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How to Manifest Your Ex Back with 7 Secret manifestation tips

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to manifest your ex-back.

If you’re wondering if it’s actually possible to use the law of attraction to manifest someone back to you, you’re not alone.

Many will be curious about this and to answer your question yes, it is possible to attract your ex partner.

If you use the law of attraction correctly and consistently, you can be successful in manifesting your ex back in your life.

People manifest literally everything from buying the dream house to having the perfect body.

So, if you genuinely feel you need to give your relationship one more chance follow these 6 manifestation tips correctly, without any self doubts.

You can also use these same methods to attract a better relationship than your previous one.

How to manifest you ex back?

When a relationship goes kaput, your feelings for your ex don’t dry up.

You wonder if you gave up too easily, or if it’s worth giving the relationship a second chance.

Now if you are absolutely certain that there is still scope for you guys to have a meaningful relationship, these manifestation techniques can be pretty powerful.

Begin by raising your vibration.

Raise Your Vibration

Each of us has a certain life-energy or vibration.

You receive the energy you sent out to the Universe, thereby attracting experiences and outcomes matching your vibration.

Like if you are always thinking negatively, you will attract negative outcomes but when you are focused on the positive you can attract amazing things in your life.

So how do you increase your vibration?

How to increase your vibration to manifest your ex

To vibrate at a higher frequency you must begin with some self-love.

Remember others see you the way you see yourself.

So if you constantly belittle yourself, question your self-worth it impacts your self-confidence, mental health as well as the way others see you.

Things you can do to raise your vibration.

Write down your qualities

Write down your qualities so you remember what an amazing person you are.

Help someone

An impromptu act of kindness always helps you feel good about yourself.

Meditation/ yoga

Try to meditate daily for at least 10 minutes to calm down your mind of all negative thoughts and emotions.

Appreciate your life by practicing gratitude

Make it a point to practice some gratitude, by reflecting on all the good things in your life or all the supportive people that surround you.

Remember those times when someone genuinely praised you.

Ask yourself why you want to manifest your ex back

You need to be crystal clear on why you want to manifest your ex.

Engage in some self-questioning to understand your mental state better.

Also you have to understand that there is a process when you are manifesting your ex, you have to be patient, don’t expect results within few days.

Journaling will help you achieve that.

So grab a journal and answer the below questions truthfully.

Why do I really want my ex back?

Is it worth giving this relationship another chance?

Am I acting out of loneliness and desperation?

Am I compromising my happiness?

Won’t a new relationship be better for me?

Why can’t I just let go off my ex?

What is stopping me from moving on?

Will I be okay if my ex doesn’t return to my life?

Answer these questions honestly and the truth will reveal itself.

If you are manifesting your ex only because you miss the security of relationship then you are better off without them because you only miss being in a relationship not the person per se.

Your reasons should be backed by love like forming a deeper connection with your ex, attracting a happy and fulfilling relationship.

How to manifest your ex with visualization

Visualization process is really effective in manifesting your desires.

You can try out different visualization techniques, like creating a vision board or index cards, but if you want to dig deeper

I would suggest trying the pink bubble technique of visualization.

Pink bubble visualization technique to manifest an ex

It’s pretty easy, you have to visualize the outcome you’d like, in this case manifesting your ex. 

As soon as you are clear on what you want sit down or lie on your pillow with closed eyes and take some deep breathes.

Once your mind is calm and relaxed imagine you are back together with your partner, conjure images of you both doing things together like having a dinner date, staring at each other’s eyes and so on.

Now imagine these images inside a beautiful pink bubble.

Lastly, imagine this bubble floating away into the Universe.

Think that you are “letting go” of the bubble in the universe to attract the energy it needs for manifestation.

Use some love affirmations for manifestation

Positive affirmations are positive statements that describe your goals in their finished form.

So when you say an affirmation for manifesting your ex-partner, you state it as if you both are already back together.  

Affirmations help in reinforcing positive thoughts in your sub-conscious mind.

Here are some of the best affirmations for manifesting love.

I am letting go of my past.

I release any desperation and allow love to find me.

I deserve every bit of love the Universe is sending my way.

I sense the Universe connecting me with my partner.

I am ready for a loving relationship with my partner.

My partner and I are crazy in love.

