How to Form New Habits in 2019?

How to Form New Habits in 2019?

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What is your resolution for 2019? I will tell you mine – None. Each year I, like so many people make too many resolutions and never stick to it. The ultimate aim of any resolution is to be better version of ourselves.  Whether its eating healthy, losing weight, quit drinking each year we hope to start afresh but for so many of us things quickly dwindle. Here are some easy hacks you can consider when trying to form any new habit. Most old habits are difficult to break because they are already formed in the mind. To adapt to any new habit you have to be consistent and stick to it daily until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Read about how to form new habits in 2019? as well as 9 simple habits that you can start in 2019.

The ultimate aim in forming good habits is improving productivity and your efficiency, right before you start a new habit decide on what are three most important thing you want to achieve this year,that will make  you more productive. Is it getting up in the morning or eating healthy food. When you are clear about your goals it becomes easier to achieve them and you can adapt those habit which will enable to achieve your goals. 

How to form New Habits in 2019

  1. Replace Resolution with Habit:Research says the word ‘resolution’ is viewed negatively, so instead try to focus on the word ‘habit’. It takes roughly 21 days to form a new habit which is only 3 weeks really! Or in other words our brain takes a total of 21 days to register the new habit into our lifestyle. So all you have to do is stick to any new habit for 3 weeks. Take note of these following points:
  2. Don’t Start Until Mid-January: January is universally acknowledged as a tough month. After days of celebration you are suddenly shoved into the daily grind. Our mind is essentially in holiday mood, it doesn’t like going back to reality and when it does our mind takes its time to adjust. So when your body and mind are fully settled begin that new habit.
  3. Plan Before Starting: Do you know why so many people quit their New Year’s resolutions? They don’t plan for it. The last thing you want to do is start something impulsively and leave it midway. What you can do instead during your holidays and in the beginning of January write down a plan, yes! please write it down. This will leave a strong imprint in your brain on how you want to proceed. Get a new notebook, a nice sturdy one like Lemome notebooks with a pen loop (it makes you look really smart when you carry) and write down what you hope to achieve during the first  3 months of 2019. The first month being February because January is honestly a hangover month. 
  4. Start Small and Set Smaller Goals: Do you also know why so many people give up in frustration? They set over ambitious goals and have even bigger expectations. Any new action should be started gradually to give body, mind and brain to adjust to it. The same goes for goal-setting objectives too. Like for example if you start exercising to lose weight and expect to lose 10 kg or 20 pounds in a week then it will only increase your frustration. Besides it’s not really healthy to lose weight fast. Also when you are forming new habits stick to just adapting one or two habits only since it is impossible to form 10 different habits at the same time.

9 Simple Habits for 2019

So here are 9 simple habits you can consider starting this year. Remember the above mentioned points and also the fat that the entire process is pretty manageable when you set your mind to it.

Declutter: Start your year by decluttering. If you don’t let go of your old things how will you make space for new stuff ? So at once a year give away your old stuff and here I don’t only mean clothes, which is usually a good place to start. But let go of anything you don’t need – old shoes, boxes, books, gadgets, crockery literally anything. Resell, donate or throw away but please let go of your old things. Decluttering is the number one step to living a more organised life.

Have you heard about the Konmari Method of tidying up your home? It’s a rage these days, and for good reason. It is an effective method of cleaning up your home, once and for all. Marie Kondo the woman behind the Konmari Method of tidying has claimed that once you are clear clutter from your home and life you will never have to the problem of clutter again. Her book The Life Changing Magic of tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing is the No 1 best seller according to New York Times on decluttering. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant and author and has so far written at least 4 books on organizing, she says that when you set out to declutter you must see if that object sparks a joy, if it doesn’t then simply toss it aside. 

Practice Gratitude: First on my list is gratitude, practicing gratitude means reflecting on the good things in life and being thankful for the same. Most of us, including me, don’t do that enough, instead we complain sometimes over petty things. When was the last time you felt really thankful and blessed? Expressing gratitude will make you more optimistic and happier from within. It is good for your mental well-being.

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To practice gratitude you don’t have to shout from the roof-tops and say thank you. Just do these simple things:

  • Depending on your schedule, daily or weekly just take out five minutes to think about any moment or incident where you felt truly thankful.
  • You can simply close your eyes before drifting off to sleep and just be thankful of all things, people, pets or anything which give your life meaning.

The idea here is to realize the importance of good things in life and be grateful and happy that life is kind. Trust me when you start doing that you automatically start appreciating little things. 


