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How To Glow-Up: Glow Up Challenge 2023 to look and feel like an Absolute Goddess

Do feel like hitting a reset button to transform and look like an absolute goddess? What if I said that you could start that today with a glow up challenge!

Social Media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok have sooo much content on glow up challenge like how to glow up, get a glowing skin, glow up in a month, week, day etc etc.

But besides physical transformation a glow up challenge can also deeply impact all aspects of your life. You can have a glow-up at any point of your life; when you decide to pamper yourself with some self-care and self-love.

This article has some super helpful tips to cover various aspects of this glow-up challenge and get you started for a life reset in 15 days.

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Glow Up Challenge: Glow Up in 15 Days

So what exactly is a Glow-Up Challenge? A glow-up challenge is taking out some exclusive time for yourself to undergo a makeover in terms of your appearance, personal life, emotional health and any other aspect which needs attention.

I love the 15-day time-frame for such a challenge. Every year I specifically take out time to have a bit of reorganization in my life. This 15-day process does a lot to calm me down and start afresh.

I clear everything that doesn’t serve a purpose, do some self pampering, and take a break from work to just chill. Please feel free to extend the 15-day period for this glow up challenge, especially if it includes major life changes.

How to Glow-Up… What does it even mean?

Okay so think of glow up as being your inner renovation, where you are in good place mentally and physically.

The discussion on glow-up is mostly centered on skincare, which is of course important. But, if you are miserable from within that stress will show on your skin in some way.

So in this glow-up challenge, you’ll also focus both on pampering your skin and feeling good internally. Now let’s get glowing!

How to Glow Up Your Skin and Body

Taking care of your skin can help you, to get rid of any build-up tension in your muscles. It will also give you a glowing skin instantly. Here some steps you need include in your beauty regime do continue this skincare routine even after completing this glow-up challenge.

Cleaning your face through facial steaming

Dust and stress makes your skin dull, so let’s get rid of the muck with some deep facial cleansing. I actually prefer 2 methods and both would give you an instant glow. 

Facial steaming cleans your skin by opening up pores to expose all build-up dirt.

Cover your head with a towel for some seconds over a face steamer or a bowl of hot water to let the steam absorb into the facial skin cells. After that dab your face with a damp cloth very gently, to take out all the dirt and grime.

Since steaming is not at all time consuming, it is great for busy ladies and you can limit the process to once a week.

TIP: Don’t use the steaming process if you have a dry skin.

Cleansing with Exfoliation

Exfoliation keeps your skin supple and soft by removing the dead skin cells and any flakiness. Use gentle exfoliating products, containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid that won’t dry out your skin.

For me I swear by the magic of glycolic acid. It a natural exfoliant and it is generally recommended for all skin types, unless you have very sensitive or very dry skin.

I have stuck to Paula’s Choice Gel Exfoliant for some time now. It has both glycolic acid and salicylic acid; and has reduced my facial dullness and pigmentation so much.

For dry or sensitive skin use this natural DIY exfoliation method. Mix 2 tablespoon each of gramflour and yoghurt. Message your skin with this mixture gently for 15 minutes before washing, you’ll notice a much clearer skin instantly.

TIP: Exfoliating your face once a week is enough.

TIP 2: Use different exfoliation products for body and face, as facial skin is more sensitive than rest of your body.

How to Glow Up Your Face With Oil Massages

Facial oils massages are sooo good to get that glowing, baby-smooth skin. I use jajoba oil once a week for a 20-minute face massage.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, clean your face with natural oils as unlike exfoliation and steaming natural oils won’t dry out your skin.

Get a natural oil for your skin-type to massage your face in circular motion for 20 minutes. Use a warm damp cloth to clean the dirt.

A young women cleaning her face for some glow

A Guide on Using Oils Based on Your Skin-Type

For Dry Skin: Coconut Oil / Marula Oil

For Oily Skin: Jojoba Oil / Tea Tree Oil / Marula Oil/ Rosehip Oil

For Acne Prone Skin: Rosehip Oil / Tea Tree Oil / Squalane Oil

For Normal Skin:  Squalane Oil / Jojoba Oil

For Combination Skin: Marula Oil / Argan Oil

TIP: Use facial and body oil massage once a week to revitalize skin cells.

