9 Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes
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9 Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes every Foodie will Relish

As a food lover the popularity of Buddha bowl food trend is hard to miss.

Social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest is filled with vibrant and mouth-watering Buddha bowl images that can brighten up a dull day.

Buddha bowls are famous for providing wholesome nutrition in a bowl.

Since the food is typically served in a bowl big, round bowl resembling a Buddha belly it is thus named Buddha bowl.

Usually a Buddha bowl consists of several food items in one meal like grains, veggies, proteins like meat and fish.

If you are a vegan you can opt for lentils, cheese, tofu and beans instead and top up the dish with a dressing of your choice.

These meals are popular because they promote the concept of ‘eating with your eyes’.

Since the bowl contains different food items the colour from each food item pops out making it appealing to your food senses. 

The focus here is on nourishing your body with essential ingredients, so that you don’t waste food and concentrate on clean eating.

The concept of Buddha bowls has typically existed in China and Japan for centuries. 

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9 Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes

9 Delicious Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes

If you are a vegan with a penchant for eating healthy, you can experiment so much with this concept of Buddha bowls.

Here are nine yummy delicious Buddha bowls ideas you can explore.

Most of these are plant-based and gluten free to keep your belly full and still make you feel lighter and energetic.

#1. Vegan Sunshine Bowl

Image and Recipe Credit: Feasting at Home  

This beautiful, gorgeous Buddha bowls contains colorful and crunchy veggies like beets, carrots and radish among others. The nutty brown rice make up the grain portion while the sunflower seed tahini sauce ties the whole dish together. The veggies here are served raw you can either slice or grate them.  Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants this is superb idea for summer brunch.

Click here for the full recipe.

#2. The Ultimate Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Image and Recipe Credit: Eat with Clarity

This yummylicious Buddha bowl recipe is truly the ultimate vegan bowl, look how the colour pops out. This gorgeous meal is jam-packed with roasted chickpeas, dairy free pesto sauce, sweet potatoes and fluffy quinoa. Needless to say it is packed with flavor; but you want to squeeze in more taste add a dash of chilli powder, paparika among other spices to make it more yum.

Get the full recipe here.

#3. Vegan Buddha Bowl with Crispy Tofu

Image and Recipe Credit: Soul Fully Tasty

This super delicious dish looks so gorgeous and is the perfect example you eat with your eyes first. This is a pretty simple recipe that will fill your belly keep you light and put a smile on your face each time you think about it. It is oil, gluten and refined sugar free. The baked tofu and especially the peanut butter dressing ties all the flavor together.

You can get the recipe here.

#4. Vegan Buddha Bowl with Lentils & Miso Tahini Dressing

Image and Recipe Credit: The Conscious Dietitian

This dazzling bowl of food can be whipped up under an hour with any veggie of your choice. The ingredients used here are Brussel sprout, mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, sweet potato and onion among others along with brown lentils and a thick creamy miso dressing. Roast the veggies, boil the lentils or a grain of your choice and top it with the lovely dressing of miso sauce. Pack with vitamins and other nutrients this meal can be easily prepared with seasonal veggies and local produce.

Click here for the recipe.

#5. Mexican Sweet Potato Bowl with Cashew-Lime Cream

Image and Recipe Credit: The Minimalist Baker

This hearty bowl is full of nutritious healthy fats from sweet potatoes and chickpeas. The maple tahini sauce along with onions and other veggies brings this dish together. This is warm, sweet and savoury dish can be cooked within 30 minutes. This is pure comfort and wholesome goodness in a bowl is just what you need after a long tiring day. Do you hear those happy sounds from your taste buds?  

You can click here for the recipe.

#6. Sesame Sriracha Buddha Bowls with Black Rice, Baked Tofu, and Massaged Kale

Image and Recipe Credit: Love and Do Olive Oil

This easy to make Buddha bowl recipe is piled with tofu, black rice that has a unique nutty flavor, avocado and kale. Full of iron, antioxidants and proteins this meal can be so filling and tasty you will crave for more. The dressing of Sesame Sriracha Vinaigrette adds that extra layer of zing into the dish.

Please click here for the recipe.

#7 Mediterranean Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Image and Recipe Credit: Fit Foodie Finds

Full of mediterreanean goodness of homemade hummus, olive oil, beans, tomatoes and sweet potatoes roasted with garlic this dish would make of the perfect summer brunch. This meal is loaded with anti oxidants from plant-based ingredients and you can use this particular recipe for meal prep as well. Look how the colour delightfully pops of the bowl, can you hear your tummy growling already.

Get your full recipe here.

#8. Turmeric Chickpea Buddha Bowl Recipe

Image and Recipe Credit: The Kitchen Girl

This Buddha bowl comprises fresh ingredients like oranges, pomegranate, walnut, and avocado to make a delicious salad with a dressing of Tahini and lemon juice and zest. Sweet potatoes, chick peas and sprouts give this dish more nutrition and give it a more balanced feel. When you are craving for something healthy to gobble up go for this dish full of plant-based superfoods and freshness.

Find the full recipe here.

#9. Vegan Buddha Bowl with Crispy Tofu

Recipe Credit: Loving it Vegan

You are spoilt for choice with this Buddha Bowl, with an array of colour-popping veggies like broccoli, cherry tomatoes, roasted butternut squash and avocado. You can place the grain of your choice in the middle of your bowl, like quinoa or black rice. To add your proteins element just add some stir-fry some tufu in some soy sauce and maple syrup and add to this vibrant bowl.

You can find the recipe here.  

Making your own Buddha Bowl

If we just consider the nutrition part Buddha bowls can be part of our staple diet.

These meals are so easy to make by combining all ingredients from all food groups to form a balanced diet.

Plus these bowls are aesthetically pleasing and are known to lower the risk of diseases by promoting healthy eating.

To create your Buddha bowl include these four ingredients.

Grains and plant-based proteins

Grains usually form the base of the bowl, generally these comprise of food high in protein and healthy fat and carbs like rice, barley and quinoa.

If you are not keen on grain add legumes, beans or sprouts or chickpeas in to your bowl these food items are equally filling and are high in protein.

Other than these items, tofu, soba shirataki, or zucchini noodles can also be a healthy addition.

Veggies and fruits

When it comes to choosing veggies and fruits for Buddha bowl you have an array of choices.

Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato, yams, cucumber, pomegranate, kale, spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, beet are considered excellent options.

You can cook, stir fry or bake your veggies or consume some of them raw. Try to incorporate as much seasonal and local produce.


Most Buddha bowls have a sort of salad dressing which adds an extra layer of flavor.

Lemon vinaigrette, peanut butter sauce or Tahini sauce will lift your entire dish. Other than dressing a fair bit of spices will also be a lovely addition to your dish.

Experiment by adding some paprika and bit of chilli powder if you are not averse to a bit of spicy heat.

Lemon zest can also be a great addition in case your Buddha bowl is full of fresh ingredients.


Hopefully these recipes have fueled your imagination to create your own version of Buddha bowl which of these are you eager to try first do share!

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