Beauty Tips and Hacks for Busy Ladies
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11 Tips and Hacks for Super Busy Women

Don’t you wish there was some sort of a magic wand or an Aladdin’s lamp to help glide through the busy mornings? I know I do, but that’s wishful thinking.

Mornings are nightmarish for most women a list of never ending to-do things grips you as soon as you are out of bed.  You are almost always pressed for time to get dressed and often just rush out of home to reach office in time.

Since this blog is all about providing feasible solutions, in this blog post I will share some of my tips and hacks to help you combat the morning rush.

Most of these hacks are really simple take, take minimum effort and save you a ton of that precious time. Dig in to read and know 11 Tips and Hacks for Super Busy Women.

Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

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Beauty tips for busy women

Spoon for puffed eyes

This is a super useful trick for anyone who has puffy eyes in the morning. People who are not used getting up in the morning or did not get good sleep often wake up with puffed eyes.

Puffy eyes are simply a result of swelling of eye muscles. To soothe those tiring eye muscles just place a cold spoon over your closed eyes for 5 minutes. Coolness of the metal will provide relief to swollen muscles and reduce puffiness.

11 Tips and Hacks for Super Busy Women

Alternatively, placing cucumber or ice bag also works fine. But since this is the busy morning hour placing the spoon would be much easier.

The second tip which is also quite popular makes your eyes really pop-up. Apply a thin line of nude or white kohl liner to your tear-line and then draw the black liner. Your eyes will look more awake.

Another trick is to draw the concealer in an inverted pyramid way just beneath your eyes to hide any puffiness. I really recommend using Veil Cosmetics Complexion Fix Concealer, it’s free of parabens, and blends effortlessly with the skin. Also you can put it directly on your face without using foundation. So it saves a lot of hassle.

You could apply an eye-cream and then use the concealer, blend it well with a brush it would help in reducing puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Pro Tip: Ideally your concealer should be two shades lighter than your skin tone for it to merge evenly with the skin.

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BB and CC creams

These creams are totally worth the hype and boon for busy ladies. BB stands for ‘beauty balm’ while CC is for ‘colour correcting’.

Both  are all-in-one skincare products containing formulas of a foundation, moisturiser, sunscreen, primer, anti-ageing ingredients.

When you are totally pressed for time you can skip the whole foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen routine and instead apply these beauty potions on your face and you are good to go.

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CC creams are lighter in texture than BB creams hence these are more suited to oily skin while BB creams are good for dry skin. Choose one according to your skin type. Since I have a combination skin I mostly prefer to use CC cream by Olay.

So all I do is apply the CC cream, put some kohl in my eyes and some lip balm by or a lip colour, preferably nude or orange shade.

Nail Colour Hack

These are two simple hacks when you want your nail color to dry instantly. First, you can use your hair dryer to blow dry your nail colour.

Second, you can dip your fresh colored nails in a bowl of cold water which preferably has ice cubes in it. For the nail colour to dry completely keep your nails dipped inside the bowl for a minute or two.

Pro-Tip: The second method is a bit more elaborate than the first and if you are super busy and in a real hurry I suggest use the hair dryer instead.

11 Tips and Hacks for Super Busy Women
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Rosewater spray

Rosewater is a great toner and cleanser. When your face feels tired even after several splashes of water you can spray some rosewater on your face to bring in some freshness.

If you have traces of make-up left on your face from the previous night mix some rosewater with coconut oil to remove make-up naturally.

Your moisturizer will last longer if you mix it with some rosewater.

It is also known for its make-up setting properties, which means if you sprinkle some rosewater and dab it gently on your face it will not remove your make-up and but help it to set better.

So during a busy workday when face feels dull and tired spray some rosewater on your face to feel fresh.

11 Tips and Hacks for Super Busy Women
Rose Water Spray.

Rosewater is quite easy to make. In fact you can make your own rosewater at home either by boiling or distillation.

How to make Rose Water by Boiling Method

1.Take some 4 to 5 roses and remove the petels.

2. Heat water in a pan or bowl

3. Immerse the petels when the water starts to simmer

4. When the petels start to lose the colour, turn of the gas.

5. Let the water cool down fully before you pour it in a jar or a bottle

6. You can keep this water in the refrigerator for upto a month

While I knew about the boiling method I recently discovered about distillationIt’s actually pretty easy and you can store the rose-water for a longer duration for up to 6 months at a stretch.

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T-shirt to dry hair

If have curly hair like I have, you could try the T-shirt hair drying hack. After the hair wash wrap an old cotton t-shirt around you hair.

Gently pat the hair so that the T-shirt soaks up excess water, you can then plop the hair for 15 minutes.

This method reduces frizziness, retains natural curls and keeps hair moisture intact. 

Why is this method effective? The fabric of the T-shirt is softer than that of the towel, which prevents frizz in hair while retaining natural oil and moisture.

I stumbled upon this lifesaver of a tip in Google while searching for ways to quickly dry curly hair in a natural way.

I am not a huge fan of blow drying because it makes my hair rough.

On the other hand I found the T-shirt is softer on my hair. It soaks up most water and although my hair not fully dry it is not dripping wet either.

It remains pretty manageable throughout the day.

11 Tips and Hacks for Super Busy Women

Convenient spot for things

Since I have this deep-rooted morning laziness, I have created this system of keeping my things at a specific spot where it is easier for me to fetch it when I am in hurry during most mornings. 

Like I keep my toothbrush besides my bed table so it is easier for me to grab it in the morning.

Similarly there is a designated spot for my handbag, phone, keys, coffee mug, lunchbox (in case, I am carrying my lunch) etc.

The idea is to keep things organised in a way that is most convenient for me to fetch it ASAP. Let’s call it ‘keeping things within comfortable reach’.

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A clutter-free dressing table

I cannot tell you the number of times I have frantically searched for that one hair band, clip or bobby pin at my dressing table among a crowd of cosmetic products I don’t even use.

I bought most of these products on a whim (guilty!) used for some time and then kept aside. 

The clutter that ensued as a result just drove me nuts during the morning rush hour.

However, these days I am trying to adopt a more clutter-free lifestyle so I make an effort to keep only essential things at my dressing table.

Plan your attire beforehand 

This is possibly the most useful time-saving tip and it will save you a ton of hassle in the morning.

For me, this was one tough habit to form. You see I belonged to the breed of “I don’t have enough clothes” and every morning I use to waste precious moments frantically searching for that one decent dress.

Ultimately I ended by spending so much time searching for my clothes that I didn’t have time to eat my breakfast as a result I skipped the most important meal of the day quite regularly.

The health problems that it caused me would need a new post altogether.

Parting Thoughts

So those were my 11 tips and hacks for super busy women, to help them glide through the morning rush. Hope you found the post useful enough.

If you did, do share your thoughts in the comment section. What does your morning look like? Do you have some additional tips to share with us? Do tell!

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