Use Face Masks to De-stress

Stress causes pre-mature finelines in your forehead around the eyes and mouth. Using facemasks once a week can keep your skin hydrated and calm the stress.

I love DIY facemasks and here are some of my most trusted skincare hacks from the kitchen. But my absolute favorite the DIY coffee and turmeric face mask.

Mix 1 tablespoon each of instant or ground coffee, turmeric powder and yogurt (yes that simple!). Spread this evenly across the face, including under the eyes. Wash it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water.

This easy DIY mask gives you a glowing skin due anti-inflammatory properties present in caffeine and antioxidants in turmeric that nourish the skin.

Facial sheets also could be a great addition to your regular skincare. They keep your skin hydrated while maintaining the elasticity. Plus they are super affordable. I love Korean facesheets and Dermal Korea Collagen Essence is most definitely my favorite.

Moisturize Your Skin

After cleansing and facials, moisturize your skin thoroughly to lock in the nourishment. Infact for the next 15-days in this glow up challenge make it a rule to apply moisturizer, like your life depends on it.

Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer for skin pores to remain unclogged; this is especially important if you have oily skin. I use a gel-based moisturizer by Neutrogena and I would it recommend highly for all skin types. It is oil-free, non-alcoholic and so light-weight.

Never go out without a sunscreen

Ultra Violet (UV) rays can do some serious damage to your skin, so apply your sunscreen religiously before going outdoors. Wear a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Since my skin can get pretty sensitive, I use EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen with SPF 46.

TIP: If possible get your skin tested for sun-sensitivity.

Learn Make-Up

If there’s one skill I’d recommend learning in this 15-day glow up challenge it’s about learning some basic make-up skills. Make-up can highlight your features and elevate your overall look. Here’s a very helpful beginner’s video on applying make- up by Eman.

In addition, make a serious effort in knowing your skin type and investing in products that suit your skin. Before purchasing inspect the ingredients in your skincare products and avoid products with parabens and artificial fragrances.

Glow Up Challenge: More facial glow up

Clean your teeth

A smile is the best accessory you can have, as a part of your glow up make sure that your oral health which includes your teeth, gums and tongue are in good health. Start with these simple steps:

1. Brush twice a day, 30 minutes after waking up and 30 minutes after dinner.

2. Floss your teeth at night.

3. If your teeth have some stubborn stains use whitening strips or this DIY teeth scrub recipe by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, brush your teeth with the mixture. But don’t use it more than 2 times a week.

4. Use the method of oil pulling for healthy gums and teeth.

How to Glow Up those Nails

Manicured feet, hands, nails and toenails

Pamper your nails and cuticles in this 15-day glow up challenge with some home manicure and pedicure or may visit a salon for better professional care.

Dry cuticles and unkempt nails are also a sign of stress so get a good hand cream as well a footcream to ensure both your hands and feet are adequately moisturized. Here are some colorful nail colors to get your nails glowing.

Shape Up Your Eyebrows

Giving your eyebrows a good shape can glow up your entire face. Here’s a guide on choosing right eye-brow as per your face shape. Also since bushier eyebrows are in trend, gain some volume on your brows by heating some castor oil, to lessen its density, and mix it with almond oil. Apply this on your eyebrows before sleeping and wash it next day. Do this for a month and see the difference.

If your eyebrows are too thin and you need some volume instantly, use a pencil or shadow but make sure it is two shades lighter than your brow color. Lastly, brush your brows regularly to prevent dust, flaky skin and to promote better blood circulation. Here are some more tips for fuller eyelashes.

Lip care with DIY Scrub and Balm

Image of lips with DIY lip scrub applied on it

We all love pretty luscious lips so it’s only wise that you scrub your lips at least once in 15 days and moisturize it daily.

Use a natural lip scrub by mixing a few sugar grains and some honey and lemon juice and massage it on your lips in circular motion gently for 10 minutes. Apply a lip balm after washing. This lip scrub works wonders for flaky and dry lips.

