21 Sunday Activities for a productive week

21 Sunday Activities for A Productive Week

Sunday usually brings with it the horrible weekend blues where you have a nagging feeling about the week ahead and all that comes with it.

So instead of relaxing you are filled with anxiety about how quickly the weekend is passing by and before you know it Monday has already arrived with an unending list of things for you.

Suddenly you are overwhelmed and unmotivated even as you scramble to manage your time and complete both your personal and professional commitments throughout the week.

But it doesn’t have to be this way with a little tweak in your Sundays and your attitude; you can set yourself up for a productive week as well as tackle those horrible weekend blues!

Here are 21 Sunday activities you can do to make most out of each week and be at your productive best.

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21 Sunday activities for a productive week

Productive Sundays Activities

Most of these tasks are regular everyday things once you plan them and make a schedule you’ll see how easily everything falls into place.

At least that’s the way it has been for me. I have always been really messy with my time-management skills so now when I have started my Sunday routine by planning ahead it has made a huge difference to my productivity.

I know I have mentioned a list of 21 things to do on a Sunday but you don’t have to do all these activities, you can choose to do things as per your convenience.

What I have found is if I am occupied during Sundays I am automatically ready for the next day and weekend blues don’t affect me that much.

Write a to-do list

I absolutely believe in the power of planning and making to-do-lists is my favourite activity. So every Sunday morning I make a nice cup of tea and start making my lists for the week ahead.

Now it’s not a very detailed list only a rough outline of the things I need to do or certain goals I have set. It maximum takes 10 minutes to put together this list.

1.Write down top 3 tasks for the week: Identify 3-4 important tasks of the week you would like to do. I start with top priority tasks of the week.

2. Plan your Monday: Next make a to-do list for Monday I would suggest keep this task list light to avoid getting overwhelmed.

3. Use Google Calendar: Use Google calendar to mark important days like birthdays, anniversaries and other social commitments. Make sure to mark all your meetings and project deadlines well in advance.

4. Sort out your time: Schedule your personal and professional chores at the start of every week so that you don’t procrastinate.  

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Here are some personal chores you can do on Sundays for a more productive and organized week ahead.

Plan your outfit

It would save you a world of pain if you plan your outfit for entire week during Sundays. Choosing an outfit every morning before work is plain harassment.

There are plenty of apps available these days to help you in organizing your wardrobe.

I love Smart Closet since it’s really user friendly all I have to do is click pics of my outfit and then organize them accordingly.

Organize your closet and drawers

Even if you are busy the entire week you can definitely use Sunday to clean and organize your home.

When you have an organized drawers and closets you save yourself a lot of time and energy. Since everything is where it’s suppose to be so it’s easier to find your garments and other things.

Clean other spaces

Similarly, a clean bedroom, restroom and kitchen are not just important for your hygiene but your overall mood as well.

Do your laundry

Doing your laundry is a huge task but you can’t just sit on a pile of dirty clothes and let it pile some more.

A productive use of your Sunday would be washing your clothes, your sheets and then fold them away.

You can refer to the Konmari method of arranging and folding your clothes by tidying expert and author Marie Kondo whose book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, on minimalistic lifestyle has become a rage worldwide.

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Clean your handbag

As busy ladies we simply don’t have the time to clean our handbags.

Also cleaning or arranging handbags is probably not our topmost priority and honestly I find cleaning handbags a little tedious but nevertheless it needs to be done.

I usually clean my handbag during Sunday evenings since it mentally prepares me for Monday mornings and let me tell you I suffer from terrible Monday blues so arranging my handbag on Sundays actually helps my mood.

Clean your make-up brushes

Dirty make-up brushes are a serious skin hazard these may clog your pores and result in skin infection if not cleaned regularly so Sundays are the best time to do this.

Shop for Grocery

Shopping for grocery might not be the most appealing task but it still needs to be done. So what better way of utilizing Sundays and get into a really productive mood. Make a quick grocery list and head out to get some fresh air and those pantry items.

Clean your car

If you have a personal vehicle and use it for commuting to work, ensure that your fuel tank is filled up. A quick car wash or dusting is also a good idea for to boost your Sunday productivity.

Meal Planning & Prep

Another big task on the list has to be meal prep it’s amazing how much time you can save if you just plan your daily menu.

It sometimes gets tough to cook food on weekdays when most of us are already pressed for time. When planning for meals I always prefer recipes that are easy to cook but still healthy and tasty. Here’s a comprehensive list of such 25 amazing recipes.

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Check your finances

How often do you check on your financial health? A productive use of your time on Sundays would be to check your check saving and expenses.

You can also check on your financial commitments like any pending bills and loans installments.

Accordingly you can allot yourself a budget for the entire week and create some saving goals as well.

Here’s a post on how you can start being smart when handling your finances.

Sort out your email

A weekly 10-minute session of sorting out your mails can help in keeping your digital trash manageable.

There are times when important mails get lost since we don’t sort out our emails. Also you will get a head start for Monday if you are aware of any important mails that need to be answered.

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Take out Some ‘Me’ Time

Sunday is a perfect time to indulge in some weekly self-care and relax  here’s a small list of some of my favourite activities.


Even if you don’t get time the entire week utilize your Sunday mornings or evenings to do some deep breathing and flush away the stress from your body. All it takes 5 minutes of deep breathing to refresh your mind.

Call/Meet a friend

Get-togethers on Sundays with your close friends and family is a good way to lift your spirits. Use Sundays to catch up with your friends and family.

You could also plan a laid back Sunday brunch. Since brunches are supposed to be fairly relaxing it gives you a chance to unwind and easily wrap up your gathering by late afternoon or evening and get some rest.


Short road trips on weekends or a long drive on Sundays evenings is the perfect for unwinding.

Bubble baths

Having a nice warm bath on Sundays is the best way to relax your mood.

Books: Reading a good book on Sunday evenings is such a nerdy thing to do but still one of the best self-care ideas.


Putting your thoughts in a blank page is good for your mental health. It an amazing way to get in touch with your emotions and know what is going on within that wonderful mind of yours.

I have been journaling for a while and it has honestly changed my life and my thought-process for better.

Here is quick guide on how you can start journaling as a beginner.

Dancing: Dancing is such an exhilarating experience, so just put on some music and dance your weekend blues away.

Spend some alone time: Take some 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing and enjoy this stillness before the next week begins.

Get some quality sleep

It makes sense to retire early to bed on Sundays. Getting a proper night’s rest is crucial for your body to feel rested and fresh the next day.

On an average, humans need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Your body needs this rest to be charged up for the week ahead.

Atleast 45 minutes to an hour before bedtime ensure that all your electronic gadgets are turned off or away from you.

The light emitting from your mobiles activates your brain and messes up your sleep hormone melatonin.

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Concluding thoughts

There you have my list of 21 Sunday activities. Like I said you don’t have to do everything mentioned here.

The idea is to keep yourself busy so that you approach the coming week with a fresh mind.

Before you go, do consider using my 2020 productivity planner it’s super easy to use and I really hope you find it useful.

Would love to know your thoughts on this one so do share how does your Sunday look like? Or what are your favourite Sunday activities?

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