9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single

9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single

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Are you single and a tad bit worried on what to do this Valentine’s Day? Well it’s really simple you should celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you are single. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love what is a better occasion than this day to indulge in some self-care and celebrate your singlehood. Ladies! Irrespective of your relationship status loving yourself should be your priority. Here’s a list of 9 things you can do this Valentine’s Day or rather 9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single.

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9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single

Read a Good Book: Take out that awesome book you had been meaning to read for sometime but never got the time. Some awesome romantic picks like Eleanor and Park will just melt your heart. If you would like to avoid the mushy romance novels read some mystery or crime thrillers The Wife Between Us is a good choice and among the contemporary fiction The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock is a very interesting book that you should consider reading. If you like biographies and memoirs Michelle Obama’sBecoming‘ will make a brilliant read.

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock
The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

Go Shopping: Think about something you really want to have and treat it as a gift to yourself. You know shopping on Valentine’s Day might actually be a good idea. The good thing about shopping during Valentine’s Day is there are too many sales and discounts going on so there are high chances of you getting a good deal. If you have been thinking of buying something like home decor, cabinet or a dress or anything else this might be a very good time to get it. People also say shopping is a therapeutic for broken heart but hey! Irrespective of that if you want to buy something, just go shopping and have a great time.

Plan a Singles Night-out: If you are single, a girls’ night-out is one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Call your girlfriends and have a blast. There is so much you can do together and if nothing you can have that nice gossip girls’ session you have been meaning to have. If this seems too gender biased then plan a nice little get together with all your single friends and who knows the cupid might just stuck some of your single friends or you.

Treat yourself to a Spa day: Book a full spa day. This is the best way to pamper and rejuvenate your body. Just keep all your worries and tensions aside and enjoy this one day dedicated to you and your self-care. If going for a spa alone seems weird plan a spa day with your single girlfriend. Just think of your spa day as a much needed rest day that you totally deserve. This would calm your mind, reduce your stress and provide you with any diversion you might need from the brouhaha over Valentine’s Day.

Plan a Short Vacation: If you are annoyed with all the mushiness that surrounds Valentine’s Day, and can afford to go someplace quiet where this day is not a big deal then you must take that short break. Nature resorts, forest reserves are usually much quieter and mostly unaffected by the commercial noise surrounding Valentine’s Day. Infact such locations provide the perfect outlet to switch off from the outer world and get some peace and quiet. If you are single travelling is one of the best unconventional ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Order a Scrumptious Meal: Good food is something everyone appreciates and looks forward too. This Valentine’s Day treat yourself to the most appetizing meal and savor every bit of it. If would like to save those precious bucks then you might cook something delicious for yourself. Prepare something you really like or trying making a new dish. Eating good food is one of the best parts of any celebration and Valentine’s Day should be no different.

tasty food
tasty food

Watch some Good Movies: Plan a movie marathon night. Select some good quality movies to watch on Valentine’s Day and enjoy your time. Some awesome romantic evergreen movies like When Harry Met Sally or the Notebook would be perfect. You could even opt for some more recent ones like A Star is Born. Here is a nice comprehensive list of some more movies that you could watch. But if romantic movies are not your thing, then social dramas could be next best choice.  Hit the play button, curl yourself up in a cosy corner with perhaps a glass of wine, some tasty food and let the movie mania begin!

Binge-watch Netflix shows: And there’s always Netflix, yes even for Valentine’s Day. This streaming giant has spoilt us for choice and we are addicted to it. What would we even do without Netflix there are so many shows to pick from The Crown, Stanger Things, Glow and the list could go on. Pick up some great shows for binge watching and enjoy some amazing visual content.

Spend some quality time with your family: If Valentine’s Day is not much of a big deal in your family this might be the occasion to spend some quality time with them. Just have a nice quiet night with your loved ones and cherish the time spent. But if you are feeling a little adventurous, you may setup a nice little Valentine’s surprise evening or dinner for your parents.

Some more Valentine’s Day Tips

Stay away from social media: If excessive PDA and lovely dovey messages ire you it might be a good decision to stay away from social media because Valentine’s Day will be staring back at you. Try to unplug from all social media platforms and engage in any activity that makes you happy.

No negative self-talk: Valentine’s Day can be really tough on single women. You may get a lot of sad looks because you are single on Valentine’s Day, even if it is by choice. It is easy to get affected but this is exactly the reason why you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself. As a smart, strong, independent woman you deserve to celebrate your singlehood.

For those nursing broken hearts: Girl! I feel you. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is perhaps the last thing on your mind right now. Hearts break but hearts mend too. Give yourself the much-needed time and space to bounce back. Time changes so this is an unpleasant phase and this shall pass too.

For a lot of people Valentine’s Day is a big deal and for a lot it isn’t but with hype around this day is it difficult to ignore it. If you are single it makes complete sense to celebrate Valentine’s Day rather than ignoring it. Treat it as a day of embracing your individuality and uniqueness. After all there is just one you in this whole wide world. Just imagine that for a moment!

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