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35 Deep Emotional Love Letters For Him

Won’t you agree that expressing your love through letters is more than intimate and romantic than texts and emails? Here are 35 deep emotional love letters you can write to your boyfriend and melt his heart.

Whether you’re with the man you love or wish to express your feelings to someone you love, use these deep emotional love letters to celebrate your relationship and keep the romance sparkling.

If you wish to craft something original feel free to take inspiration from these 35 deep emotional love letters for him, please feel free to tweak it to give a heartfelt message to the love of your life.

Deep emotional love letters for him

1. My Heart

Darling I knew you were special, when I first met you. Your love and warmth feels like a unicorn blanket on a cold winter night. You are the biggest gift life could ever give me and I thank God everyday for that.

I may not say it often but I love you to infinity and beyond. You can’t imagine how much, your love, trust; support has added a little more sunshine to my life. 

2. My Life,

Words alone cannot express my love for you. I know that I’ll never love another person as much as I love you, you are my forever. I often dream of waking up next to you each morning, to the thrill of your touch, hugs and kisses.

You’re my home, and I hope I’m yours too. I love you as you are with all your beauty and flaws.

3. Baby,

I always wanted someone handsome with a great sense of humor, and kind-hearted, little did I know with you all of my wishes would come true. You appreciate my quirks, my silly jokes, and my rants.

I know I can confide anything and you’d understand me. You make me the happiest. Thank you for being the best boyfriend and my best friend.

4. My Honeyboo,

I’ll cherish you every single day of my life, even when you’re in a sour mood, feeling unwell, or testing my patience. That’s because I know you’d do the same for me.

And I promise that I’ll always be here for you, when you’re giddy with excitement as you purchase a new video game or when you turn my kitchen upside down to test your cooking skills.

5. To The One Who Makes Me Smile,

Loving you is my favorite thing to do, I was skeptical about true love, but everything changed when you came. Sometimes we are chalk and cheese at other times we are like two peas in a pod and you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Deep Love Letters for him

1. Honey,

My love for you will never waver. I vow to be by you, hold you tight when the world around us is full of sadness. You are my world and I love you with every fiber of my being, now and forever.

2. To The One Who Has My Heart

Baby, I want you to know how exceptional you are. You are the best partner and teammate, I could ever ask for. I may not express it every day, but please know that I love you to the moon and back.

3. Darling,

We’ve faced so much together. You’ve witnessed me at my most vulnerable moments, from the tears running down my face to the uncontrollable laughter that leaves me gasping for air. I have never allowed anyone else to see me in this way.

You understand me better than anyone. In fact, it won’t be inaccurate to say that you are the king of my world.

4. To My Best Friend,

My heart races a little faster every time you enter the room. I feel a sense of warmth inside me when I hear your voice, and when I catch a glimpse of your beautiful face. Being wrapped in your embrace feels like home, the only place where I truly belong.

5. To The Greatest boyfriend In the World

My heart still flutters when you look at me with that dazzling smile. I feel a thrill each time you kiss me. I love as your eyes shine when you talk about the things you love. Your hug, when I return home tired is the best part of my day.

I love how you stir you morning coffee exactly thrice and how sleep peacefully with a cute smile in your face. These little things make me fall in love with you more madly, deeply and truly.

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Short And Deep Love Letters For Your Boyfriend

1. You’re everything my heart and soul yearn for. Despite our imperfections, we’ve chosen to stand by each other and not give up. I love you with all of me, with every breath I take.

2. Before falling in love with you, I felt it was impossible to love someone to so deeply, with such intensity. Today if I believe in true love it’s only because you’ve made me believe in it.

3. Hey boo, I smell the shirt you left on the bed last night it reminds me how much I miss you. I can’t wait to see you again. Until then, I love you!

5. Our love is effortless, it flows like an unbridled river and that’s how I know we’re meant to be. I knew I was attracted to you long before I even realized I was falling in love. Every moment with you feels so light and easy, I know in my heart you are the one for me.

Emotional Love Letters to Make Him Cry

1. My Sunshine,

Your love has transformed me in so many ways. I’ve learned to love, trust, and accept myself for who I am. You’ve believed in me during the most difficult of times. We’ve come a long way from being strangers to lovers, and I look forward to be with you till the end of our days.

