How to Develop Reading Habit

How to Develop Reading Habit? Top 7 Books for Beginners

Do you sometimes wish you could read more books or at least inculcate a reading habit? You really should.

It is said books are a man’s best friend and rightly so. Reading is such a fulfilling activity you will never feel alone.

Books literally can become your best friends. It is one of the best healthy habits you can develop and get addicted to for life.

Research says that we should read at least over 20 books per year. 

So in this post see how to develop a reading habit and my recommendation of top 7 books for beginners.

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Why you should Develop a Reading Habit?

When you are a beginner it may take sometime to develop a reading habit.

But if you want to read books I suggest you reading some books of every genre, thriller, romance, fantasy, biographies, this way it will be easier for you to understand what you really like reading.

Also if you have no time to read books, you can easily sign up for Audible, a popular audio-book service and listen to as many books you wish.

Audio books are a good way to practice active listening as well as relax your body.

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How to Develop Reading Habit

Reading books improves concentration

Reading books is good for mindfulness and concentration. If you struggle with attention span then begin reading as a hobby. This is also true if you find yourself multitasking excessively.

Try to incorporate just 20 minutes of reading time into your daily schedule and you will concentrate better on your work.

Carry a book everyday and read it while commuting to your office, college or school.

Books increase creativity

Reading books expands your knowledge horizons. It makes more aware of new things.

But apart from gaining knowledge, it improves your creativity also. You will be surprised by the way you think.

Books help you with forming new ideas, developing new approaches and concepts. Most successful entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Sir Richard Branson and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos read regularly.

If you are truly focussed on your personal growth here are 10 best self-help books you must read.

Reading books reduces stress

Books provide with an escape from the daily stress and grind. Reading books is one of the best form of self-care.

When you read for a few minutes each day it relaxes as well as diverts the mind from any tension in your life. It is the best stress reduction activity anyone can practice.

Strengthens vocabulary

Want to learn a bunch of new words each day then start reading? Books help in improving your vocabulary, speaking and writing skills.

It helps with the confidence building and makes one more articulate. Besides who doesn’t like a well-read person?

It’s never too late to develop a reading habit so if you want to start reading books here are 7 top picks for beginners.

Improves your Sleep

If you have poor sleep at night try to read a book before you go to bed and remember no mindlessly scrolling through social media.

People who have poor sleep habits are often recommended to read a really boring book so that your eye feels drowsy and you can sleep well.

7 top books for Beginners

How to Develop Reading Habit

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is a perfect book for beginners. This story is more of a fable which attempts to explore some life philosophies in simplistic manner.

The story is about Santiago, a poor shepherd boy, who has a recurring dream which is later interpreted as a great treasure in the pyramids.

Santiago leaves his home to find the treasure and during his travels he encounters a number of people, has some good and difficult experiences, falls in love with a beautiful woman.

Whether he finds the treasure or he discovers something more fulfilling along the way is what the book is about.

As a beginner this book will keep you engrossed and it is fairly a fast read. This book has a lot of metaphors for life in general and follows the theme of following one’s dreams.

The Alchemist has sold over 20 million copies in English language alone and has been translated in atleast 80 languages.

The Harry Potter Series

JK Rowling’s The Harry Potter series was perhaps one of the first book series that changed the narrative of young adult fiction and fantasy genre.

The hugely popular series literally transports you to the magical world of Hogwarts along with Harry and his friends.

The characters in book are so relatable you will carry each of them even long after you are done with the series. You will root for Harry and other lovable characters as they fight his arch-nemesis a terrible wizard named Voldamort.

How to Develop Reading Habit

The series is humorous at times poignant during others and will keep you hooked till end but leave you sad only because it ended.

The series is also noted for boosting a reading habit in young children and so far it has sold over 500 million copies (Wow!). It deserves a place in your collection.

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Harper Lee’s social drama To Kill a Mocking Bird is as popular among bibliophiles as it was 59 years ago when published.

