Cozy and Romantic Fall Date Ideas for Couples
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43 Cozy and Romantic Fall Date Ideas For Couples

Looking for some romantic date ideas for fall scroll through this list of 43 cozy fall date ideas for couples and make the best of this romantic autumn season.

Fall is pumpkin spice and everything nice! It’s beautiful, breezy, and romantic. The crisp, chilly air makes you want to snuggle your partner and enjoy the cozy vibes.

The beautiful autumn season brings tons of fall activities for couples to do and spend some quality time with each other. If you’re married or in long term relationship use this time to rekindle your passion. If you just started dating get to know your partner better.

Right from traditional date ideas like visiting an apple orchard or star-gazing, you and your partner will be spoilt for choice with our list of cozy and romantic dates for couples during fall.

43 Cozy Fall Date Ideas for Couples

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Romantic Fall Dates for Couples That Are Traditional

Romantic Fall Dates for Couples That Are Traditional
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Here are some traditional fall date ideas. Having traditions is important to strengthen a relationship as it helps in forging lasting memories, luckily fall provides plenty of opportunities for couples to go on romantic dates and make memories.

1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

This is a classic fall activity all couples could do. Visit a local pumpkin patch and pick up some great ones, once you are done exploring, go to a local pub and enjoy some great food and maybe pick up some fresh seasonal veggies from the farmer’s market.

2. Carve a pumpkin.

Carving the pumpkins is certainly the next logical thing to do after visiting the pumpkin patch. Try out different carving designs; make your typical Jack-o’-Lantern and if you have kids involve them in this fun activity by turning this into a carving challenge.

3. Go Picking Apples In An Orchard

Do you what is fun in fall? Going apple picking with your partner at a local orchard, pick up some of the season’s best produce. You and your partner can connect and communicate as you bask in the beautiful countryside in the vibrant autumn weather. Truly a romantic fall date wouldn’t you say?

4. Explore A Corn Maze

Get lost in a corn maze with your partner. Why you ask? Well its fall and corn mazes are fun and a bit scary too. But hey! With your partner by your side it’s gonna be one heck of a cozy fall date. 

5. Wine- Tasting

Visit a vineyard or your local wine store to stock up on seasonal flavors, like cider or beers, and then plan an evening session of wine-tasting. To make it a cozy and romantic fall date invite you other couple friends over, just make sure you have an interesting snack board.  

6. Enjoy A Picnic

Picnic in fall seems like the perfect date idea when your basket is filled with the best pumpkin pies, cider and cheese. Having a picnic by a lakefront or a park filled with autumn foliage is one of the most romantic date ideas for couples.

7. Go for a Scenic Walk

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a leisurely stroll with your partner arm-in-arm, under the gentle sun rays, in a fall afternoon. If you’re casually dating this is just the right fall date idea to know each other better.

Outdoor Fall Date Ideas That Romantic and Fun

8. Visit a Haunted House

Fall is romantic and spooky, and that spookiness allows couples to plan a thrilling date night by visiting a haunted house. Find out if there are any local haunted house in your area and prepare for an evening of fun and adventure as you navigate together inside the haunted house.

9. Go Hiking

Fall has the perfect weather for adventure activities such as hiking. Couples who are up for breaking a sweat should go for it and enjoy the scenic beauty of autumn along the way.

10. Go Star-gazing

A good old fashioned star-gazing at night is as romantic as it gets. If you can manage to find some tranquil open space, lay your blankets and stare at the vast expanse above. If you are an astronomy freak maybe get a telescope and see how many stars and constellations you identify.

11. Stay in a Cabin in the woods

This is just the right date idea for couples who want to cut off from the world for a few days and enjoy the best of fall. Escape to a cabin in the woods and enjoy each other’s company as you cuddle up by the fireplace or go nature exploring.

12. Pick the Fall Leaves like kids

Collect some fall leaves together and if you make a heap out of it, jump on it like kids. No one will be judging.

13. Visit Local Fall Events

Fall harvest events are fun there are adventure rides, games, and not to forget the great seasonal food. If you want a nice romantic evening go attend that local fall fair with your boo. Participate in some activities together and just have a great time.

14. Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie night like a drive-in is sooo romantic. Nothing brings you closer like watching a movie in an open space under the night sky and munching popcorns. But if there is lack of open spaces in your area, you can create a DIY theater with a projector and your wall at home.

15. Go Camping

If you are game for spending a night or two in the wild take advantage of the pleasant fall weather and go camping. As you’re unplugged from the world gazing at stars and sleeping under warm blankets, it will give you plenty of opportunities to bond with each other.

16. Shop for winter clothes

If fall is here can winter be far, and you need your winter clothes girl! Also shopping together is romantic and technically a date if you have planned for a scrumptious lunch after. Plus it’ll give a chance of knowing each other’s personal style.


17. Go on trip to enjoy fall foliage

Since fall foliage makes one hell of a scenic view, a cute fall date idea would be to go on a road trip with your partner either on a motorbike or car, plus you get to enjoy the crisp fall breeze along the way.

18. Have A Bonfire

A cozy fall date by the bonfire with good conversations and couple of beers is bliss. See if you can rope in a couple of your friends to make a great evening worth remembering for years.