Glow Up Challenge: Tame the Messy Hair

A woman showing her lustrous hair for glow up challenge

The way you style your hair creates a massive effect on your overall look. Here are some ways to improve your appearance by some quick tweaks in your hairstyle.

Get A New Hair Cut

A new haircut is definitely something you can try in this glow up challenge. Get inspired with new haircut ideas or the one you always wanted to try but were skeptical. Get haircut recommendations from your hair stylist based on your face shape.

Trim Those Nasty Split Ends

If you’re not ready yet to cut those Rapunzel tresses just trim the annoying split ends to promote hair growth. Ideally your split ends should be trimmed every 3 – 4 months. Keep that in mind when you visit the salon next.

Glow Up With Some Hair Color

If you want to make big massive difference to your appearance, dye your hair with some vibrant colors. If this is daunting for you, go natural hues which will still make your hair look healthier and shinier.

Style Your Hair Differently

Don’t wish to do any of these things, no problem! you can always try new hairstyles like wearing bandana or parting your hair differently and so on. There are literally millions of ideas floating around.

How To Glow Up Damaged Hair

Dull, damaged or frizzy hair is something most of us can relate. Sun, dust, hairstyling tools, chemicals in hair products makes your hair brittle. So this glow up challenge is the best way to develop a hair care routine.

Scalp Scrub

Just like your skin pores, your hair follicles get clogged too, using a scalp scrub can exfoliate the dead skin cells, dirt and extra oil from your scalp and nourish it.

PreShampoo Scalp Scrub by Yes To Tea Tree is a gentle scalp scrub and must-have for itchy scalps.

After this wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair. Like in my case WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Hair Conditioner has improved my hair volume so much that I’ve been using it for the longest time.

Oil Your Scalp

Hate applying oil to your scalp yippee! Me too, but even then I get a hot oil massage with almond oil twice a month because just like skin, scalp too needs moisture.

I prefer almond oil as it is light in texture which perfect for my oily scalp. I usually apply overnight before sleeping and wash it next day. If you have dry scalp use coconut or sesame oil for scalp massages.

Hair Mask

The perfect hair mask can glow your damaged hair in no time. Although I love DIY hair masks, I have got Olaplex Hair Perfector after read its glorious reviews. You can feel the difference in your hair texture just after one application.

Glow Up Challenge: How To Glow Up Your Body

Increase Your Water Intake

Strawberry Lemonade Sangria


Whether you want to a smooth, supple skin or a more energetic body, drink up that water baby and drink loads of it. Water keeps you hydrated by flushing out toxins from your body and even helps with weight. Here are some creative ways to consume water throughout the day.

1. Sip Instead of drinking the water.

2. Get cute water bottle and keep it near you.

3. Drink fruit infused water like lemonade.

4. Set water drinking alarms throughout the day in your smartwatch.

Workout! (Not just to Look Slim)

Workout is so much more than just weight loss. It improves your metabolism, keeps you active, helps you focus better on work and even reduces daily stress. Here are some tips to make working out creative

1. Workout just 4-3 times a week, if you find exercise boring or when you are just beginning.

2. Do 10 minutes of workout, when starting out and increase the duration gradually. As your body gets glowing with regular workouts you will see a positive difference in your attitude.

3. Find an exercise you enjoy,like I love yoga because it’s calms my anxiety.  

4. Sleep Well: Help your body to rest and recharge by not compromising your sleep time. Binge watching your favourite show can wait until tomorrow.

Glow Up with a Wholesome Diet

Create a wholesome diet consisting of vitamins, proteins, carbs and necessary fibers so your body gets all the nourishments that it needs. Here are some tips.

1. Create a balanced diet with the healthy eating plate guide, by filling half of the plate with veggies and fruits and remaining half with grains such as rice or quinoa and proteins like poultry, fish and nuts.

2. Avoid processed sugar and cheese, present in certain food items like aerated drinks and junk foods, as it spikes blood sugar, harms your teeth and kills good gut bacteria.