Set in the southern state of Alabama the book has warm simplicity, humour and yet paints a powerful portrait of social issues like racism and intolerance prevalent then.

How to Develop Reading Habit

The principal character of Atticus Finch, is an upright lawyer who defends a black man accused of rape by a white women.

The book was very impactful in its message of standing up for all that is fair, just and honourable. With Lee’s brilliant writing this book is experience in itself. 

The Diary of a Young Girl

If you are interested in reading biographies and memoirs, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is a good place to begin.

The heart-breaking book is collection of diary entries written by a young 13-year old Jewish girl Anne Frank, who along with her family was forced to hide for two years underground in Amsterdam during the Holocaust.

The book is one of the timeless pieces of literature and it depicts a terrible time in history and humanity.

The candid entries take you through the mind of a 13-year old girl who was wise beyond years and still the feisty teenager; who yearned to live and was hopeful of a better future, which unfortunately she could not live to experience.

Pride and Prejudice

If you are a die-hard romantic Pride and Prejudice is a must read. Jane Austen writings are often critical observations of the upper class British society during the 18th century.

Laced with sarcastic wit, humor and some very iconic characters, the book narrates the story of opinionated Elizabeth Bennet and haughty Mr Darcy and their numerous encounters marked by a mutual disdain.

This classic novel is has inspired many film adaptations and literature of similar fashion.

How to Develop Reading Habit

How To Win Friends and Influence People

If you need some help in the self-improvement department you can began reading Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People.

The book is still remains one of the most popular self-development books even after 83 years of its publication.

The book has some very simple yet effective and practical suggestions on how to make an impression on people.

Carnegie emphasizes on the importance of smiling, remembering people’s names, avoiding criticism and praising people among other techniques.

The Kite Runner

Set in the 70’s this beautiful book is a story of a young boy named Amir and his friend Hassan, who grew up in Kabul.

The Kite Runner also captures the mess Afghanistan find itself after its monarchy was replaced by the much stricter Taliban regime, the devastating effect of Soviet war that led to the exodus of so many Afghani nationals.

The story also touches upon the beauty of Afghan landscape and its society in the pre-Taliban era. As a beginner this will enjoy the insights this book provides to the 70’s Afghanistan.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular ageless literature you can include in your reading routine if you are a complete newbie. Reading as an activity is an extremely effective method to give your mind that sharp edge. It improves your memory and your analytical skills. I would love to know what are you reading currently? Or in case, you have any other suggestions for beginners?  Always happy to know to know your thoughts!


  • Suktara

    Thank you for that thoughtful comment. You are so right I have seen this so many times people giving up on reading entirely because they don’t enjoy certain genre and that’s absolutely okay. I personally don read too much of non-fiction or graphic novels because I don’t enjoy those as much as contemporary fiction genre.

    • Suktara

      Hey Donna, you are more than welcome. Alchemist is such a positive book, very simplistic in its approach yet it works and rather wonderfully!

  • Inge

    The Harry Potter books were actually the first books I read in English (to learn the language) when I was 11 years old. Great memories! 🙂 Now I’m reading all sorts of classics from Hamlet to Oedipus to 1984.

    • Suktara

      Harry Potter was my first fantasy series in English language and I am still not over it. Its amazing you read classics not many people do that. Thanks for visiting!

  • Beth Elkassih

    Yes, it’s a sad fact that reading books on a frequent basis is becoming a lost art. That said, I do believe ‘audio’ will be more of the norm with the new Millennials. I love reading great books, especially self-improvement books as that was one of my earlier blogs this year. Dale Carnegie is a favorite of mine! Thanks for writing this article!

  • Fox

    These are great ideas, I love To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve never read The Alchemist, but I might just give it a go now. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ashley Firth

    To Kill a Mocking Bird has to be the best books ever! I read it at school and have read it numerous times ever since. Reading really is a great stress reliever. It helps me to sleep at night! xxx