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How to manifest your dreams with a vision board

When I started practicing positive affirmations these two words ‘vision board’ kept appearing repeatedly.

Being the ultimate curious crow and an Instagram and Pinterest junkie I nosedived into the concept of vision boards and learned this is quite a powerful tool for manifestation of your dreams.

A vision board also called a dream board essentially contains a collage of images and words representing your dreams and aspirations that reinforce positivity and trigger you to work towards your goals.

Now if you are skeptical like I was until recently, you have every right to ask how exactly gluing some pretty pictures on a board works?

It’s true that sticking some pretty pictures on a vision board doesn’t magically manifest all your dreams.

But each of us have some desires and dreams on how we would like our future to be, our ideal home, career, car, life-partner etc.

A vision board helps you to see your ideal life; it gives a shape to your dreams and prompts your sub-conscious mind into taking action.

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How Vision Boards work

Right from the moment we wake up till we sleep we are constantly feeding our brain with thoughts about random everyday things, our wishes, desires and emotions.

Knowingly or unknowingly we also create images in our mind along with our thought process.

When we think about our ideal home or life-partner certain images spring in our mind, for some these images maybe crystal clear for others it may be vague.

With vision boards your mind sees your “ideal life” with clarity and viewing this regularly would give you the passion and necessary push to chase goals and create that dream life.

How to manifest your dreams with a vision board

Vision Boards and Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction (LoA) essentially says that we attract what we think, when you are drowning yourself in negative thoughts will only attract more negativity in your life and vice versa.

Vision boards are one of the potent tools of the LoA philosophy because images are so powerful.

When you have powerful visualizations you set in motion a process that can change your mindset and fuel an inner drive to achieve whatever you have envisioned.

Personally vision boards along with positive affirmations has truely transformed my outlook on life.

Of course, an important part of the LoA philosophy is belief. Whenever you are practicing positive affirmations or visualizing your future you have to believe you have already achieved your goal.

If you need a new shiny car but your mind says, “Babe, that’s never gonna happen,” that is your first mental block in the process of manifestation.

This is the toughest part keeping faith that universe has opened its arms for you and you are about to receive endless opportunities.

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Why do you need a Vision Board?

As humans we are not confrontational in nature our mind is truly content with just going with the flow.

So when I say something like a vision board or life audit or smart goals, it makes your mind alert to sit up and take notice of how you are utilizing your time.

This process maybe uncomfortable for most because deep down you aren’t happy with just going with the flow, you want to set some goals and create that life.

You can always argue here that goals can be jotted down in a planner, yes absolutely.

But visualization gives your goals a platform where you can visualize them becoming a reality; your reality and it accelerates the process of manifestation.

With visualization you are ultimately adapting to a growth mindset, transparency in your thought process to take charge of your life.

For me vision boards do these three very important things

  1. Gets the ball rolling for setting some SMART goals through prioritizing my energy as time on things I truly want.
  2. Guides me in meditation and practicing affirmations. Whenever I practice my affirmations while looking at vision boards trust me, you I feel goosebumps all through!
  3. Seeing them regularly , especially on days when I am low, just acts as a reminder to why I started and makes me more determined.

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Goals and Vision Board

Most of us aren’t really sure of our goals and priorities in life and that’s okay it’s never late to begin.

To sort your goals take a blank sheet and write everything you wish for. Write without inhibitions but make sure you are really serious about what you want.

If you still aren’t sure about make some short-term goals; ask yourself, “What is it that I absolutely need in my life at this point?”

Make a list of about 3-5 things you hope to achieve by a certain date. It is very important that your goals have an end date.

A vision board is not just a collection of pretty images it reflects your aspirations and helps you in manifesting those.

So don’t clutter your vision with too many images. You can categorize your goals into sections such as:

  • relationships
  • career
  • personal goals
  • physical and mental well-being

Be specific with each of these categories like for career goals you may wish to find better job opportunities.

So envision yourself getting your dream job and accordingly find quotes or images that inspire you.

Similarly with personal goals you might want to build your dream house or buy your dream car.

Accordingly envision yourself living in your dream house or driving your dream car and search for compelling images.

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Create one Vision Board

If you want to create different vision boards for your personal and professional life, you can there aren’t any hard and fast rules.

But it’s better to keep one board where you view all your goals.

You can also create a vision board on yearly basis, or you can create boards listing all your goals you want to achieve within 5 years. Arrange everything systematically without going overboard.

I, for instance have three sections for personal, professional and spiritual aspects of my life.

