How to beat Monday Morning Blues and Rest Easy

How to Beat Monday Morning Blues and Rest Easy

A typical Monday morning blues gives you a sinking feeling as you dread the idea of heading back to work. It can be a testing time as you don’t want the weekend to end nor are you fully ready to embrace the new week.

Psychologists say that Monday morning blues is an acute mood condition prevalent among workers in every segment. It is characterized by severe to mild mood swings, lethargy and depression. 

However you don’t need to be an office-worker to be affected with this condition. You could be a student, a homemaker and still feel low on Mondays. 

The very fact that Monday signify start of the work week can be distressing after a restful weekend. You think about all the work you have to do, the added stress that comes with it; so naturally it’s not a very pleasant feeling.

Below I have listed out some tips you can use to beat Monday morning blues and make the most of your day.

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Keep schedule light on Sundays

To keep your Monday productive don’t clutter your Sundays with back to back activities. A hectic Sunday results in a tired Monday. 

At times people are so anxious about Mondays that they do not get proper rest or a good night’s sleep on Sunday. That is not exactly an ideal start to the week is it.

Use your Sundays to get proper rest and prepare yourself mentally for the new week.

Some Sunday activities you can do

Plan a brunch

Plan a Sunday brunch with friends or family. It will give you a chance to socialize and enjoy some relaxed moments with your loved ones.

Make a to-do list

Creating a task list on Sunday mornings or evenings is the best way you can prepare your mind for Monday mornings. This way you will have something to look forward to for the next day.

Select your outfit

This one thing will save you a lot of mental load in the morning. It can be distressing to choose an outfit on Monday morning especially when you aren’t ready to head back to work.

Other chores

Other chores like doing your laundry, dusting your bedroom and rest of the house, meal planning and prepping, shopping for groceries will help you to be mentally ready for the start of the work week.

Call it an early night

Avoid outdoor plans on Sunday night and go to bed early. Ideally it’s better if you get 7-8 hours of rest. When you wake you will feel refreshed and ready to seize the day.

Don’t rush out of bed

When you wake up on Monday lie on your bed for sometime (2-3 minutes) and just stare at the ceiling. Absorb in everything; give a moment to yourself before getting out of bed. 

This simple yet powerful meditation technique is super effective in countering morning blues. In fact, you can use this technique every morning before you leave the bed.  

Monday Exercise

Exercise always rejuvenates your mind and body. Yes, it may seem difficult to get out bed – courtesy Mondays – but still indulge in some physical activity like a 5-minute body stretch.

This is a good way to refresh your mood and get some adrenaline pumping. A good body workout would also energize you for the rest of the day.

How to Beat Monday Morning blues

Do a happy dance

To burn some stress, you can put some peppy music and dance your Monday blues away.

Dancing is exhilarating and music helps to get you into a flow. When you find yourself overwhelmed with going back to work, don’t think twice before grooving to some music.

Dress to kill

On a Monday morning, make extra effort to look good. Groom yourself. Wear something that makes you feel confident.

Try on a new dress or put on your favourite dress. When you make an effort to look good you actually try to combat work-related sloth. 

It can be an amazing motivation to face Monday mornings head-on.

Have your favourite breakfast

Good food almost always lifts our mood and can you think of any other way to start the week than having a hearty breakfast.

You can think of Monday as cheat day of the week where you can have all your favourite food items. Treat Mondays as your indulgence day’.

Even if you don’t want to stuff yourself with too much food have a light breakfast to keep your sugar levels normal. You cannot work on an empty stomach can you.

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Light Monday schedule

Avoid having a heavy schedule on Monday. Request your supervisor to schedule meetings, con-calls, presentations for Tuesday or Wednesday. 

If you suffer from Monday morning blues, then it’s a very bad idea to schedule any client meetings for Monday. The anxiety will ruin your Sunday mood and perhaps the entire weekend.

If however, you have a hectic schedule that demands you to start working as soon as you reach office. I would suggest whenever you get time find a quiet corner where you can just be all by yourself. Spend some time just alone.