“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going” – Jim Ryun


Stay Fit: Oh you already hate me don’t you! Exercising or losing weight is the number one New Year resolution for countless of people each year. It is also the number one resolution that goes out of the window for too many of us. Physicians say just 30 minutes of any physical activity is enough for your body to stay healthy.  Thereafter depending on your commitment you can increase your exercise routine to 45 or 60 minutes. There is honestly no trick to losing weight other than your determination and will power. However these are some tips you can try. Consider tracking your weight and lifestyle through the VSDG Fitness Tracker which even safe for children to use.

  • You can start by working out 3 times a week for 15 minutes each. I hope you can spare this much time from your schedule. Gradually after 2 weeks increase it to 4 days 20 minutes and finally to 5 days a week for 30 minutes.
  • Limit eating junk food to two times a month. So think of it this way once in every two weeks you can have some super cheesy burger or your favourite cheesecake.

Smile More: Did you know smile relaxes your body and improves your mood by releasing stress from your body. It is the most significant feature in a person’s character. Smile lights up your personality, makes you easily recognisable and likable as well. Find new excuses to smile everyday. If you find smiling at strangers awkward and weird then remember a good memory and laugh. See those funny YouTube videos and laugh. Not for others smile for yourself.

Get Organised: Being organised saves a lot of time and hassle. It helps with procrastination and time-management. It is also crucial to your goal-setting objectives and ultimately accomplishing those. There are a number of you can ways and approaches you can adapt while getting organised. Try these tips:

Productivity Tips to Stop Time Waste

  • Think about any particular area in your life that needs to be organised.
  • Organise your personal space like desk, wardrobe, kitchen, pantry or office space.
  • Try bullet journaling, it really helps!
  • Make a to-do list for the next day.

Stop Wasting Food and Water

There is a saying “waste not want not”. Countless number of people in this world don’t get adequate food to eat and water to drink, might I add other basic utilities like electricity and internet are luxury for them. As per the Global Hunger Index one in nine people worldwide still face hunger. Countries like Sudan, Afghanistan, Haiti etc often skip meals due food shortage. These are few simple thing you can do everyday.

  • Remember to turn off that water tap.
  • Switch off your lights if you don’t it.
  • Eat as per your appetite
  • If you have leftover food from a party or get together please donate it. There are so many local social organisations today which take food and distribute it among the needy.

These are simple things but when you save valuable resources, you take a sort of accountability and responsibility towards people who are less fortunate as well as the future generation.

Drink More water

Think of your body as a machine and water as the lubricant that runs the machine smoothly. Water aids in weight loss. It is regulates our body temperature and runs bodily functions like digestion smoothly. Despite this not many people consume enough water daily. I think this should be your health priority number one. Like other new habits start this one also gradually. Start your day with a glass of water and continue sipping small amounts of water throughout the day.

Save Money

Are you a spend-thrift? Do you constantly check your mobile on 1st of every month? We all do. Money is not everything but it is important for most things. Most of us probably realise this but don’t know where to begin.

save money
Save Money

So start by having a piggy bank at your home. Really do it! Every alternate day drop some amount of cash (any meager amount will suffice) in your piggy bank and check your savings once a year. Make an investment with that money or spend it on something you really need for your home. Here I must mention that I have seen my mother numerous times keeping loose change n a wooden box and once in a year she opened that box asked my dad to count it and then invested the entire amount. This in turn led me to save loose changes whenever I got them and once a month I used to count my saving too! By the fifth year I had accumulated quite a fortune. So if you have children inculcate a saving habit in them.

Make Sleep a priority

As per the National Sleep Foundation (NHS) of US, one in three adults suffers from poor sleep. It attributes the primary reason of inadequate sleep to work related stress. Try these tips to sleep properly and aim at sleeping atleast 7-8 hours a day. When you sleep instantly after getting to bed and wake up without snooze know that you are truly healthy.

Be More Communicative with Loved Ones

This one area where I guess we all can improve. Most of us are so absorbed in our mobile phones we don’t properly converse with our family members.  These are some ways you can improve your communication with your loved ones.

  • Have one meal a day together. Typically dinner time is best.
  • Practise distraction free talking without the interruptions of mobiles
  • Be an attentive listener

So here I come to the end of this post. Hope you found this post useful. If yes, do feel free to share this post. Is there any area where you would like to improve? Or is there a new habit you would like to form? Reply in the comment section below. Always happy to know your thoughts.