  • Personal section has goals pertaining to relationships and things I want to achieve.
  • Professional section has goals solely focused on my business.
  • Spiritual is mostly related to peace of mind, physical fitness and happiness.

How to create a Vision Board?

The process to create a vision board is fairly simple. Let’s start with the supplies first.

  • Corkboard/Foamboard
  • Markers, colour pencils, glitter pens (if funk is your style)
  • Art paper sheets in case you want to draw images or write quotes in fancy fonts.
  • Magazine or internet where you can search for images.
  • Printer if you are getting images from the internet.
  • Scissors
  • Glue or pins incase are pinning instead of sticking images

Most of these things are easily available everywhere.

Digital Vision Boards

A digital vision board is so easy to create these days it also removes the hassle of storage and the mess of glue and paper cuttings.

If you are familiar with Photoshop then my friend get started with your vision board ideas, let those creative vibes take over.

For others who aren’t familiar learn Photoshop! Just kidding, you can easily get started with Stencil or the Canva App.

Both have desktop version, are free to use and have huge collections of images, although free images are limited. You can choose from their library or upload your own images.

For my vision board I use the dimensions 900X600 (width X height), you may use this or go with custom dimensions.

Here’s an example of a digital vision board comprising personal goals.

Manifest Your Dreams with Vision Board

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Selecting images

The most important part is selecting images for your vision board.

I read somewhere you have to use images that speak to you, images that are so powerful that they stir something within you. Then you can get started with the process of manifesting.

I wouldn’t say go bonkers searching for a perfect image but yes do flip through some and choose one which you would ideally go back to.

If you are using old magazine then of course you have to flick the pages for good images or else you can find them online.

For me Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and Stocksnap are treasure trove of good images. I do scrounge through Instagram and Pinterest as well but these platforms only serve as inspiration.

After selecting put together a collage of your images and paste it neatly on your vision board. For digital boards you have the option of editing and cropping your images.

Try not to stuff your board with too many images and quotes, to up your aesthetics you can use handwritten quotes, use some glitter to highlight your images.  Aim to get a cohesive look.


Placement of vision board is the key. It should be ideally placed at a location from where you can view it.

It totally up to you whether you wish to make it public or keep it in your private zone.

For instance as much as I love vision boards I don’t like the idea of a public display. I would rather keep my goals to myself.

With digital boards I can create that element of privacy. I can save my board in a designated folder or a drive.

I can use it as a screensaver for my system or my phone.

I can create a secret vision board in Pinterest.

So digitally I have a lot of options to safeguard my privacy and view my boards at my convenience.

With physical boards the best place I feel is your bedroom because that is entirely your private space.

Depending on the size you can also hang it inside your closet or your bathroom.

If you have a work desk at home that is also a great place for keeping vision boards.

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Manifest Your Dreams with Vision Board

Manifestation and Vision Boards

The final step is manifestation.

As I said in the beginning of the article you really have to believe that the Law of Attraction is working for you.

Take a few minutes each day to stare at your vision believe these are all coming true each moment.

The images have to be etched in your memory; the more deeply they are imprinted the more intense you’ll be in pursuing them.

Make this visualization a form of meditation of in your life.

Visualization coupled with affirmations and belief is a powerful tool for manifestation.

Lastly, It is also necessary you evaluate your goals periodically and make new visions boards for your new goals.

Final Thoughts

The essence of a vision board is to push you towards chasing your dreams and even unleash your full potential.

So once you have achieved your goals set even bigger goals for yourself, everything is possible with the correct mindset.

Even you are skeptical about the LoA philosophy I would still urge you to use vision boards.

It would provide with a roadmap when you’re perplexed in life.

It sorts out your thought process and that’s the first step you need to give shape to your ideas.

If you have made it till the end I thank you with all my heart. I would love to know your feedback. Do you have any vision board ideas you would like to share? Please do.

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  • Samantha Comparone

    Suktara, I LOVE this post because I’ve done two vision boards and really enjoyed doing them. It was an enlightening experience and I’m still working towards that vision. Nice post! Have a great week! -Sam

  • Bexa

    This is such a positive and inspirational post! Thank you for sharing, Suktara! I can see how collecting and focusing on uplifting and motivational images can help us reach our goals and make our dreams come true! I do something similar in my scrapbook, where I cut out my favourite pictures and quotes from magazines and stick them in my book. I love looking through my pages and it makes me feel inspired and motivated! Fab post! <3 xx

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  • Nilakshi | merakimusings

    Love the post! Vision board is a great tool and one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing it in details. 🙂