21 Sunday Activities for a productive week
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21 Sunday Activities You Must Do For A Productive Week

Sunday usually brings with it the horrible weekend blues where you’ve a nagging feeling about the week ahead and all that comes with it. So how can you make your Sunday productive? Maybe these 21 activities will help you.

So let me see, it’s Sunday and instead of relaxing you are filled with anxiety with the weekend ending. Plus before you know it Monday has already arrived and you are overwhelmed with your personal and professional commitments.

But what if you use your Sundays productively to streamline your weekly tasks and get a head start for the week ahead. This will not only put you in a mentally good place but will keep you active in organizing your week.

Here are 21 Sunday activities to be better prepared and be at your productive best for each week as well as keep those weekend blues at bay.

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21 Sunday Activities You Must Do For A Productive Week

21 Productive Sundays Activities

Most of these tasks are regular everyday things once you plan them and make a schedule you’ll see how easily everything falls into place. At least that’s the way it has been for me. I have always been really messy with my time-management skills so now when I have started my Sunday routine by planning ahead it has made a huge difference to my productivity.

I know I have mentioned a list of 21 things to do on a Sunday but you don’t have to do all these activities, you can choose to do things as per your convenience. What I have found is if I am occupied during Sundays I am automatically ready for the next day and weekend blues don’t affect me that much.

Set Some Weekly Goals

I absolutely love making to-do-lists, it is my favorite activity. So every Sunday morning I make a nice cup of tea and start making my lists for the week ahead. It’s not a very detailed list only a rough outline of the things I need to do or certain goals I have set. It maximum takes 10 minutes to put this list together. Here’s how you can make your weekly list.

1. Write down top 3 tasks for the week: Identify 3-4 important tasks of the week you would like to complete by the week’s end. A list of most important tasks will prevent procrastination.

2. Use Google Calendar: Use Google calendar to mark important days like birthdays, anniversaries and other social commitments. Make sure to mark all your meetings and project deadlines well in advance.

3. Allot specific time for tasks: Schedule your personal and professional chores at the start of every week so that you have adequate time for each tasks, also it would make your week much easier if you allot time for each tasks. 

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Evaluate Yourself

It is not only enough to set out weekly goals. An internal evaluation of your mental state is a must if you want to be productive and what better time to do this than Sunday. Start with a review of the previous week and reflect on how your week has been overall.  Things you have achieved, situations you could have handled better, any unexpected event that affected you and so on.

Here are some prompts you can choose to answer every Sunday as a part of your self-evaluation. You can use these questions to make a weekly self- evaluation and please feel free to add and modify this list.

  • What am I proud of this week?
  • Important weekly events and how these affected me
  • Weekly goals that I’ve accomplished (State how did you feel after achieving your goals)
  • Weekly goals that I couldn’t complete (state why you couldn’t complete and how did you feel)
  • Was I happy? – (elaborate on your state of mind)
  • Did I use my time wisely?
  • Important lessons last week taught me and how can I be better this week?

Sort Out Your Work Outfits On Sunday

It would save you a world of pain if you plan your outfit for the entire week on Sundays. Choosing an outfit every morning before work is plain torture so try to streamline your process as much as possible. It will also mentally prepare you for the work week starting on Mondays. Even when you are working from home, get dressed as if you are attending office.


21 Sunday Activities You Must Do For A Productive Week

Do Some Light Dusting of All Rooms

Even if you are busy the entire week you can definitely use Sunday to clean and organize your home. . A clean and organized home is important for your overall mood and personal hygiene.

I completely understand if it’s not possible to deep clean your home every other week, but some light dusting of your furniture and all rooms on Sundays can prevent dust accumulation.

Do your laundry

Managing laundry is a huge task but you can’t just sit on a pile of dirty clothes and let it pile some more. A productive use of your Sunday would be washing your clothes, your sheets and then fold them away.

You can refer to the Konmari method of arranging your clothes by tidying expert and author Marie Kondo whose book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is a rage worldwide.

Organize your handbag

As busy ladies we simply don’t have the time to clean our handbags. Also cleaning or arranging handbags is probably not our topmost priority. I usually clean my handbag during Sunday evenings since it mentally prepares me for Monday mornings, and I suffer from terrible Monday blues so organizing my handbag is a huge deal for me at least.

It is a good idea to have a purse organizer for your handbag so everything is neatly organized and even when you swap bags your items stay intact within the organizer making your chore hassle free.

Purse Organizer

Clean your make-up brushes

Dirty make-up brushes are a serious skin hazard these may clog your pores and result in skin infection, so Sundays are the best time clean your make-up brushes, combs and for discarding any expired make up products.