We bring out the best in each other.

Our understanding and love is growing stronger.

Try to say these affirmations multiple times a day and remove all self doubts when repeating them.

BELIEVE in your words. Feel those positive emotions flowing through your body.

Manifest your ex with the scripting method

With scripting technique all you need to do is write a letter to yourself, dated like a month or so describing in detail the positive changes in your life.

The catch here is write the letter as if everything you wanted has already happened.

For eg, if you are manifesting an ex write some like

Dear Universe,

I am so blessed to be with my partner again (write the name of your ex). Our relationship is better than ever. I was so excited when he realized that our love for each is still strong.

The subtle signs you were sending my way proved to be true. He sent me a text/email and we communicated further and within a few days he realized we need to begin afresh.

Ever since we are back together our relationship has only grown stronger. He makes me feel loved and secured.

Thank you for always looking out for me.

(Write your name)

You can write in a more detailed manner, like where you guys met or how were you feeling when you met your ex and so on.

But the trick here is feeling all good emotions from the bottom of your heart, like you have butterflies in your stomach.

Things you must avoid when manifesting your ex

Don’t contact your ex for 30 days

Don't contact an ex for 30 days when manifesting

Right after a break-up you need all your mental energy to process your situation.

A strict no-contact rule for at least 30 days will give you clarity on what you want.

Also you’ll appear desperate if you constantly call your partner, text them, stalk their social media profile or try to contact them through other means, this may drive them further away.

But if you have zero contact, your ex will respect you for it and might even miss you thus sub-consciously building the energy for your manifestation.

What To Do If Your Ex Contacts You Within 30 Days?

Honestly, it’s better not to respond. But if it’s something urgent keep the communication short and to the point.

The temptation to talk with an ex can be hard to resist.

But if you connect with your partner before doing some self-scrutiny, you’ll repeat the same mistakes that ruined your relationship before.

Use these 30 days to develop a more positive mindset. Try to follow these tips.

– Get the support from your friends and family.

– Stay away or limit your time on social media and unfollow you ex on all social media platforms.

– Take care of your body, diet and sleep, you need that self-love baby!

– Hit the gym or do any exercise you prefer.

– A change of scenery will refresh your mind so take a short trip, if possible.

Lastly, during these 30 days if you feel you need to give your relationship a second chance create a manifestation routine with the manifestation techniques mentioned above.

Don’t dwell on self-limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs like self doubts and negative thoughts will create blocks in your manifestation process.

Some common limiting beliefs you’ll encounter when manifesting your ex are:

– This will never work.

– My partner doesn’t love me anymore.

– I’ve ruined my relationship forever.

– My partner has already moved on so what’s the point.

– My partner doesn’t even wanna talk to me.

The truth is these beliefs only exist in your mind, so have faith in your ability to overcome them.

Instead of ignoring them, acknowledge these beliefs and view them positively as your mind’s defense mechanism against unpleasant life experiences.

Here is a very helpful post on how you can successfully confront your negative self-beliefs.

How soon can I manifest my ex back?

How soon can you manifest your ex like this couple

If your mind is completely clear of limiting beliefs and you are manifesting with full faith in Universe you may see results within weeks.

But since every individual is unique in some cases it may take longer.

Can I still manifest my ex if they are already with someone?

If ex has a new partner, don’t acknowledge their existence because the more you speak or think about them, the more you firmly root their presence in your life.

You are manifesting your partner so a third party is totally irrelevant.

Don’t ignore free will

We all have free will to make our choices so if your ex has made up their mind to remain broken up you cannot force them to return.

You can’t consciously manifest something being counter manifested by someone else even if it is sub-consciously.

This is why it is important to observe the 30-day rule, because right after the break-up if you start manifesting your ex they maybe counter manifesting to move on.

Instead wait till that initial hurt and anger following your break-up has cooled down.

It’s totally possible for your ex to have a change of heart when their sub-conscious manifestation that is working against you has weakened after you give them the space to figure out their feelings.

Lastly, place your trust in the Universe

This step is the hardest, but patience is a virtue so place your entire faith in the Universe.

Even if you aren’t receiving the results as soon as you expected, don’t lose hope.

Yes waiting is difficult but what is yours will come to you when the time is right.

Universe will never fail you trust that.


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