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30 Bright Summer Nail Designs to Sparkle Your Day

Going for you summer time manicure? Get inspired with my complete list of bright summer nail designs. No, seriously, you will love the bold colors and creativity in these nails.

These bright and funky nail designs are collected from the best nail trends of summer and if you are feeling the creative vibes get down to recreate these beautiful nail designs.

Experiment as much as you want and give your own twist to our cute tropical fruits and floral nail art. You will have no lack of ideas with these bright nail colors.

So without wasting even a minute quickly take a look at 30 bright summer nail designs.

30 Bright Nails Designs For Summer

Tropical Leaves Nail Design

Image Via

This white nail becomes more interesting with green palm tree details while these yellow nails with ferns is all things cute, just the perfect nail design for summer.

Creative Nail Designs For Summer

Bright Summer Nail Designs - Creative
Image Via Pinterest
Bright Summer Nail Designs - Creative Butterflu
Image Via Pinterest

The detailing and creativity in these summer nails everything. Picture 1 is a nail art design with light pink shade and black acrylic with silver bead accents with picture 2 is bright yellow hue with black acrylic. Both these nail designs have been finished off with a clear white polish to preserve it from the heat and the water.

Ice-Cream Drip Nail Art

Bright Summer Nail Designs - Ice-cream drip
Image Credit: @Buffed Nails Via Instagram
Bright Summer Nail Designs - Multicolored
Image Credit All About Nails

Summer is definitely incomplete without ice-cream so eat plenty of it and put some in the nail as well. These nail designs have my heart with their drippy style, no wonder it’s so popular.

Flame Nail Design

Summer Nails - Flame Design
Image @Lexlacquers

Are you feeling the summer heat with these flames? I certainly am! Creating flames is one best summer nail art trends and it looks so cool.

Negative Space Nail Art

Bright Summer nails - Negative Space

Image Credit: @kimkimnails via Instagram

I just love the bright yellow color and the creativity involved in creating the negative heart space.

Geometric Nail Pattern

Bright Summer Nails - Geometric Pattern

Again one of the all time popular nail trends, the geometric nail pattern looks so classy with subtle peach and black detailing.

Fruit Swirls Nail Design

Bright Summer Nail Art
Image Credit: @nailchark 

Fruit salad swirls are one best nail art designs this summer, it’s bright, colorful and so fruity.

3D Nails Art

Summer Nail Art - 3D Designs
Image Via Pinterest
Summmer Nail Art - 3D designs

Image Credit: @Lelikserkova

Look at those nails all colorful with the perfect summery nail colors, don’t you fall in love these stunning bright summer nail designs.

Tropical Summer Fruit Nails

Image Credit: @Oksana_Bogomolova

Image Credit: @stormilahuillier

Bright Summer Nail Art

Image Via Pinterest

Paint some lemons on your nails as a reminder to refresh yourself when the heat gets to you. Along with lemons don’t forget to try these utterly cute strawberry nail designs; honestly they’re so cute I might just gobble my fingers.

Floral Nails Designs

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

The summer nail design list would be incomplete without florals. Have fun with these these charming floral nail art depicting daises.

Bright Blue Nail Colors

Image Credit:

Image Via Pinterest

The blue hues in nail art will bring in the coolness. The design in the first image is of water being splashing all over the nails while the second depicts the trendy check blocks.

Creative Pastel and Pink Nails Designs

Image Credit: @ricekittynails

Image Via Pinterest

Image Credit: @MEJZI

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I definitely love a few flamingos on the nails or maybe a few flowers and leaves in here and there, filling the rest of the space with a lovely shade of pink. 

Ombre Nail Art

Image Credit: @dndang

Image Credit: Vogue Studio

Image Credit: The Gel Bottle

The beautiful dreamcatcher nail art will remind you of a summer dream, while creating some palm trees on your nails would be the apt celebration of the summer spirit, that being said the ombre technique is an all time favorite for summer nail designs. To recreate these styles make sure your nails are done in ombre technique.

Coffin Nails

Image Via Pinterest

Coffin nails will never go out of fashion and guess what they are in vogue this season too, these lilac coffin nails are so stylish and great to go with any outfit.

Marble Matt Nail Look

Image Via Sumococo

A classy and chic marble pattern on your nail looks so elegant, along with the matt purple and greyish hues.

Reverse French Manicure

Image Credit: Tigerfang

If you like classic more you can go for this simple but gorgeous reverse French manicure. Oval nails are are also great for everyday as these are practical if you are commuting to work.

Shell Nails For Summer

Image Credit @nailnest via Instagram

Saved the best for the last, shell nail designs look so eye-catching and cool. Do you hear the sea waves and feel the beach? With its simplicity and fresh appeal I certainly think this is the best of summer nail art.

That’s it for the list of Bright Summer Nail designs!

Hopefully you enjoyed our list which of these designs would you try first?

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