Refill and Clean your car

If you have a personal vehicle and use it for commuting to work, ensure that your fuel tank is filled up. A quick car wash or dusting is also a good idea for to boost your Sunday productivity.


21 Sunday Activities You Must Do For A Productive Week

Meal Planning

Another big task you can accomplish on Sundays is planning your meals for the week. It’s amazing how much time you can save if you plan your menu for the entire week, including some advance meal prep.

It sometimes gets tough to cook food on weekdays when most of us are already pressed for time. When planning for meals I always prefer recipes that are easy to cook but still healthy and tasty. Here’s a comprehensive list of such 11 amazing breakfast recipes.

Shop for Grocery On Sunday Evenings

Shopping for grocery might not be the most appealing task but it still needs to be done. So what better way of utilizing Sundays and get into a really productive mood. Make a quick grocery list and head out to get some fresh air and those pantry items.

My resource library has tons of free planners you can use to for making a shopping list and planning your meals.

Weekly Meal Planner


Check your finances

How often do you check on your financial health? If not, regularly make it a point to do it on Sundays. Indulge in a quick financial audit and accordingly plan your weekly expenditure. Here are quick tips on how to do be smart about your money.

Examine previous week’s expanses: Check the expenses you’ve had the previous week, look out for instances where you spent money impulsively, or where you could have saved better, and any occurrence of unexpected expenses.

Check for outstanding payments: Sunday could be a good time to complete your financial commitments like any pending bills and loans or installments.

Make a weekly budget: Allot yourself a budget for the entire week which would include your major expenses plus also aim for saving a small amount every week. If possible also aim to track your daily expenses as well.

If you are looking for free financial planners my resource library has a budget tracker as well as an expanse sheet to help you organize your finances better.

Need more comprehensive financial plan check out the below post on important money habits for your 20’s.


Sort out your email

A weekly 10-minute session of sorting out your mails can help in keeping your digital trash manageable. There are times when important mails get lost since we don’t sort out our emails. Also you will get a head start for Monday if you are aware of any important mails that need to be answered.

Write Some Journal Prompts

Putting your thoughts in a blank page is good for your mental health. It an amazing way to get in touch with your emotions and know what is going on within that wonderful mind of yours.

I have been journaling for a while and it has honestly changed my life. If the blank journal page daunts you here are over 130 Journal prompts to help you get started. 

Also since I love Moleskin journals I would definitely recommend them for penning down your thoughts, their papers are so buttery smooth it’s literally a breeze to write.

Classic Moleskin Journal

Take out Some ‘Me’ Time

Sunday is a perfect time to indulge in some weekly self-care and prepare your mentally to take on a new week.  Here’s a small list of some of my favorite activities.


Even if you don’t get time the entire week utilize your Sunday mornings or evenings to do some deep breathing and flush away the stress from your body. All it takes 5 minutes of deep breathing to refresh your mind.

Call/Meet a friend

Most of us are so busy with our work we often lose touch with our close ones. A weekly Sunday meet-up or call with your close ones can bridge that gap and help you to reconnect with them.

Plan a Sunday Brunch

You could also plan a laid back Sunday brunch. Since brunches are supposed to be fairly relaxing it gives you a chance to unwind and easily wrap up your gathering by late afternoon or evening and get some rest.

Go For a Short-trip

Short road trips on weekends or a long drive on Sundays evenings is the perfect for unwinding. I am sure there are tons of places in your local area where you can explore, try out the local cuisines or learn about the local culture.

Take A Bubble bath

Having a nice warm bath on Sundays is the best way to relax your mood. There are plenty of bath bombs you can buy online and make your Sunday better by feeling fresh and smelling amazing.

Read Some Good Books

Reading a good book on Sunday evenings is such a nerdy thing to do but still one of the best self-care ideas. If you love books here are some of my best recommendations of classic literature. If fiction is not your cup of tea, do take a look at some these amazing books on self-improvement.

Spend some alone time

Take 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing and enjoy the stillness before the next week begins. I have anxiety and it was on the advice of my yoga mentor that I started to do this simple thing to calm myself. You could also listen to some calming music to relax your mind.

Get some quality sleep

Retire early to bed on Sundays. Getting a proper night’s rest is crucial for your body to feel rested and fresh the next day. On an average, humans need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

At least 45 minutes to an hour before bedtime ensure that all your electronic gadgets are turned off or away from you. The light emitting from your mobiles activates your brain and messes up your sleep hormone melatonin. Read about the best tips to get a good night’s sleep.

Concluding thoughts on Sunday Activities

There you have my list of 21 Sunday activities. Like I said you don’t have to do everything mentioned here. The idea is to keep yourself busy so that you approach the coming week with a fresh mind. Would love to know what are your favorite Sunday activities?


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