.

Eat your food slowly; let all your senses fully enjoy the food.

Sip your water don’t gulp.

Also elbows off the table.

If you are at a formal dining event and have to use gazillion knives, spoons and forks, remember to eat with the cutlery laid on the outside and work your way in with each course.  

Here is a super helpful video by The Distilled Man on Basic Dining Etiquette. Watch it.

She Values Time

A real lady values her time as well as others.

If you have to go somewhere, aim to reach at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment.

Arriving in hurry as you struggle to catch a breath is not cool. 

However, in case, you are running late let the other person know, but don’t make it a habit.

If you are bad at time-management try to invest some time in daily or weekly planning.

She is Curious About Things

Knowledge is power

A classy lady is curious about things; she is well-read and is interested in worldly affairs.

Being well aware can certainly help you in creating impression on people.

Try to incorporate a daily reading habit in your routine or maybe listen to a podcast.

It’s a huge stress buster plus you can learn so many things.

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Finally, a classy and confident woman is beautiful and powerful.

If you aspire to be one start by believing in yourself; aim to create your own distinct identity.

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