2. My Darling,

Words aren’t enough to express what I feel for you. With each passing day, I find myself falling deeper in love with you.

You are one of its kind and I am blessed to the powers that be have bestowed you on me. I wish you could see through my eyes how special you’re to me.

3. My Precious,

Being with you fills me with so much joy, love and light. You’re my precious gift. You complete me.

Although we are physically apart right now, I can vividly imagine your radiant eyes, your beautiful smile, and the way you laugh, the way you look at me and make me blush.

I miss you and long to be by your side in your arms around me as we look for falling stars together.

4. Sweetheart,

Your mere presence takes my breath away, sometimes I feel my life is a fairy tale and you are my prince charming who swept me off my feet.

You bring everything good into my life, and I can’t be grateful enough. When we are together, I feel like I can conquer the world, and you’re my angel who brought the light of love in my life.

5. To The Love Of My Life,

I’m yours and you’re mine, and even though we are miles apart, I feel you close to me in my heart and soul. I am so lucky to have someone who loves me endlessly, who understands my unspoken words. When you hug me, I feel secure. You rule my heart, with your love I’m perfect.

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Sweet and Emotional Love Letters For Your Boyfriend

1. Hello you!

Do you know you are literally the definition of a perfect man? Your unconditional love, the way you strive to achieve your dreams with passion.

Your razor sharp intellect; and let’s not even talk about that hot bod of yours! I just wanted to say you are deliciously impressive in every aspect!

2. My Mr Perfect,

Loving you has made me better. My days are incomplete without your presence. You’re my inspiration, my strength and my everything.

You’re my Mr. Perfect, and I can’t wait to begin my forever with you – in a beautiful home with our children filled with love and laughter.

3. Hey love,

It’s been a while since I’ve said this, but my God! Are you are attractive or what! I still pinch myself sometimes to believe that it’s not a dream that we’re together.

4. To The One Who Makes Me The Happiest,

You may not be perfect, but that’s okay. You are perfect for me, just the way you’re. I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I only pray that our bond grows stronger with each day.

Deep and Emotional I Love You Letters

1. Hey You!

Seems like yesterday but can you imagine four years we met on this exact day! As someone who once doubted the existence of true love, I can now say how deeply I love you.

The mere thought of my life without you seems unimaginable. You’ve brought an abundance of love into my life, just be mine forever will you?

2. To The One Who Has My Back,

Each day when I wake up besides you, I can’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Your love is a driving force sustaining me in the darkest of moments. The thought of returning home to you every day brings me peace. Thank you for being my rock.

3. You’re my best friend, my biggest cheerleader. I know I’ll always have your shoulder to rest, to cry, sleep, to find comfort when things are rough.

You are constantly on my mind, making me smile and causing my heart to skip a beat. Life with you is never dull, and I hope it always remains this way.

4. My favorite part of the day is waking up next to you, snuggling with you and feeling your arms around me while the world outside is still asleep. During these moments, I find myself wondering what have I done to deserve someone as exceptional as you?

5. You make me feel like I’m the most stunning woman in the room, the smartest person you’ve ever encountered. You make feel like a queen. You gave me a clear sense of purpose in life, a level of confidence I’ve never experienced before, and for that, and all the other things I love you.

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Deeply Emotional Love Letters From the Heart

1. Do you know why I love you so much, because it is rare these days to find a gem of a person like you; I love your humility, your self-assured nature, how you make everyone comfortable around you. You always strive to see the best in people and situations. When I see the world through your eyes, it seems a brighter place.

2. Sweetie, you light up a room with your mere presence. Do you realize how lucky I feel to have you by my side wherever we go? All the best love songs and poems could never fully express how much I love you.

3. My love, I just want to thank for working so hard to build our dream life. But darling, with you besides me I’m already living the dream. I wish I could lift off some of that burden off your shoulders. I promise to always be your rock, to lend a patient ear when you need to vent out, to hold, love and cherish you till eternity.

4. You’re my one and only, now and forever. No matter what the future holds, I’ll stand by you through thick and thin, whether we’ve everything or nothing at all, through sickness and in health. You can always count on me to be by your side always.

5. Holding your hand, tracing the contours of your sweet face, and kissing you fills my heart with so much love. I crave to be with you; in your arms, I feel whole and complete. When I walk holding you arm, I can’t help but smile that you’re mine.

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