19. Go Riding

Horse riding is so gallant and regal, and one of the fall best date ideas for couples. As you stroll or ride together on the horseback, in the lovely and vibrant autumn weather it would be a sight to behold.

20. Do a Special Fall Photo Session

Okay if you are serious about each other and thinking about getting engaged fall is the best time to do it. Arrange a nice photo session and take those dreamy pictures with fall foliage as props or in the background. Even if you aren’t getting engaged you might still want some cozy Instagram worth photos in the colorful fall season.

21. Go on a hayride

Go on a hayride at a local farm and admire the autumnal scenery. It’s would make a really fun autumn date idea.

22. Take a hot air balloon ride

Enjoy the stunning fall foliage from a hot air balloon, of course it’ll be a little costly, but if you are ready to splurge this may be the perfect fall date idea for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

23. Visit local farmer’s market

Consider visiting the local farmer’s market to get the best of fall produce, drive a good bargain and get a chance to support your local businesses as you get your hands on fresh fruits and veggies .

24. Take a romantic train ride

Go on a cozy train ride on the fall foliage route, it can be incredibly romantic if you can get a fancy dinner onboard. Settle in for a train short journey, filled with interesting conversations and tid-bits of previous train riding nostalgia. Also you could pick any stoppage for a weekend getaway.

25. Organize a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunt could be a fun fall date idea if you still love treasure hunt as an adult. You might just give it a try by organizing your own hunt and involving your friends as well.

26. Plan a Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway can help you relax with your partner. You don’t have to go to an expensive place, pick some spot nearby which you have always thought of exploring someday.

27. Have a spa night

If you and the boo need some skin pampering, book a nice and relaxing couple massage as you burn the stress and rejuvenate yourselves. How does that sound for a romantic fall evening?

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28. Attend a live Music Concert

A night of live music is always makes for a great date idea. With all the locals fall events everywhere, it may not be very difficult to find a concert venue where your local band plays. Just ensure the dinner is great afterwards, it may a land you with an extra kiss or two.

29. Visit a Bookshop cum Cafe

Plan a cozy outdoor date by visiting a bookshop with a café, where you can linger and pick your favourite reads and preferably some new ones and then get lost in your nerdy conversations in comfy couches over spiced lattes. Can anything make a more perfect fall date?

30. Watch a football game

Scream your heart out at a local high school football game and don’t forget to gorge on those tasty hotdogs to make for a memorable fall date.

Cozy Indoor Fall Date Ideas


31. Build an Indoor Tent with Fairy Lights

A cozy evening fall date inside an indoor tent would be so cute and special. Hang some fairy lights to beautify the entire look. Spread some soft blankets around get ready to snuggle. Don’t forget to sneak in some tasty snacks as well.

32. Plan for Halloween

If you are big on Halloween, plan your looks in advance. Halloween is one spooky and fun night so get creative and goofy by trying on various costumes and looks, go as a romantic pair like Romeo and Juliet or maybe the infamous ones like Harley Quinn and the Joker. Here are some more stunning Halloween couple costumes for you.

33. Sit by the fireplace

A quiet fall evening by the fireplace with your sweetheart is bliss, get some cheese, wine and good music for company and you are set.

34. Watch Some Scary Movies

It’s not really fall if you don’t plan an evening of scary movies. It will be one hell of a fun date as you grab each other’s hand, sit on the edge and let those popcorns fall to the ground. Plan a binge watching session of best horror movies and get spooked together.

35. Host a game night

Host a game night with your other couple friends or just with your bae. Bring out all your cards and the board games and challenge each other to a fun evening. If you are trying to get to know each other well Cards Against Humanity would be game-changer for your relationship.

36. Enjoy your spiced lattes and some chocolate

Create a cozy corner nook and enjoy the flavors of different spiced lattes. Starting with the best homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte to a more indulgent caramel marshmallow latte or maybe the utterly sweet and tasty simple maple latte, you’ll be swamped with choices.

A cozy self-care activity every couple can try during fall is munching on chocolates.

Here are two hot chocolate recipes I absolutely love

37. Bake your pumpkin pie

Baking together is such a great way to bond with your partner. Fall is so incomplete without baking some seasonal pies with fresh pumpkin and apples. Who doesn’t love an environment when the kitchen is full of lovely baking aroma?

38. Plan for holidays

Fall means a whole bunch of festivities which may get a little stressful if you aren’t prepared earlier. Use this time to get your prep done for the holiday season. Discuss with your partner about home décor, the holiday budget, food, gifts and anything that is important for your family.

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39. Cook a Romantic Dinner with Fall Specials

Couples who cook together, stay together. Cooking some tasty food is a great way to work as teammates. You can start from grocery shopping for seasonal goodies, and plan an elaborate fall-themed romantic dinner.

40. Get Crafty In Autumn

Get crafty this fall and get inspired with Pinterest and YouTube tutorials. This may come in handy if you plan to impress your guests with some awesome DIY fall décor during Thanksgiving.

41. Share Your Favorite Fall Memories

A romantic fall date filled with nostalgia and memories of autumn from your childhood is simply the best.

42. Plan for your wedding

First of all congratulations! And secondly, if you have planned a summer or a spring wedding, fall is the perfect time to start putting together your guests lists, gifts, food etc.

43. Enjoy a Karaoke night

Relax and laugh silly with friends and your sweetheart by planning a fun-filled karaoke night.

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