3. Identify certain superfoods to include in your meals like almond which boosts the memory, lean proteins for muscle-building, bananas which are rich in iron, or flaxseeds which are rich in Omega 3.

Maintain Your Personal Hygiene

There are certain basic everyday things when it comes to personal hygiene, I’m sure most of you already follow these, if not it’s about time.

1. Bathe regularly, and you if can’t during winters, make sure you at least change your clothes daily and clean your face, armpits and private areas with water. 

2. Scrub your entire body, at least once a week here is an amazing DIY scrub recipe. There are so many areas where dust accumulates, you won’t even realize like belly buttons, back of your ears, elbows and knees.

3. Use a natural perfume or a deodorant like Native Deodorant which is free of parabens and harsh chemicals and still leaves you smelling like vanilla.  

Create Your Own Dressing Style

Finding your style and wearing clothes that add to your personality can change your look and confidence. Here are some basic things you can do.

Do A Closet Audit: Notice what are your favorite items in the closet? Think why these particular items, both clothes and accessories, make you happy. Is there a pattern in these items?

Find Some Inspiration: Look for inspiration among friends and family or a celebrity whose style you’ve always admired. Do some research on fashion bloggers, blogs and videos to discover how to mix and match different items.

Don’t follow trends blindly: If you want your style to be evergreen, pick items which are timeless, like satin dress or an A-line dress with spaghetti straps, a nice trench coat, denim jacket, a leather tote and so on.

Wear Tailored Clothes: Tailored clothes look polished and feel comfortable. You don’t want to wear dresses that don’t fit you right or makes you look awkward.

Keep it Simple: Choose a color that makes you feel confident, something that goes well with the other pieces in your closet. Even you are accessorizing choose items that accentuate you overall look.

Glow Up Challenge: Glow Up Your Life

A glow up challenge is incomplete without glowing up your mind. Here are some areas you can improve to have a better control over your life.

Focus On Your Happiness

Focus on Happiness: What makes you happy? What brings an instant smile in your face is it reading a good book, star-gazing at night, or enjoying a good meal in your favorite spot? Do some happy things in this glow up challenge, which are only about pure happiness.

Create a buzzword: A buzzword, like a motivating quote or positive affirmations can help you when you need some inspiration or positivity.

Work on Your Confidence: Being confident of who you are is so wonderful, it means you are fearless in your attitude and you are sure of your actions. When you display confidence you earn the respect and admiration of those around you. Here are some ways you can be classy and confident.

Glow Up Challenge: Glow up Your Finances

A woman checking her finances

When your finances get glowing, you get glowing. So use this glow up challenge to organize your finances in a better way. Here are some basic steps to help you.

1. Give yourself 1 or 2 broad yearly financial goals and then break those down to monthly and weekly goals, like saving a certain amount every month.

2. Track your daily expenses with an expense tracker (it so worth it). Get the free expense tracker from my resource library.

3. Make a limit for your personal expenses (and that includes impulsive buying too.)

4. Invest before you spend, I live by this rule.

Built a No Toxic Zone

Promise yourself that in this 15-day glow up challenge you won’t be in contact with people who are constantly putting you down. Trust me, because I really mean it you don’t need validation from ANYONE!

Instead use this time to regain your mental peace, by complimenting yourself each day, focus on what you want in life and create some goals, don’t berate yourself for past mistakes, remember you’re trying everyday and it’s time you are kind to yourself. Also stop thinking people are judging you. Most people are more interested in how you perceive them.

Glow up with Detoxing and Declutter

A full-fledged declutter session freshens your mind and gets rid of things that have served their purpose. Undertake a deep-cleaning session of your entire home right from your closets, cabinets, kitchen, garage, rooms, and restrooms. Your mind will be as organized as your home.

In addition, go for a social media detox session at least for a day. Most of us are phone addicts which negatively impacts our cognitive functions. Like frequently checking your phone during a task, it also leads to unhealthy comparisons, where you often seek external validation.

Glow Up Challenge: Final Thoughts

Hope you are motivated to glow up inside out with this challenge. The primary motive here is that treat yourself right with some love and kindness. I know you’ll get there if not today eventually.

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