Take your time to settle in on Monday

This is so important. After a relaxed weekend settling into the work mode on Mondays is difficult. Give yourself some time to settle in. 

Before diving into work have a little chit-chat with your colleagues. Relax in some corner and have a coffee in peace. Spend some time online window shopping. (This was obvious isn’t it?)

Go out for Lunch

If you can, sneak out from office during lunch hours to eat with a colleague or a friend.  This will perk up your mood and when you return to the workplace your body as well as your mind will be so ready to settle down for the entire week.

Do something fun

So what the weekend is over you can still have some fun on Mondays after work. Head out with your friends or work colleagues to unwind. Have a few drinks or grab some scrumptious snack and some coffee.

Plan some treats for pampering yourself on Monday evening like a nice warm bath or eating dinner at your favourite restaurant.

Compliment Yourself

Be your biggest cheerleader and compliment yourself, ideally everyday, but especially on Monday mornings.

Practicing affirmations and gratitude has helped me a lot to calm down and relax my mood so if you want some mental peace before beginning to work motivate yourself with some affirmations.

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Office Memes

Who doesn’t love memes? May be you just need to see some fuuny videos, GIFs and memes and have a good laugh to cope with Monday morning blues.

Read some jokes online, watch some memes as you commute to work and get ready to face the day.

Have a positive outlook

There are some people who have an amazing attitude when it comes to living life. They are such happy souls you can’t help but get drawn to them.

Try to cultivate some of that positive attitude by smiling often, greet your colleagues these will help your mood greatly.

Don’t think about the weekend

It’s understandable you had a great weekend but it’s not the last weekend you have had. Being nostalgic will only make you sad. So for own good don’t waste your time instead shift your focus on the present day. 

Also don’t just live for the weekends. If you can, take up a stress-relieving hobby during the weekdays like dancing. 

Reflect the best thing about work

One of the best motivations you can give yourself is what is the best thing part your job, the thing you love most.

How has it helped you financially or how it has helped in solving a problem; whether it has made a difference to others any happy thing you can associate use it to motivate yourself.

how to beat Monday morning blues

It’s not really about Monday blues

Did you know most workers bunk office on Mondays? Or report late for the office.

The truth about Monday morning blues is that it has nothing to do with your mood. It’s actually about your job. You despise the monotony of your job and are seeking for a change. 

Some common factors that result in work monotony are tremendous workload, low salary as compared to the work pressure, a demanding boss/management, unhelpful colleagues, difficulty in commuting, no work-life balance, no growth prospects.

or may be you want to start your own venture.

If you say yes, to all these factors or at least one of these factors, please talk to someone you trust.

Here, I have to cite my own case. I had a good corporate job, but I was deeply unhappy for a long time. I lived in denial and survived, or rather I should say my family survived my cranky mood swings. 

The moment I realised that I actually wanted (like really, really, really wanted) my own independent career I quit the job.

I am not advising you guys to do the same. You are your best judge so do what is good for you. But I will say this, if your job is affecting your mental peace then seek help and then decide accordingly.

Your mental and physical well-being are of utmost importance.

Some Monday Blues Trivia

1. As per a research by Monster almost 77% of Americans suffer from Monday morning blues. 

2. For some people the onset of Monday morning blues can start as early as Sunday afternoons. You have an unpleasant feeling about the weekend coming to an end and zero motivation to work. 

3. Research shows that if workers wake up late on Sunday, it increases their depression about the weekend ending.

4. It has been seen that Monday blues mostly occur around January when the holiday season ends. When you are literally on a holiday hangover office seems to be the last place you want to attend.

Final Thoughts on Monday Blues

Mondays are not necessarily bad. Monday blues are merely a reaction of our bodies to avoid something unpleasant. Listen to your body and identify the root of the problem and work towards a solution. 

I used to get a terrible case of Monday morning blues and so hopefully these tips will help you to get through Mondays and provide the much-needed motivation.

I hope you found this article useful. If yes, do leave some love in the comment section. Look forward to know your thoughts.

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