Shimmering Golden Nail Art That Look So Chic
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20 Shimmering Golden Nail Art That Look So Chic!

Winter season and to be more particular holidays are the best time to jazz up your creative side. With too many festivities lined up one after another you have so many opportunities to flaunt your personal style with trendy house décor, food, grooming and not to forget some cool seasonal nails.

This post brings you the best of shimmering golden nail art that look chic and scream elegance while giving you and your nails the distinction of being unique in a crowd.

These chic golden nail art are so edgy and sparkly that you’ll forget all about the gloomy winter weather. So without waiting any further let’s see these 20 shimmering golden nail art which are perfect for your holidays and the winter season.

Shimmering Golden Nail Art

These chic golden nail art ideas give you a chance to make a statement at various social events during the holiday season. Keep these nail designs for inspiration when you next go to the salon for manicure or create your own version if you are more into the DIY style.

Golden leopard print and nude nails
Courtesy: Pro Nails_Polska

For the longest time, leopard nail art has been a popular style in nail designs, and if the design is as elegant as the one above any lady would love to adorn this style on her fingers. These nude oval nails with golden leopard prints are a class apart!

Shimmering golden nails
Courtesy: Pro Nails_Polska

Golden and nude pink is a combo you cannot beat, add some lovely nail studs to this and you have a nail design that is so timeless.

Gold foil and Black nails
Courtesy: Matuszewska

Black and gold nails can give an amazing contrast that looks so classy. It’s also quite the edgy nail look that stands apart with its versatility; opt for a sparking outfit to flaunt these nails better.

Shimmering Golden and Red Nail Art

Matte Shimmer nail art with snowflake pattern

Matte burgundy nails with snowflake and glitters and rhinestones to add that touch of brilliance, well it looks stunning.

Glossy red nails with snowflake pattern

The shiny red shiny color with ribbons, snowflakes patterns on white nails could it get any more Christmassy?

Red and green nails with shimmer and accent

This red and green matte combo nail art has all the colors of Christmas that we love along with snowflake patterns and that beautiful accent.


With all this beautiful rhinestone detailing and glitter the holidays would truly be shimmering this year.

Courtesy: Matuszewska

I think we can all agree the cute little heat is the centerpiece of this nail design accompanied with a healthy dose of glitter and a glossy red hue.

Red and white nail art

Okay this is not the typical glittery and sparkly nail design, but you have to agree this too cute to not have a special place in the list, and may I add that this is the cutest reindeer and Santa nail art.

Courtesy: Matuszewska

Paint your nails this holiday season in some glossy red wine color with golden glitter detailing, and voila! you have the perfect shimmering nail art for Christmas.

Shimmering Pink Pastel nails

Courtesy: Marci Pazur
Courtesy: Marci Pazur

Who says pink is only for spring? Make your holiday perfect by coloring your nails in various shades of pink. Since its such a refreshing color add some sparkly decorations in gold to bring in the chic factor.

Apply golden flakes at the middle of your nails or gold glitters at the base or try with the shimmer only on your nail tips, any style would be beautiful with the color pink.

Golden and Green Nail Art

Courtesy: Karwaszewka Indigo

Paint your nails with some khaki and nude colors that signify the fall and winter mood. Amp up your nail art with gold accents and embellishments to make a truly unique nail art that can elevate any holiday look.  

Courtesy: Karwaszewska Indigo

Give a new twist to your nails this Christmas with this emerald green hue and style it up in golden glitters. Your accent nails have never looked more unique.

Shimmering Nail Designs In Different Colors

Image Taken From Pinterest

Frosty Silver: Knitted nail patterns with frosty silver color looks so chic, also the accents on the ring finger and snowflakes has made this nail art just right for the winter season.

Image Taken From Pinterest

Classic Black: Black is always so classy and this particular nail art with oval nail shape is my favorite in the list, it is so refined and subtle you almost miss the glitter and rhinestone among the dominating black.

Image Credit: @_MEJZI

Subtle Nude Brown: When in doubt go for earthly hues like this nude brownish hue, which completely capture the fall and holiday excitement, add some glitter to the mix and you have a nail design, you can’t take your eyes off.

Image Credit: @nailsbyswaz

Cranberry colored nails: A beautifully unique nail design with a shimmering and glittering cranberry color. Doesn’t this remind of the Christmas tree décor?

Image Credit: @so_nailicious

Bright Blue: Blue Christmas? With this bright blue color and contrasting snowflakes patterns I say why not!

Lastly that’s the end of this list, hoped you liked the nail designs here, so which sparkly shimmery nail design are you excited to try this holiday?

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